Friday, April 30, 2010

Where the lines overlap

It is time to let it go.....and be happy again.

You are in my circle of trusts, hopefully don’t let it break.

We always talk about people. Especially those people who is attention-seeker. I’ve been here in utp for almost 3 years already. I can see how people change from foundation till now. Dr yg pakai tudung ke x pakai tudung, break pastu couple ngan org nie pastu scandal n desperate, dr nerd trus jd huha x ingat dunia and mcm mcm lagi la. This is kind of people who we always talk about. It is not I don’t like them, but too much stories about them makes me wondered “are they trying so hard to fit in?”

Come on la I am myself don’t fit in with anyone but I have never ever change for no one. Well you can say any bullshit about me go ahead, so do I. So, I hope people don’t get offended what I wrote here because I know all of you going to do the same thing going behind talking about other people.

This is the best reason I don’t let myself get very close to anyone. Because in the end we wont get along and we started to hurt each otha and let us down, had been there done that. Sangat teruk kene sampai x mampu nak nangis. So, I block my mind. Consequently, you won’t see me any near to a thing called mingle around. Well, I’m sucks at it.

If only there is a person who thinks and acts exactly like me, who understand how hard to mingle, who prefer to stay in by appreciating the wonderful time watching TV with a good conversation and food rather than go outing. Yes, it sound bored but hell I like YOU if u r like dat.

Beruang, bkn teddy bear.

My roomate and I slalu terkejut beruk cm org gila this semester. Sbb kteorg ada beruang dlm rumah kteorg sumpah x tipoow.
*Beruang topless lagi!*
kteorg mmg hidup dlm traumatic la dis sem. before kluar bilik je, mesti pandang kiri kana depan belakang atas bawah to make sure beruang tu xde kt hallway or kitchen or kt toilet. Bler tgh jalan nak gi kitchen pastu ternampak beruang topless trus kteorg jerit lari lintang pukang mcm org gila esp roomate saya.

actually beruang tu ada adalah housemate pelajar dr negara lain yg topless x pakai baju sesuka hati dalam rumah kteorg. pastu dier akan wat muka selamba jeeee jalan2 kt rumah kteorg tanpa segan silu.
if badan cam super-model tu okie la bole la jugak jadi inspirasi utk kteorg. tapi paham paham la badan dier mcmana if dah kteorg panggil dier beruang.

haih mcm mcm tau happened kat block ella. dah bole jadi block utk slot samarinda kt tv3 tu. slalu je dgr org nanges kuat kuat teresak kt floor bawah ella. nanges mcm histeria. sebab kenapa? saya malas la nk bgtau. (sbb bf) opppss, terbgtau. pastu pagi pagi buta je dgr bunyi kucing kuatttt gler tgh buat seks.
*benci sumer kucing kt v3 sbb suka buat hal gatal nak mampos*

saya dah tgk lelaki besi arinie. waaaa sungguh ensem la robert downey jr!
thanks girls!
i'd wonderful time watching ironman and minum soya bean terbaik kt ipoh, funny fountain.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

switch on the super-rajin mode.

muka official nerd for this 3 days.
tests, presentation, assignments n projects bertimbun.
wish me luck!


I announced this sem is my official summone semester!
mcm bangang jeee duit sumer donate kat pak guard, polis, jpj dah seangkatan kaum kerabat sewaktu dgn nyer.

First, I got summone rm30 at Ipoh yg dekat Restoran Hainan Chicken Rice, ntah xingat nama jalan kt situ. We went there for our friday's lunch. It is one of our common place to go there, we had been there for many times already and we never ever paid the parking lot machine yg daif buruk till i thought it did not functions anymore. So, I ignored to pay since before this we did not had any problem with that. Even I saw few cars were also parked there without paying the parking lot machine.
Then, the most frightening park to see a piece of paper slipped through the wiper. (tot it was just a pamplet selling stuff)
Sekali, kene saman ngan Majlis Perbandaran Ipoh for not paying the parking lot machine.
Tahiiiiiii betol first time lak tu.

Second, i think this is the very very common story of UTP student. kekadang ada rasa simpati jugak kat PakGuard UTP. Tp, sape suh saman membabi buta, bermaharajalela tanpa bertimbang rasa, ecehhh dah kluar ayat ayat bombastic. (bombastic la sngt).
It was the day to take our final exam slip. I got barred for taking my final exam slip because I have summones that have not been paid yet. Eh I was like the last time I checked I did not noticed any paper at my car for the entire sem.
So, I went checked for the summone and I have 4 summones, equals to rm120. bapakkk la!

