Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dont talk to me today.

The above quote is only for today.
Today I am so not in the good mood. It seems like everyone is trying to test my temper and I am so on my last nerves. However, it is not because of them the reason is.
It is me.
Sometimes I don't get along with people, in the end whatever they did will pissed me off.
I am so sorry if I do not realized I am being a jerk, sorry guys.

Monday, March 29, 2010


I bumped to one or two of my friends when they were on the way for jamming.
Then I was like wondering and then popped out "oh yeah forgot eupho is coming".
Hehe I still remember those days I carried that super heavy keyboard around and practising the same two songs again and again everyday. I also remember how clueless I am on keyboard, feeling akward replacing piano to keyboard. That hot jamming room and bumped to other senior bands who I recognized them through previous final euphonious and I was like "fuyoooo dier yg terrer maen drum tu kan". huhu.
The adrenaline rush few days before perform.

And also being the comitee itself having a such experience.
But this time around, I'm a full time audience and voters.
Sorry for not joining guys.
Good luck all musicians and play good because I will be voting you guys fairly.

I like this kind of feeling.

I never thought how excited the orphanages to use the computers. They pretty like the use of the computer! I can see the happy faces when we taught them how to create an email. When they have one in yahoo and gmail already, they go spread to others. They were proudly to have one and they started to note down everyone email in the piece of paper. Then, they started sending them with the content like" heylooo buat apa tuuu? seronok la dpt dtg sini". Awwwwww. When they were so excited to know and learn, I get even more excited macam happy dpt teach dieorg eventhough i think it is the simpliest thing where everyone knows it. But computer kt lab sometimes lembap internet connection and there was somthing wrong on gmail.There is this one kid i taught her, her name is eika. I can see she was so upset because she cannot send email to her friends and she had to move to other computer. Well, i tried my best to cheer her up by opening youtube. 

oh yeah i think they like youtube the most kot, there was this one time i felt like I was in cc. Bunyi Naruto, ade tgk puteri bunian kt tv3, tgk cartoon. hahaha well they request so i was like " okie kakak bukak youtube nak tgk cter apa tadi? spongebob?"
Sometimes, I felt like a lab instructor! too bad i dont teach c++, netbins or oracle. Saya ajar microsoft word, email and internet explorer je to the orphanages. hehe.

We all had such a good time. It is the most sempoi and cool event I've ever participated. I never went through this such experience, you know dealing with the orphanages it was my first time. Ella nie xdelah byk sngt masuk event setakat eupho, CIS deanlist award, Syntech tu je la pownn. Balik kl tu kire event ella plng active haha.
But I like JTECHX(Junior Technology Exploration) the most! =) 

nak ajar budak budak nie belajar computer lagi, looking foward. next time kter ajar powerpoint or adobe ke.
ataupown kter ajar visual basic buat system? hahahahaha ella pown noob kot.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

what if.

hehehehehe i think this one lil bit funny, it triggers me to giggle and smiling for no reason.
did it reminds of anyone? perhaps so.
well it could be myself, or you or the person you always stalk their photos on fb and said
"i bet this guy/girl is happening siot!"

Friday, March 19, 2010

midsem break

These are what I've learnt/talked/gossiped/know/ask/everything la on my midsem break

