Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nice is a good word for you.

It was nice when someone knew how terrible sometimes life is because the person is having the same thing too. The person texted what time u went back today just so then we can share how horrible our day was. It was nice when the person layan all the craps and kebudakan in-me. When I take a break from my work and sudden having the person to say hye and joined u ate muffin. Well it was pretty nice though. =D

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Count on me

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea,
I'll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see,
I'll be the light to guide you
Find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like 1 2 3
I'll be there
And I know when I need it I can count on you like 4 3 2
And you'll be there
Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah
If you toss and you turn and you just can't fall asleep
I'll sing a song
beside you
And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me
Everyday I will
remind you

Such a tiring 7 months but worth it!

Last last Thursday was quite a day and I just have time to blog about it now.

I think I almost puke at the client's place and my head was so dizzy. Early morning, I went to the office then met with Senior Manager at Starbucks KL Sentral for a work discussion then when to Hilton hotel to pick up the auditor from PwC German and then when back to office again.

I have to assist auditor from PwC Germany who is so good looking and polite and mcm innocent pown ada ngeee. Cant resist his blue eyes, handsomenyaaaaaaaaaaa. I have to bring him and showed the office around, find a cable for him. He even came to my place to ask a favor where he can actually ask from other senior manager who just sat beside him but he walked all the way to my place. *meltinmeltin*

I think he knows la Im an intern because he asked“how long have u work in Pwc?”
I lying said “nearly 1 years”.
“Hmm means you graduated from university and then joined?” he asked.
I lying said again “Yes”.

Heheheeee.Okie enough of german guy story.

Then, from office i need to go to the client place at ara damansara. I have to walk under the rain without an umbrella on the way to my parking lot. Im in rushin kesian kan? Luckily, my senior manager lended his gps. If not, sesat ke mana ntah samapi ipoh pown bole jadi. Hehee. Thanks boss!

The work is so difficult this time, way different of what I have did before.It is way so financial for me! And im a bit slow laaaaaaaa sobsob.
Conclusion, the day was so stresseddddddddddddddd!

I feel like crying actually because I need to go all of this all by myself. Walking under the rain alone, driving to client place alone, working at the client place alone(later joined by senior).Well, that’s life as an auditor. And Im bravely said it here. Im might not be joining any audit firm in the future. It is such a good experiences but for a spoilt like me, haha it’s okie.

Well I fell much better now as few people in the firm started to appreciate my work, not everyone la. The partner of PwC sent me a candy gram with a note personally written sayin "Thanks for ur contribution, it is nice to have you on board ".My senior manager also said they look as me as a resource, not as just an intern.Lately my bonding with all the seniors also looked pretty good. =)

*winkwink* kembang bontot.
Im proud to choose PwC as my internship placement and there is no such regret!

Super daddy's girl.

Last Saturday I went to the concert. Fuyoooooo concert so did i went jump and n down and been squished in the crowd? Haha well not dat kind of concert I went to. It was Erina's concert day and graduation day. See even 4 years old kid had graduated and when the heck will I be graduated? Ngeee next year amik kau pastu kene keje nooooo.

Erina was being superly awesome on the stage with not a single shy look. She was super confident and did not scared at all to see the crowd in front. She performed the endang dance from minangkabau. The stepdance was pretty difficult for a 4 years old. Imagned she was the only 4 years old to be in the group of 5 and 6 years old. She was the youngest and been given the trust to lead the show by introducing the group at the early show before they perform. It was like emcee laaaa. So adorableeee!

How proud of arwah daddy to see you turn out to be such an independent and intelligent girl. She was so brave and determined to make it perfect. You guys had to see how serious she practised? You cannot even laughed a bit at her if  not she will make dat fierce face or angin dtg dier datang pukol you guys hehee. It means she so serious to make it work and success. See kid nowadays are so competitive, well I like it!

Well Im might sounds a bit over-excited auntie kan? However, it was so touched by heart to see Erina performed last Saturday. I feel like crying but managed to pretend macho

Erina you reminds us so much of your daddy, 100%! And I miss him more than anything.

Showing off her picture.

 Me and mummy attended the concert.

Maksu is proud of you budak kecik.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I'll stay by your side.

People will wonder why I’m still not attached with anyone now? Hmm that’s pretty much a big question to myself too. People would said jual mahal la, choosy la, perasan bagus ke. I think i’m not even close to that well that’s what I think la I dunno what  else people will think about me. If I want to be in relationship, I like to be with someone who I trusts and we will be able to make each other smile without trying-so-hard, you know all those fake things the couple did which gonna lasts only for 4-5 months and fade away, Im not gonna fall for that. Let it be the chemistry naturally goes by its way. I’m not a person who just likes the idea of having boyfriend. Because you still can survive and live your life. I know some people complaint how miserable your life is. However, if you have your family to spend time with and your friends to do your crazy thing together, it would be simply awesome.

Well i know it sucks sometime, Im not gonna lie. But do u want to get ur heartbroken toward the end just the fact you cant stop chasing the idea of having boyfriend? Let the love find you, not you find for love. Unless you want something like one night stand, then go ahead, But if u want someone to stay longer with and even perhaps to grow older with(see how optimistic I am) like me, what can we do? Patiently wait and pray to Him.

Some people just born lucky to have the loyal companion without ever trying. However, I need no worries, I don’t have to be anxious. Well I admit it crossed my mind few times but I let myself to accept it and be calm.
Because I know Him has plan something better for each of us.
Only our love to Him gonna lasts forever and eternity.
There is no such thing as you're everything to me, except for Him. Only him.

So jom sumer nyanyi lagu "all the single ladies all the single ladies put ur hands up! Ooh ohh ohh ohhh" *Doing the Beyonce's sexy moves"*
=D =D =D

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cut out the blur geek.

I always had a funny experience with my seniors in PwC. Is either they will think Im very blur and slow or funny. I think blur and slow will fits more me.

There was this one time we had dinner in Bangsar Village Centre after long working hours in Menara TM. We had a nice dinner with the manager and other associates. So, the restaurant was having 10% discount if we have the cimb credit card. So the manager asked us if any of us is having CIMB credit card which all us shook their head “No”. Then I thought I might have it and said “Which one eh the green or the red one? The green is the Islamic one and the red one is the common one”. Then they were like huh? Apa la budak nie merepek. They I started to show my ATM card. They were burst into laughing. Malu nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Yes, proven Im so blur and slow. Untill now, sometimes they still made joke of it. Huhu.

