Sunday, December 26, 2010

Such a tiring 7 months but worth it!

Last last Thursday was quite a day and I just have time to blog about it now.

I think I almost puke at the client's place and my head was so dizzy. Early morning, I went to the office then met with Senior Manager at Starbucks KL Sentral for a work discussion then when to Hilton hotel to pick up the auditor from PwC German and then when back to office again.

I have to assist auditor from PwC Germany who is so good looking and polite and mcm innocent pown ada ngeee. Cant resist his blue eyes, handsomenyaaaaaaaaaaa. I have to bring him and showed the office around, find a cable for him. He even came to my place to ask a favor where he can actually ask from other senior manager who just sat beside him but he walked all the way to my place. *meltinmeltin*

I think he knows la Im an intern because he asked“how long have u work in Pwc?”
I lying said “nearly 1 years”.
“Hmm means you graduated from university and then joined?” he asked.
I lying said again “Yes”.

Heheheeee.Okie enough of german guy story.

Then, from office i need to go to the client place at ara damansara. I have to walk under the rain without an umbrella on the way to my parking lot. Im in rushin kesian kan? Luckily, my senior manager lended his gps. If not, sesat ke mana ntah samapi ipoh pown bole jadi. Hehee. Thanks boss!

The work is so difficult this time, way different of what I have did before.It is way so financial for me! And im a bit slow laaaaaaaa sobsob.
Conclusion, the day was so stresseddddddddddddddd!

I feel like crying actually because I need to go all of this all by myself. Walking under the rain alone, driving to client place alone, working at the client place alone(later joined by senior).Well, that’s life as an auditor. And Im bravely said it here. Im might not be joining any audit firm in the future. It is such a good experiences but for a spoilt like me, haha it’s okie.

Well I fell much better now as few people in the firm started to appreciate my work, not everyone la. The partner of PwC sent me a candy gram with a note personally written sayin "Thanks for ur contribution, it is nice to have you on board ".My senior manager also said they look as me as a resource, not as just an intern.Lately my bonding with all the seniors also looked pretty good. =)

*winkwink* kembang bontot.
Im proud to choose PwC as my internship placement and there is no such regret!

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