  • Alif Aziz on his Cinta videoclip (my bestie discovered the video when we were karok-ing) is super deliciously hot! sumpah weyhhhh i'm melting like a sundae choc ice-cream under the hot sunny sun. He looks so yummy till it makes me want to taste him like a lollipop candy (horny sngt nie hehe). We watched it all over again and again (we hold the mic but we didnt sing pown instead we just jaw-dropping or we shouted " omg omg omg omg omg cute cute awwwwwwwwwwwwwww arghhhhh look look his eyes) all of sudden then it popped out in my head "goshhhh he look someone I knew back in London" haha siket siket laaaa.
  • when you are about to graduate, you would get through the pre-graduate syndrome, like what my sister is having now. She said she gonna miss everything back at the university, the adrenaline rush of having dateline of assignment, going to classes n so on the campus life. she don't know what else she gonna do when she finished university. the stress in the office? or having difficulties meeting up her roomate and friends? alaaaa chill la bobo. .............mcm my brothers said kejap je tu pre-graduate syndrome once dah dpt gaji, kebushhhhh everything gone! hope so laaa since my sister lmbt je lagi nak kejee, acca dah menunggu.
          so emma cheer up dun be sad okie?
wait for me on June where together we team up to be the coolest of being loser!
  • *the big relief sigh here* Alhamdullilah, I've already obtained my intership placement. Fuhhh lega abis weyh serious if not nak blaja pown susah asyik pikir jee ade ke org nak hired org x seberapa pandai ni tuk keje ngan company dieorg. Thanks pwc, looking foward on June. The moment Ive got confirmation from the company, trus went shopping for my very first formal office attire! Shoes i need new shoes! eyes on the prize for the Nina West. but too bad it is a sandall. I dont think I will be needed that sandall for my office attire, but but but I dun like high heels......at all. Flat rules! But whatever it is I'm so glad that this is the company I really really want to work for. =)
  • Always help and accompany your friend to buy present for her boyfie eventhough you are single and not mingle. It's pretty fun too kan cik illi? Who knows it will passed up the luck to you kan? hahaha.
  • Noktah Cinta by Hafiz, currently is my fav song in my playlist. Layannn lagu nieeeeeeeeee, serious rasa cam nak naek atas stage nyanyi.
  • Crussin' with new ride and it is such a head-turner for everyone, totally made us feel so gooddddddddd. Super hot car! Cayala mummy and abah hehehehehehehe.

Unfortunately, Sunday is coming near. It means it is time to go back to UTP already. =(

However, i miss my UTP friends eventhough i meet them everyday, i still miss the time when we do something fun.
Jom tgk sunrise like we used to?

Friday, March 5, 2010

De Chis

Rindu la korang, sumer busy je.
I miss this, us!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

This is to you bitch.

Okie this time around you really did piss me off. You are so over the limit.
First, I was being cool about you teased me and told your stupid jokes in front of people.
Yeah, I did laugh because I don’t want to be rude.
I did not mind because I know what you said it is just a piece of shit.

But now you go beyond the boundaries.
Come on la bitch you don’t have to tease other people just because you feel insecure of yourself.
Then you go running into people telling others? Fuck.
It was so silly that don’t actually you look yourself at the mirror?
*lain la if muka ko hot mcm pan-asian ke, tinggi n badan hot ke
nie setakat muka mcm tu dah la kempeng pastu kecik pendek lak tu tlg laa*
Or I bet they were too many people telling how you "really" look until you becomes psycho and then you try to pass the negative vibe to other people so that now you feel better. Then, you attacked me who I did not do any wrong to you.

Please, grow up alright. Don’t wasting your 4 years and a half at university to become of what a person you are now.

“None of these girls are worth humiliating, looking at the mirror will do that for them"

Im so sorry for the rude post and all the bad words.
But if u know how big damages she had done to me, you know how it feels like.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fuhhh lega.

Still remeber the last post I said

"Well, the winner always comes first to step in front right? bajet la tuuu."

Alhamdulillah....i think it becomes true. hehe =)

let's pain the town in our colour!

To the bapok girls teehe (u know who you are alaaaa yg suka karok berjam2 x ingt dunia sampai kasi pecah gelas n sorok!),

Korang bler nak vacation trip lg?
*bler nak 2 hours roadtrip drive without air-cond?
bler nak let's do sumthing dat doesnt need us to puke dizzyness?*
(haha lek lek la luu jokin je =p)
Come on girls let's do something adventure this time.
My mid-sem hols is still not occupied with nothing.

jom plan!

ur kacak fren who is dying for sumthing fun!