Then there is this one more story. My seniors were about to have lunch at one restaurant just behind the Victoria Station in Damansara. I was not going because I was going to have lunch with my friends. So I asked him “Are guys going to eat Victoria Secret or other place?” Then, he went laughed like no one business. Malunyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Luckily, there was only one person who heard it. Then, the whole day we were talking about lingerie stuff. Victoria secret laaa, sloggi laaaa. We also interpreted the topic like we are auditing it. We should have mitigated control on this thing because blab la bla no exceptions on sloggi blalalalala. Nonsense glerrrr and until now he teased about it. Dang.

At suden's sister wedding at Dewan Sri Hendon, Putrajaya.
Nice wedding i should say. =)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Eduardo Saverin is so hot-nerd!

Dear blog,
For the past few days I have no mood at all to blog. Ive opened my blog few times and attempted to write some thing but then it failed. I tried it again on the next day and click the new post, then I just looking at the laptop while my fingers hanging there waiting to write something. In the end, I failed again to blog.

Now, Im forcing my self to blog haha. Because I do love my blog and i dont want it to be left it alone like what I did to my tumblr. Ngeeee I decided to have my own tumblr but it only last long few days. so, I decided to only put my devoted on blog n fb.

Haaaaa talking about fb. I just watched The Social Networking. The story is about the facebook founder.Yerp, Im enjoyed watching the movies especially they have super-cute nerds! You guys know that how I cant resist cute nerds, so my boy-type. I think the story was more on one-side story. More on Eduardo's side(other co-founder who then had a feud with Mark) espcially the story adapted from the book "The Accidental Billionaire" where the story was given by Eduardo himself. That's why some people said it the movie was the-cold-revenge. So, the story potrays the bad side of Mark. However in the end we all knows the movie is about the super-genious-youngest-bilionaire, Mark. So no matter how they potrayed the villain Mark, he is the one who create Facebook.

Even the Mark said the movie was fiction. The girl Erica is not even exist in the real life as he is dating the same girl before he created facebook untill now. Hollywood will always be hollywood. They will for sure will not making movies if the story is only about bunch of teenagers do programming coding in their own dorm the popped out Facebook? Spice it up the stories will make the movie go box-office.
Tapi paling penting, Eduardo is so hot-nerds!!! Either the eduardo-in-the-movie or the real eduardo.
Harvard grad,economic background, good-nerd-looking, loyal-kind-hearted(as what potrayed in the movie la) and billionaire(haha), so what more a girl could ask? Heheheeeee nerd is so cool!

Owh yeah work is fun this week. Eventhough Im still working for my previous-not-so-excitin client, but the seniors are the best. We have our work discussed(konon) in Midvalley while looking for iphone and ipad heheheeeee. They are the younger senior so i should say they are still young at heart. So, you know how young people work? Fun! =D

Oh guys I have my braces on my teeth already ngeeeeee. It looks cute but it feels painful! Seriously it feels lke putting a needle inside your mouth while eating.I think the painful gonna fades away from day to day. If not, i will becoming more thin laa like this because I cant eat solid food. Dun want maaaaaaa.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

November plz stay longer?

Heylo dear peeps. November is gonna end soon in few days more and I just wish November can stay more longer? It's been a great month for me. Ive finally done my client engagement in Menara TM and started my 1 week engagement in Menara Maxis which just besides the KLCC. hoyeahhh hoyeahhhh klcc babeyhhhh!

oh yeah thanks for all da wishes for my 21st birthday! Dang im 21? Not too young but not too old too. It can be consider as 'Im not a girl not yet a woman' as in Britney's song la nieee ecewahhhhh. The celebration this year was simple and nice. However to be celebrated with the closest people made it a perfect birthday celebration.

1. Birthday celebration at home and family dinner at Johnnys.
2.Lunch treat and macarons from the PwC seniors.
3. Dinner ar Chilis with the lovely baboons.
4. Birthday lunch with bestie.

November is awesomeee!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To dearest sister.

Dont go UK, =(

xmo weyh xmooo.

5 reasons I dun want to go back to utp.
  • Fyp
  • The sticky eekyy sweating
  • 9 months straight with only 1 week break dang!
  • Away from family
  • The laziness to go out to eat

5 reasons I want to go back t utp.

  • lepas rindu with roomate dulu and also having new roomate too!
  • Being the final year student which allowed us to do anything whatever we want. bole pegi kelas jalan dgn muka selamba sambil tgk kt dieorg "ek eleeee junior". =P
  • Download all the latest series and movies.
  • So bole abis settle everyhing as fast on Sept and chowww so long bye bye utp.

however to be frankly honest here, cons of goin back utp is definetly outweight the pros.
Xmo weyhh balik utp but this is what we called challenges accepted! so bak mai la utp, if i can stand 3 years in the land of tronoh, 9 more months wont do any harm to me kan?
Belasah bedal je sumer in 9 months to till end up Im the one who crying out loud dun want to leave utp.

as my sister said " weyh 2 more months you will be saying bye bye lala land."
serious dgr nak nangessss huarghhhhh. Yela now im definetly in my comfot zone. Ye la i dont need to think of tests, assignment, fyp. even the worst of working in audit with the tight deadlines and working till late hours but when you came back to home seing the familiar faces of homies, all dushh the stress gone away. I dun need to think of what food to eat, where to go on weekends, no need to send my laundries and few people I happy not to see. And all these i will be start thinking when i back to utp.

However, being able to hang out lepak lepak at my friends' room wathing horror movies, gossip with the girls, usha-ing the goodlooking junior(well no choice what kan? yg tinggal pown 1 sem head of seniors ala boringg), tgk sunrise pagi pagi pastu gi bfast on sunday, jusco and ipoh parade.

There will always be rainbow after the rains right?
UTP, i will be seeing you soon. =D

Im goin cwaaaaaazee.

thinks I'm quiet

My friends
think I'm friendly

My bestfriends and homies
know Im complely insanee!