So i double checked with the pakguard and thennnn they were not even my plat number!!! There is only one of the summones is from my plat number and the rest are not mine. So, i told him to check it again.
He came back with the new piece of paper and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mcm magic pulak when the plat number were all changed already to my plat number. x rasa cam pelik bin ajaib ke?
I asked him "eh kenapa tetiber tuka lakkk? mcmana bole jadi nie".
He was like malas nak layan meee and still insists me to pay. Gerammm geram tahan jgn marah jgn tengking, sila hormat org tua nie ye elaaa oii.

Thirdly, this happned just now, today. My roomate and I spontaneously decided to go to ol town for breakfast. Well i think every utp student knows there is road-block in front of the campus gate. As usual I always got this adrenaline rush whenever I saw policemen, ntahhh mcm wat salah penjenayah je. So, I acted cool since I had nothing wrong. Pastu police tu pandanggggggg muka saya tetiber dier suh saya parking tepi. cuak cuak cuak!
Sekali dier check lesen saya, dah expired!!! hahahahaha sumpah x tahu selama nie.
Then he asked me, "awak rasa kalau lesen mati kene saman tak?"
ella replied " errr....err...kene kene saman. tapi bole tak if jgn saman saya?"
police itu said " okie xpeeee esok isnin awak renew. dah skang tuka driver, suh kawan awk drive".

Yeahhhh naseb baik tak kene saman. woot woot!

So, to conclude sem nie saya spend rm150 utk just for sume saman saman saya. hebat jugak kan?

btw, last eupho was awesome.
congrats salmah and the swingers!
therenody pown is jaw-dropping performance jugak.
Stereopop, you guys did a good job!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Do all things change?

 21 years of life. In the 21 years of living in the earth, do you think I have learnt a a lot already?
Nursery to primary school to highschool to foundation to deegree.....will be completed, then intern....will be soon starting.
they are all checked! so do think I have matured enough? agak agak dah matang tak?

There is one more thing I always wondered did i change alot from my highschool life to campus life? if we have our form 5 reunion, do my old friends said I change to a better person or worse or just still the same girl as they know the 5 years back.

In highschool, I was not the girl who mingle around, im not fit in with everyone. only certain people je i can talk a lot to. There is so hard for guys to break the walls.
I was very lazy, sangat susahhhhhhh nak tgk ella study utk test. x penah basuh baju. x penah susah. everything is so easy for me to get what I want. I am very attached to my closest friends. They were like 7 of them in the highschool.
My skin is way lot trouble than now, oily and pimples. Buruk selekeh gler. And skinny.
My communication skills in English is bad indeed.

Now I'm the girl who still not interested to mingle around(it is just not me-type), but I do have new many friends in fact I make a lot of new awesome friends here! They even become my best friends. However, I had met many people who had hurted me in any such way but thank you. Because of them, I know who are my true friends. I have let few guys to break the wall but things are not what you expected want it to be. Yet, he is still.
In utp, the people here are wayyyy too rajin than my high school. So, I starting to know what is like to be hardworking! heheee I never know the experience to stay late night drink nescafe just the fact to study for tomorrow test, but now I know. mcm jakun glerr!
dah tahu basuh baju. dah tahu susah esp bab makanan.
I am still attached with my highschool friends but at the same time I lost my other few closest friends. We lost contact, only keep in touch through the facebbok.
My skin is way better, still oily and still pimples but less. Addicted to topshop the reason to stop me being selekeh anymore. And still skinny but taller! hehe.
Now, i can talk fluent in English. Im proud of myself!

there are few things change and few remains the same.
Some things is better to stay it dat way and some things should experience changes.
Positive or negative.
So we learnt to appreciate or we learnt to fix the flaws.
Im glad I am change.
To a better one.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Daily Life Quotes

Maybe we’re not supposed to be happy.

Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy.

Maybe being grateful means recognizing what you have for what
it is.

Appreciating small victories.

Admiring the struggle it takes to simply be human.

Maybe, we’re thankful for the familiar things we know. And maybe we’re thankful for the things we’ll never know.

At the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing is reason enough to celebrate.


Today is Thursay. So I decided to fast today. So, I tag along my friends but as usual only me n mae ended up fasting, Ngehehehe. The whole day good delicioussssssss foods was on my mind. =P

Bestnyerrr if dpt makan mcm nie utk bukak puasa.
Okie im going out to V6 for the butter cheese nan with friends.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


To think of,  there is only 1 month left to start my 8 month of internship. Within that 1 month, there will tests, assignments, project and the most crucial part- FINAL EXAM! arghhhhhhhhhh I dont know whether the cuakness is because of the final exam or internship? Im scared the fact that both are coming very near to me!