*yo wassup man? foshizlee nizlee*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Productive hoyeahhh!

Hoyeahhh hoyeahhh *moonwalk dance* today I’m being productive at work.

I’m proud of myself, pat at the back missy.
I’m mc on Monday so at first I thought Im going have a terrible day on the next day due to loads of work need to be done.
However, I managed to do it with whole-heartedly and with a happy face!

So the tips to be motivated? Take mc on Monday then you will be all geared up for the whole weekend. =D
Few things that keep me productive!

My tomel bottle.
My coach small purse, ready for lunch and snacks to buy.
Card Pelawat Telekom. Pelawat keeee?, dah 2 bulan berkampung kt telekom nie.
My vasco device, to keep me connected to office email.
Beg plastik dalam tu ada 3 donut besauuuuuu. (one for me and other two I bought for my seniors)

My senior gave opportuinity to me for handling the meeting with clients last week. This time around Im not just an intern who attend meeting without knowing whatever been discussed. I was the one who drove the meeting all the way because I was the only person who handles Technical Security Review for almost 40 server in all systems. I also been given credits by my seniors. =D
Then the client asked “Which one of you is the Unix expert?” *Gulp*.
Thank god the other senior covered up for me.
Last week I have the best kari kepala ikan bawah pokok at lucky garden. Ala just infront of the bangsar village. Like my senior said lucky garden is more old skool place to lepak so only the otai lepak there haha! Despite "cleanliness is not priority" kind of gerai, but serious kaw kaw sedap wa ckp sama luuuuu. I think the place dun even haf the name. "kedai yg mana?". "kari kepala ikan bawah pokok tuu".

Lawa x langit above? Keluar rumah gelap balik rumah pown gelap.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Seeing right through me.

It's amazing how at one point in our lives we will be extremely close with someone and then later they will became a completely stranger. You will pass them without a word. Without a single aknowledging look.  This person, who once knew you very well, who once knew you fears, your desires, your dreams, your pasts, is now walking right past you, seeing right through you.

In relationship with the people I love-lah

Can I just quit my internship now? Im tired la and so malas to do my work. Because if u r an intern in audit firm, you really do work. I just want to cuti-cuti laaah in the end of my internship. Can you please stop giving work and just let me learnt and observe whatever u guys did. Heheheee mmg conpirm la bad review from pwc camnie ella oiiiiiii =P

These was last Thursday, after work I weeeeeeeeeeeeeee chow to The Curve and have the sweet escape with the girlfriends eh silapp boyfriends! If I were around them kedebushhh I turned into a 6-years old girl who just wanna have fun hoyeahhh hoyeahhh. I know sometimes we were driftin apart due to the location and yeahh im the only single in the group but nehhh what the heck I'm loving it if you have few people who love you back. Doesnt mean im saying Im not looking for the prince charming tau, I do just the right one do not fall from the sky yet ngeee.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What I like to do best

I'm having short break now after lunch, so I will blogging for awhile. I just have my lunch with the most awesome peoplee ever and I love u guys so much for being such a kick-ass bestiee!

Eli, Sare, Mae and also for other two who yg dah berkurun tak jumpe Iylia and Nad.

Eli and Mae are working in Petronas at KLCC while Sara is working in Mercedez Benz at Menara TM. So, every alternate friday we will catch up to see other on lunch at KL Sentral since friday is consider long lunch. And me? While suppose that PwC office is only 5 minutes walk to KL Sentral but since this bloody hell(oppsy!) engagement with Telekom that already took almost 2 months, Ive not been to office for since raya. However the good thing is I ca take a train trip with sara, yeah! Well im sucks in taking any public transport esp lrt. There was this one time I suppose to swap my touvh n go card to pass thru the gate, so I swipe laah. Then, the screen said "Kad ada kehabisan baki", something like that la. I was like wtf i just top up rm100 at atm last week ago. Then, I checked it again it swiped my identification card, IC Card. bijak tak saya?

We have a lunch at Chicken Rice Shop today. I was so hungry as well as I need to go back early as Im scared my senior will ask "why take lunch so long?". So, when my food was on the table already and the rest were still not, so I told them Im going to eat first.
Then, eli said "Eh ella asal makan guna dua sudu?". And eli ckp agak clear untill the waiter pass by and noticed I ate with two spoons. And it was so obvious he tried to cover from lauhging, kurang asam boi betol nyer waiter. Maluuuuuuuuuu. Sekali lagi, bijak tak saya?

We always updating each other relationship. As two are single, while other two are not. So, the singles were considerin master student and they came out with options of the lab insructors we used to have on our lab? Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, tidak seribu tahun pown tidak mungkin. Siap nanyer yg wangi ke yg busuk? Then, one of us said "bukan sume busuk ke?" hahahahahha kiddin je la.
On the way back on train with Sara, Ive been complaining about buncit. I hate it! So, we decided to call each other's tummy a name. Hahahahahahah. Nama dah mcm kucing! =P

Constant laughing, heart-to-heart talk and non-stop chewing food with them is so I love-lah!

Life has so much to offer.

You know every morning before I start my work, I opened The Star Online as well as Yahoo Arcticle, and I read every single things. Guess what I found few days ago in Yahoo Article. Read this! 

9 Signs you're happier than you think

Your emotional well-being isn’t just about your genes or the kind of home you were raised in. It turns out that some pretty interesting factors—backed by science—play a role in how joyful you feel:

You were a smiley student
Adults with the biggest grins in their college yearbook pictures were up to 5 times less likely to be divorced decades later than those who looked less happy, according to a new DePauw University study. A smiler’s positive disposition may attract other happy people or rub off on a spouse.

You have a sister
People with at least one female sibling report better social support, more optimism, and better coping abilities, according to a study presented at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference. Sisters appear to encourage communication and cohesion in families.

TICK! Can i double tick this? Ngeeee.

You're not glued to the TV
The happiest people spend 30% less time parked in front of the tube, according to a University of Maryland study that analyzed 34 years of data from more than 45,000 Americans. They’re more likely to spend time socializing, reading, or attending religious services—habits that are linked to better moods and health.

You keep souvenirs on display
People who use mementos or photos to remind themselves of good times better appreciate their lives and are happier, says Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD, a professor of psychology at University of California, Riverside. Good memories remind you of your “happiness potential” and promise that soon you can reach it again.


You make exercise a priority
People who exercise more are less likely to be stressed and more likely to be satisfied with life, according to Danish researchers. Compared with sedentary people, joggers are 70% less likely to have high stress levels and life dissatisfaction, the study found. Couch potatoes who start moderate exercise—the equivalent of 17 to 34 minutes a day—experience the greatest happiness lift.

TICK! I used to play squash when I was in foundation. Now I played badminton with my siblings ngeee.

You have a healthy love life
Physical intimacy is a key contributor to happiness, found a study by Dartmouth economist David Blanchflower, PhD, and Andrew Oswald, PhD, of England's University of Warwick. Married people report 30% more sex than singles, which may be one reason they also report being happier.

You hang out with happy people
Socializing with a cheerful person in your neighborhood increases the likelihood that you’ll be happy too, according to a new study. How often you get together matters most, say the researchers: People who live within half a mile of a buoyant buddy increase their odds of being happy by 42%. If the friend lives farther away (within a 2-mile radius), the chances drop to 22%—probably due to fewer get-togethers.


You stay warm with hot cocoa
Clutching a steaming beverage—coffee and tea also do the trick—can elicit a flood of positive feelings, according to a Yale University study. This may be because people associate physical warmth with emotional warmth, say the researchers. Study subjects held cups of either hot or iced coffee; those gripping warm mugs were more appreciative of friendliness in others and also felt more generous and trusting themselves.


You have two best friends
Among 654 married adults, those who said they had at least two “best friends” (not necessarily including one’s spouse) were likelier to have better mental well-being, says a study. But additional friends didn’t lead to any more happiness than just a pair.

SO TICK!!! I love them, u guys are the best!!
Conclusion, without realizing it I am actually a happy person. SO, ella go earn some fun outhere life has so much to offer. I am young and healthy and fun!
Positive positive positive.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

God give me strength

I'm just tired.
I need a break from this, from work, away from this place.
I need to be uncaged from workloads cage.
Please I need to get away from this.

"Some questions is just too sensitive too ask.
Some work, even small or unmattered one or the work where people do not want to do and give it to me, still need to be acknowledged rather than saying Im practically doing nothing.
Please judge me for who I am, not for who my family is."

Dont mistaking by my smile who pretend everything is okie.
Please give me strentgh to face this, and give them a better perpective about me.

Monday, October 18, 2010


I need to buy this 3 things. They have been in my wishlist for quite a time now.

1. New spectacles - I need this because of higher power and im gettin sick of wearin contacts lens because it tired up my eyes quickly espcially Ive been doing the work from 9am-7pm in front of the lappy. Moreover, it is because I hate my old specs as it look me look uglyyyy and nerd. Not nerd in the cute way, as in nerd in ugly betty way. =P

2. Camera - I never ever have my own camera, so I need this one espcially for my final year in UTP. For sure I want to take all my last moments as a UTP student and the awesomely-senior-final-year student! Eventhough I cant wait to leave utp (haha!), but still memories need to be cherished in the awesome-shot-picture!

3. Blackberry or iphone4 - I dont need to explain much here u know what I meant kan? Every-friggin-body is using bb or iphone, and sadly im the left out. Somemore, my phone now starts to gila already, all of sudden it is off itself. Furtehrmore, I also cannot silent my camera tone whenever I snapped pictures using my phone. So, imagined like in silent hall or place with no much people around then i decided to take syok-sendiri picture of me. Everyone will head-turned to me. Niceeee stupid hp.

4. Bf - hhahahha if only i can get good looking guys with kind-hearted and funny and smart in Jusco store with a tag price=Free! =P

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday biruuuuu.

Yesterday, I had this terrible Monday Blues kinda feeling. Left from office at 7pm and arrived home around 7.30pm due to traffic jam in federal. Well federal highway what do u expect? Today, hopefully im feeling lil better to start off my day and week. Last week, I just watched Magika. It is the shrek in not-animated-malay version. They make a collection of old Malay stories like Puteri Gunung Ledang, Bawang Putih Bawang Merah, Nenek Kebayan, Hang Tuah and many more. It was okie la, I shall give B- for the movie. However, credits should be given for the efforts and the cast too. Next movie, eat pray love! Anyone jom teman me? =)
Last week I attend 3 open houses, Consider as sikit la kan? hehe but for sure I ate like Ive been attend to 10 open houses hahaa. Oh yeah last week on my to cross the street on my to work, I fell with my heels on. It was terribly painfullllllllllllllllllll. Even my pants terkoyak sket kt bahagian lutut and yess my knee bleeds. Jatuh kegebukkkk la jugak with my handbag, heavy laptop bagpack and payung. The thing was the people around me were just looking. JUST LOOKING WITHOUT ANY CONSIDERING TO HELP WTF? Haihhhh Malaysian oh Malaysian. I still remember when I had a flu and keep sneezing my times in the bus, there this young woman handed me her tissue. Awwww so kind. Well, it happened in Europe. Malaysia bila lagii?
Now,it left bruises on my knee and cannot wear shorts for the time being. =P. I shall claim medical expenses to PwC yikes!
Paramore is coming and I kinda want to go but Im scared of taking another leave. Hmm see la howww sobsob. =(

Domo-kun masterrr grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Stay in heart.

"if i died tonight how many people would care?
how many people would know?
how many people would moan and wish they had me back?
how many people wished they would love me more?
how many people wished they would love me less?"

I always scared to deal with death.
But now I know how it feels to lost someone you love.
I have encoutered once and it left such a big hole now.
Recover, never.
Moving on with life, yes.

I miss you Arwah Abg Pis, it is like every each day Im waiting for you to come home.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I just checked my wallet, I forgot I still have a small piece of paper u drew for me.
Now, it makes me flashback all the past time. Perhaps I should erased the memories and so does the piece of paper.

Dah, dustbin.
Nehh I lied, I still have it for da sake of friendship.