I really want to have the time where I have nothing to worried about. Just sitting at home watching tv and the mind is empty. har har har har glerr pemalas dowh. Plan for future is one long of list but the thing isI do not want to anything instead!

Im not the type of girl who wants to get marry to the rich young men and sitting at home being the trophy wife. Remind Im not like dat missy.
Still, I dont want all this assignment, works, bla bla bla to get me preoccupied with.

I want something fun and adventerous, Something we call self-actualization! har har har gler la maslow of hierachy.I want to do bungee jumping, water-sports at Bali, go-cart, sky-diving, learn to play drums, dancing salsa.......anything new anything FUN and DIFFERENT!

Do we any job in the market now where we do all this kind of stuff? and then u get actually paid for doing it. har har har melampauuuu. I always wanted to be like Ian Wright in the Discovery Travel Channel. U got paid for travelling? how awesome is that. Yes, i want that.
Who needs pretty expensive clothes good looking guy if you can explore the whole world?

Gosh i like travellig a lot!
I should start saving from now, my pocket money from scholarship plus the salary from Pwc. I already have one plan in mind, to visit my schoolmates at States next year. I still have my visa valid for next 10 years.

*oh missy wake up! wake up! stop berangan cam mat jenin dush dush *&^%$#@!!!*

My study week is in 3 weeks time and all Im think of is to go for a vacation?
Aiyoyoyoyo susah tol jadi perempuan suka berangan.
Okie back to the reality.
I have 3 upcoming tests next week. advanced database, programming and economics!
and the persuasive presentation too.

Okie Bye!

Stay in is new In-Thing.

the view from my hostel.
perfect sunrise view in the morning and skodeng time at the night. *yikes! kiddin*

The hot sunny sun awaits?
Neh, the reason to stay in. =)

But nothing can compete this!
Missing this in the 3 weeks time.

Monday, April 12, 2010

When we were young

Tadi bukak pose ngan dieorg kt v4, rasa lama sangat x dok satu meja ngan dieorg, slalu makan kt luar je hehe.
Mae, Nad, Eli n Yaya.
 It feels like we were back in foundation kat v2 dulu dulu hehee. oh I miss V2!

And then my-used-to-be-crush when I was in foundation was passing by.
Awwwwww lagi lagi la teringat zaman foundation!
*peluh peluh* *falls of the chair*

Friday, April 2, 2010


I miss everyone at home.
2 weeks already.
1 week to go.

Nak balik. =(


There are always list of things you want to do before you turn 21 or 30 years old or before you get married or before you die. You must have a wishlist, it excites you to keep through with you life and many joy aheads. Well, I have fullfilled one of my wishlist before I turn 21.
Watching any live Arsenal Match!
It is one of best experience ever, trust me it is totally different than any match you watched at home or mamak with ur friends. It is definetly jaw-dropping moment! *ella tutup mulut dun worry this is not a dream*

You can heard the crowds all the time shouting for Arsenal and that night was friggin cold I almost got freezed but all they wore just a shortsleeve Arsenal Jersey and a glove? Wow.
 It was a semi-final Carling Cup, Arsenal vs Man City. Eventhough most of the players are not from the first team, but I met Arsene Wenger! He is the same old folks as in the television.

The Arsenal supporters even shouted "Fuck Adebayor's mother" and they have this one song where they all sang together as the same thing they said fuck Adebayor's mother. Hahahahah I bet they were all drunk by that time. Too bad Man City kick Arsenal ass that night by 3-1. End of the match, all people were still happy no matter they lose or win. Then, we all went straight to our hotel and sleep till we were late for our breakfast because we have a long journey all they way drive from London to Manchester City Stadium.

And I want to do it all over again, perhaps end of this year kan visitin org tu?
hahaha London, i should start thinkin to pursuing my studies there.
Insyallah, the journey will be intern at PWC, final year project, graduate n Acca!

7.00 am.

Sunrise is one of the best thing you can see at UTP.

Woke up early on Saturday, sunrise, gossip, camwhore session, bfast at Otown and sleep till afternoon.

Meet The Super Pet.

Hye my name is Domo. 
I am the coolest creature coz my teeth is crooked and I don mind showing it off to people. 
Awwww dont giggle so much because of me coz dun worry I'm already know Im cute. 
So cepattt go buy me as ur pet and chihuahua is so last season la Paris!
And this is my owner. Sewel Mereng so dont go near!