In a good rushin

Heylo blog-readers, anyone? Perhaps that must be atleast 1-2 person who gonna read this, I know who you are my super-awesome stalker, love you lah! Lately, I tend to blog when I was in the office. Indeed, now I am in the office. Frankly speaking not in 'my office'. Im in Menara Annexe, auditing for Telekom. Still in my first week here, all the seniors still in the process obtaining information so left the interns still with no works. I bet next week I will be starting doing change testing for the systems.

Raya was fun. For the working people like me(eceh padahal intern je.), any hoiliday would be a big score! So, I took almost 2 weeks unpaid leave. Too bad, elaun kurengggg dis month. However, lucky me my duit raya can cover (I think lebih kot) all those my unpaid leave. This raya I love all my baju kurungs! Selalunyer ade je yg x kene ngan bj kurung pastu carik gado ngan tailor ngeh ngeh.

After raya, my hommies all doozed off to 'not-so-perfect-getaway' to Port Dickson. We were supposed to stay-in for 2 nights at the bungalow in front of the beach but we ended up only 1 night because the place sucks. Oppsyy no la kiddin! It was quite not what I expected, the place kinda abandoned I think. It was friggin hard to get a good place dining. The reason because all the good restaurants were still closed due to hari raya. The beach was nice, nice as in Bali. We should be proud of own beach, the beauty of it. Only it is lack of fun activities at PD. Sorry PD people not intend to offend u guys.

I miss all my besties Iylia(especially!), Sara, Eli, Mae, Nad, Kat. I miss having constant laugh, hearty talks and good food with converstions. All i want is that, Well, intern life is not bad. Step aside woke up early, the traffice and mingle with people who are older than you hehe. Others, internship is great! I wonder why people want to go back to utp damn fast. With all the assignment and test to study(yg nie consider okie-la jugak), FYP somemore is gonna be a big headache, super-panas all sticky and wet, the food were not-dat nice either. Only thing dat make me want to go back to utp is the companions, the circle of friends. In KL, you can do whatever things you want. =D

Tadaaa, see what I did when Im bored. Im using Microsoft Visio.

Me with short crop. Suka tak?

Okie back to work(boring...), Bye.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Study vs working

I hate it when I did my job wrong. It feels like Ive been crushed and knocked down because I hate doing things wrong. Just now my boss said Ive wrongly extract data from SAP. So, now I have to go back to client place and do it again. OMG, I wont mind do it again but to see my boss face and delaying things to get done, I just can’t take it. Well, I’m a newbie here so we learn things from mistakes. I should take that quote to myself just to calm myself and not to worry over small matters.

Benci benci benci, that’s why I hate working. We always have to take responsibilities and carry the burden. I think I still not ready to do that yet because I’m more prefer to sit around study, doing research and completed my assignments. Study or woking? Yes, study.I have once said to my mom “ella xnak keje nak study jeeee sampai bila bila”.
Hah teruk kan ella nie? Such a spoilt brat. =P

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Im obssesed with mac n chesse!

waffle mac n cheese. =)

On mission to make baked mac n cheese(or i shud said on mission to actually cook for the 1st time)
My mom and brother gave such a negative respond "ella nak masak? hmmmmm ye la tuuu jgn harap".
So, now is a reverse pchcyology! Yes, I would do it for da sake of.....err....winning? or for hungry stomache of mine. hehehehhehe.
Tgk la mummy and abg eddy nanti my mac n cheese ella will be famous untill jamie oliver will resigned as a chef.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

fast foward time to hari raya plz?

Im bored at office, dang this is not what I signed for. To be paid rm800 a month and just sitting on the chair is not what I expected to be. However better cherished the moment while you can. Later if you been posting to client place and went back late, then I will start nagging non-stop. So, now bersyukur. Teehe. Raya is coming, cant wait for it. My brother said I will not getting my duit raya because Im already working. Eh a BIG helloo internship is not working okie? We are bunch of cheap labors.

Raya will not be the same as previous years. First, there is no more playing with bunga api. I pity some of the small cousins of mine; they don’t actually get to feel the joy of the real Hari Raya. I still remember my cousins and I spend half than our duit raya to buy bunga api. We even started comparing how much we bought bunga api. Second, my late brother Abg Rafiz is not going to be around for this raya and the upcoming ones. He always the one who cheered things up with the jokes and warmth smile. I still remember his favorite quotes whenever we back to kampong “segar tak sg rokam?”. Some of the years abh and mummy were not around on the raya morning till evening because they went to Istana Perak. SO, he was the one who took care of us. Bring us to all family relative’s house, replacing our parents task. He was the one who always fussy about food especially tok and opah’s cooking.”wuishh sedapnyr bau masak apa tuu?” When Abg Rafiz is no more in our reality, we still missing our other half. Erina. I still hoping that one day Erina can stay with us for hari raya to actually bring the memories of Abg Rafiz’s presence.
However it is hari raya. It should be the day to remember those people who have gone but also to enjoy the moments with the people who are still around.

So raya Im coming back to Ipoh. Cousins we gonna have a chitchat like we used to? Or we supposed to? Hehe. Gonna wear baju kurng cantik2, makan lemang banyak, visitin and going to all invited open house(well this a bit challenging haha!), wishin hari raya to all frens, collect duit raya, snap pictas and again to wear my cantekksss baju kurunggggg! Thanks mummy for buying all of my baju kurung.( I never actually choose on my own, my mom has pretty good taste of choosing kain)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Perut bunyi bunyi dah.

This is a long post. I'm bored so i write a lot so please dont bother to read this. hehe.

I lost count today is how many days already we’d been fasting. I’m not sure my lost weight is an issue right now but I bet yes I lost few kgs for the past 2 weeks. I didn’t wake up for sahur especially on weekday. This year ramadhan is different from the previous years as this is my first time working in the fasting month. It was bit tiring la because we have to wake up super-early, to face the traffic jam, sit in the office whole day long whereby most of my seniors went to lunch and the best part we went back early at 5pm. However to be compared with utp interns from other companies, they went back at 4pm. Bapak awal glerrrrrrr. Still can manage to drop by at Bazaar Ramadan if only if I went back at 4pm, which never happened.

My first week of Ramadan was a bit challenging because I have job in client place in Bukit Jalil. There were 2-3 days where I have to go to office first then to bukit jalil or bukit jalil they went back again to office. The journey to the parking lot F is friggin tiring because they did not provide shuttle van at 12pm something. Parking at tpm was also far-walking distance. On the first week of Ramadan, I went back from work around 6pm and arrived at home at 7pm. Prolly it was the first week fasting that’s the reason I felt so tired but after few days later I pretty much get used to it. Now, I was already at the office for 2 weeks….doing nothing. I don’t know la how I suppose to feel. Sometimes I feel boring because I pretty much did nothing just sitting and looking at the laptop doing LLB (look like busy) and sometimes I feel lucky not to have work in client place during Ramadan. Well, we are the interns what do u expects us to do? We get less that half than the staff salary, so Im not going to sacrifice my energy and time. I pity some of the Malays seniors had to sacrifice their tarawikh because workloads and still stuck in the client place. Some of them even bukak puasa eating biscuit for few days. Thank god we have a policy here in PwC for not letting interns go back late than 5.30pm.

Most of my family relatives did not really know what PwC is. PwC? They never heard of it, PWTC pernah laaa. Heheee well I don’t blame them because they are not from financial background. However if u do from financial background and still didn’t know what PwC is then go back to your foundation year. Even I didn’t know what PwC is in my younger days. Then, when most of my friends and of course my own sister are all keen to work in the Big 4 audit firm, starting from there I know what the Big 4 is. I never thought they will be taking Information Sytem (IS) student to work in an audit firm, but they do have several departments for IT auditor. In fact, they do take mechanical engineering student too for advisory department.

Haaaa I just bought new flat shoes, omg im so in love with my new flats. Although my brother said ur flats worth his one month salary as an engineer, still it is worth big splurge. I use my internship plus scholarship money. Kira titik peluh diri sendiri tau heheheeee. Lately, family had been discussed about my sister scholarship thingy almosy everyday. Sometimes annoyed me a liitle. Sorry emma I bet u r reading this, marah je laaa hari2 pown gado kan? Hehee. However, Im still hoping the best for you my braniac sis. Without you, sapa la aku hahaaa jiwang karat beb.Well I can’t imagined if u r leaving to London? Boring laaaa. If u r staying is a good news but if u r leaving still is a good news so I can go there visiting you.

Owh yeah I think I haven’t met my friend for few weeks already, I feel I have been isolated in the world of no-one. Should start planning from now onwards to bukak pose with them. Should meeup with my long-time fren, Beena.Tomorrow is public holiday, National Day. I plan to go out to mall to find sandal for my baju kurung raya. Wednesday, I have bukak puasa with PwC at J.W.W MAriot, I was a bit surprised even the interns get invited. On Thursday, bukak puasa with my pretty UTP girls. Friday, bukak puasa at Tropicana golf course. Next week shud bukak puse at IKEA with my 2 baboons. Well being as single u got to plan to bukak puasa with everyone hehe.

Perhaps now I should start looking because lately I got frequent questions such as “Are you attach?”. I thought my friend is asking about are you attached with any client job now. See, I was so dumb and blur. However to find a good quality guy is such finding a needle in a messy room. It’s okie to be single but it’s not okie to be single and desperate yikes. There few guys that I like but to go the stages where we need to go dating, the sms-phonecall call procedures is a bit tiring la, Can we just skip all that and starts a relationship? Haha it is not as easy like dat. I just watched he’s just not into you yesterday, for third time already. Indeed, I like that movie somehow it reflects what I see in life. Well, im 21 should not worried that much. 25, yes can start worry! Hahaa.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miracle happens everyday. noted.

Hey psst psst now Im practically in the office while blogging this. Today, finally Im at the office. I just went back from my client place in Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil. I have my engagement over there for 2 weeks. The place over there was depressed! Haha no la kiddin je. It was just plain okie. I tried my best not to complaint everything about my work because I have to appreciate whatever I gained here kan? Then, I also had my 2 days training at Sheraton Imperial with the other colleagues in my department.

Now, Im free at the office. I gained back my freedom, uncaged from the work locks.

I just had a chit-chat session during my lunch break with our colleagues, Qurra And Jess. That’s one thing about me for sure most of my closest friends would know. I tend to get blushing very quickly whenever people talk about the guy I liked. Seriouslyyy! Not that I’m shy or cover cun, but im just out of words to counter back heheee. My face would get red; I would stop talking and all way long tersengih sengih mcm nak kene sepak je. Haha! I think I have to get rid of it, bad habit! =P I guess Im not good in hiding emotion kan? People would always noticed that espcially when the guy is too cute, dang!

Today, Im a bit motivated! Im thankful for everything now, not to be complaint.
God always have reason for all things popped out in ur life.
Being able to sitting here looking at the laptop and breathing, is miracle. =D

Friday, August 6, 2010

Cuci cuci.

I realized I was never born to be a theatre person. To be acting on stage is a way further what I imagined but even a theatre audience I was not even qualified as a candidate. haha!

I slept on theatre twice already! The first time I watched theatre was a a year ago in London, the Billy Eliot show. The show was jaw-dropping and astonishing! Perfecttttttto.................. only for 5 minutes by my judging la because the next 3 hours later I was fully slept hahahahahahaha. Tido kaw kaw lak tuuuu siap bole wat winter trenchcoat jadi bantal pelok hehe. Then, the when I opened my eyes tadaaaaaa I saw people clapping already for the ending. dang shitttt I miss the whole thing!

Yesterday, it was only my 2nd time I watched theatre, the cuci cuci musical 2. The show was okie laaaaaaaa, hillarious. Nabil, Awie, Hans, Aflin 2 thumbs guys for non-stop laughing and u guys sang pretty good too.
And I almost slept too yesterday, almost laaaaa. Ngeh ngeh ngeh.
Ye laaa it was bit draggy and it starts at 8.30 and finished at 12.30 and I have to go to work the next morning. There was a few unnecessary scenes that made me yawn few times. Cut if off la!

I know what next time to keep me awake watching theatre is to bring kuaci, betol tak jijah? =P

Seat terbaikkk.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Panjat Broga sampai pancit.

Yeah, I managed to go untill the fourth peak of Broga Hill........ sampai seluar ter-koyak!
HAHAHAHAHAH sumpah I did not realized untill Emma told me when we were having bfast at mamak's. Shitt it must happened when I few times accidentally fell to the ground and zrappppppppppppppppppppp....opssy a hole in my pants. embarassing kannnn?
well what the heck Im not goin to see most of the people over there again, NEVER!
jgn tag facebook hahaha. =P

And yes Im half-dead halfway to the uphill of Broga. Pancit kotttttttttttt. Yela imagined the last time I exercised was 3 years back ago. (zaman rajin maen squash tiap hari kt utp). Now, my time is all dedicated to food! So, a girl who have no exersice at all which is super not-fit is going to 400 meter hill? Yes, pancit jawapan nyer.
However, whatever it is la kann with a strong will and determination (eceh poyo), I managed to get thru till the peak.  A bit frustrated because did not managed to arirve there before sunrise because a bit sesat on the road haha. Still, it was breathtaking! =D

kaco dowh org blakang tu tolak kang.

hehehehe (evil laugh)

so long broga!

Audi Rafie

Audi Rafie Bin Rashidi Elmi, I should said a big welcome to the family our baby boy!
My brother and my sis-in law just had a baby-boy last 2 weeks ago and alhamdullilah he is perfectly healthy. There is nothing more for the parents and the rest of the family could ask for. So, now I have one nephew to call me MakSu.

Serious I cant wait for Audi to turn around 3-4 months years old because Im sure that time is the best period to play with. For now, Audi kinda bit of sleepholic haha! yelaaaa baru beberapa hari kottt not even one month, all he knows is sleep, breastfeed, cry and then sleep again, Tunggu laaaa dah 3-4 bulan, mmg terbaikkkkk! I still remember when Im in charged to babysit Erina when she was still 4-5 months years old when her parents were working and Opah dier was not around at home, yes I am the one who took care of her! garang kottttt erina takot heheeee tapi garang manja. =P

Audi I love You, such an adorable creation of God!
Here few pictures from Majlis Cukur Jambul and Aqiqah Audi Rafie.

Yes, im the proud auntie. =)

potong rambut audit ciputtt je okie?

family picture time! =D

the handsome boy!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Learn real people skills

I always have trouble to mix around with new people, it takes such a long timeeeee. but this time I have to ditch it out! On mission to blend in with all the senior associates in my department. They are all very niceeeeee but it's just they been busy. So they have no time for this small itsy bitsy person, the interns. (in PwC we called vacation trainee).
I got scared to approach them as they look busy, i mean very busy! I do not want them to get the wrong impression of me, the one who sat on the cubicle without acknowledge anyone around. Moreover, the fact this is my official first week in the office, Ive been 3 weeks in Tenaga Nasional and 1 week in British American Tobacco.

So, ella be more friendly and create bonding! Think positive.

Apart from that, work is okie. Plain just okie. We entertain ourselves by doing work. Yes, believe it, we did. Leaving us jobless makes us bored. Really bored. Up to the point when we felt like dozing off! =P

Being an internal auditor isn’t just about checking the systems and raise an issue if there are no mitigated or compesated control and documented report once everything’s done. It’s about getting to know the clients, working in hand with our team members, and finding excitement in the job that we are doing. 

Okie to blend in with senior associates, TICK.
Okie to find excitement in doing work. TICK.

what else?

I think I take my internship very seriously laaa, chill chill. I have to let loose a bit.
Well here to make it more excites, i think I have a crush on this one guy. =P

Do I have that working woman kinda-look?
Nehh =P

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update update.

Haloooo readers. waaaaa it's been awhileee i did not drop by at this page. It feels like my last post was so last season  as I told about the training and scared about my 1st job task. Well look now I am already on my third engagement with other company. Ive been in Menara TM for 3 weeks then been posted to Bukit Jalil for one week and next week one new place to go. Oh i dont think I can reveal which company I audited(private and confidential hehe) but I did enjoyed working with all of them.

But to be honest not 100% enjoy laaaa, duhhhh that's why we called working. Im definetly bluffing laaaa if I said "yeahhhhh im happy i cant wait to go work esok". Sometimes when we go to other company offices and frequently change place everytime u audited different company, u get tired of trying to adapt to new place and clients. Plus when your senior associcates were not around and u were alone in the clients place without knowing anyone, I pretty much had my lunch alone sometimes. sedih kan? However, it is one nice experience. I dont get this such opportunity in other company as being work in one of the Big Four audit firm. =) (puji lebih lebih nie mana la tahuu bos baca ke =p)

However now Im free for the whole week. When we the SPA interns did not have any engagement with company, we completly jobless hahaha! We sat around the office surfing the internet pretty much did nothing. That's why I got excited when I have work. But the thing is we only have work when we go to client places so far. When we were at the office, hmmm tunggu la jugak senior bagi keje. But the waiting never end hehehehe. So thank god I going somewhre to go next week.

Oh the people around here are niceee and friendly. I also damn lucky to have such  kind senior associates who care for the interns and not letting me went late more than 5.30. baik kannnn? Because I heard other interns at PwC went back late around 8-9pm. ngeeeee naseb baik bukan aku! I like my other two senior associates. sorg baik sorg kelakar. Cant wait to work with them again. Plz plz book me okie? =P

Oh yeah i just obtained my last semester result, Yipeeeeeeeeee i m so happy with my result, It was such a big achievement for me laaaaaa, if other people prolly elehhh biasa je result minah nie. Alhamduillah, finally I achieved what Ive been want it so much for so long. Saya suka Advanced Database System, sayang muah muahh! =D

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jersey to work.

So, hello weekend. After went through my 1st 5 days of working, yes weekend is a perfect getaway! Elehhhhh baru 1 week dah kecoh la luuuuu haha. Adoy, 30 weeks to go dang it's a pretty long way to go. ella u can do it superwoman put the faith on urself!!

Yesterday everyone in the office had to wear their favourite team jersey. So, Ive seen many employees wore Argentina, England and Brazil jersey with jeans and sportshoes. Too bad I didnt obtained the email earlier as we cannot accessed the PwC server at our training place. In here, throughtout the worldcup we can wear our casual look by wearing our fav team jersey on every Friday. Cool kan? But if you meeting the clients, cannot maaaaa. If I received the email earlier, of course I will be wearing Portugal jersey to office yesterday that my brother bought for me recently. Thanks Aman! 

Next week is my 1st jobtask. tatutnyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I'm the only vacation trainee involved (here we called interns as vacation trainee) in the team and there is only 4 of us from SPA deparment to be sent there for the whole month. alaaaa dah xde lunch buddy bersama Qurra. I don't even know who who on the team and they ask me to go straight to Menara TM. Serious im dead scared right now for my very 1st job task in the 2nd week. I have to ask the clients about all the system they used to check if there any requirements do not meet, so as the auditors we enquired finding any wrongs in our client. So that is why most of the clients not very pleasant with our presence.

I have nothing to do this weekend, so kinda feel like a loser who has no exciting life. So, next week gotta plan something to do with friends. So peeps ajak la saya next week tau! hehee. I have to do something fun next week, compulsory! If not I will boredomly die and i feel like an old people already sitting at the couch watching tv without knowing what is outside there. haha.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3rd day.

I want to make this post brief and short, so I wont wasting your time reading my not-so-happening life. =P

Today is my 3rd day of internship. I have a training session course from Tuesday to Friday at Sheraton Imperial KL. I think is nearer to go there compared to PwC office and it it less jam. On my 2nd day, ada org antar and amik yahooooo heaven gler siap bole tertido jap on the way nak pegi tu. haha. But today, I drove. =P

Well there are so much to learn and it is only my 2nd day of training!  Linux, Windows, ITGC, it is all required to do the internal auditing. Insyallah, I will catch up since I'm quite a slow learner.

I miss going to PwC office and having lunch with other vacation trainee from different department. Well, I've only been there once on my first day. Now, I will be in Sheraton untill Friday. Plus, I've been told by the senior to do the auditing for a company in Bangsar from 21st June to 17th July, Almost a month ngeeee.

jom panjat menara kl.

Monday, June 14, 2010

1st day of internship.

Well a night before I started my 1st day of internship. seriously I cant sleep at all. I managed to sleep around 2.30am something. My brother and sister said because I was super-nervous thinking about the next day. Well, it is 60% true as Im scared the fact I can't find parking with the reasonable price around kl sentral. Second, the reason I cant sleep is because I woke at 11am in the morning due to england vs usa match on the sunday in the early morning match and then i take a day nap around 3 hours kot. hahaaa padan muka malam tu x bole tido dah!

so, today is Monday and I woke at 5.30am. I left my house around 6.30 am yes super early kannnnn? but still there were large number of cars were on the road already. I arrived at the parking space around 7 sumthingggg. hahahaa and my office hour starts at 8.30, danggggg dat was beyond early.

I met many new friends today, and they are all friendly. Most of them are studying abroad. All of us are 12 interns for the 2nd intake and only 4 of us are from local universities while others are from US ans UK. And im glad when they asked where I am from and I said UTP. all of the feedback are very positive." oh yeah I know utp, the campus is very nice". "i saw the pic of chancellor hall in utp and it is a spectacular building".
"owh utp i have a friends over there". And most of their friends, yeah I pretty know them but they are all 1 year senior from me. Morever, the utp interns before us did a pretty good job too. I've seen the video they made for the system process assurance department and i think it was hilarious. good job senior!

We obtained our company laptop today and there were lots of briefing about this and that and bla bla bla, what do expect from the 1st day kan? Nevertheless, I enjoyed my days with the interns and senior managers. Indeed, they are very very friendly. From the receptionist to all of the employees we passed by in the cubicle office, are friendly.
However, I was expecting our sv to ask us for a lunch together because i think it is a tradition for the sv to have a lunch together on the first day with the interns. =(

My carpark is around 15-20 mins walking distance to my office and I wear high heelsss!
dang it freaking hurt my feet and i bet my feets were crying painfully. I walked very hideously. buruk nak mampuih.

In the end of the day, I thank god I have other 2 utp friends, qurra and chee hong. it feels good to have a coursemates overthere. Furthermore, I am lucky to be stay at home. After all the tiring walking and terrible traffic jam in Cheras, being able to see the familiar faces at home and the laughters with them as well as to see a delicious dinner in the kitchen and well-groomed bedroom.....haaaaa bestnyer dok rumah kan. Penat cam mana pun bile sampai rumah trus jadi happy. =D =D =D

i hope i recall their names right hehe since i have this terible short-term loss memory.
kimberly, artini, ash, jess and of course my beloved coursemate Qurra. and there are other 5 interns not in picture.
 we are all comes from different department and
i think we wont be going to see each other much after this.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

One week full of rest.

When all people rambling about their 1st week of internship, I was all day hibernated the whole week at home. makan tido makan tido hehe such a heaven to stay at home while other people working their ass off to catch lrt to go to work. thanks pwc for starting 14th june, i love you lah. Nevertheless, seronoks seronoks to read about their experience on the 1st week of internship at techies google group where all my coursemates share about their story. mcm mcm cter laaaa, well sorry guys for not joinin the chat because I have nothing to tell. When i start my work on Monday, insyallah i will be updating then.

So, this is I what I did a week before my internship starts. Hanging out with my fam, friends, cut my hair short( I guess it's a pretty short for me!), went to facial, tgk movie lagenda budak setan(indeed, it is one good romantic malay movie. menusuk jiwa kalbu la),survey where my office will be at (difficulties of finding parking will occured so lrt is the answer) but but I am so noob in lrt xpe ella blaja blaja!

my last day at utp with roomies and the closest friends
at pizza hut batu gajah
rindu roomate!

ice-cream brownies as a symbol of farewell.
ececece ngeh ngeh.

dinner at delicious with the girlfriends.
to be truth here rasa x puas lepak ngan korg cuti nie x dunno why.

 congrats abah. =)
celebration dinner at Victoria Station.
and abg eddy just came back from Jakarta and can't wait Kak Nad's july baby!

the fun day with Erina
and I miss her already =(
I've made it myself the ear bunny
headband for her.

most of all.....................

dpt pegi sumer mall yg wujud yg kl, makan non stop, gossip, sesi dating ngan hairstylist George Khoo,  
 jd cam org x betul, make a fun of other people at home and tidoooooooooo sepanjang hari.
and yes all this....
with her, my sister.