Monday, October 27, 2008

hari ini dalam sejarah.

Bukan la untuk berbangga dengan diri sendiri mahupun membesar-besarkan cerita yg remeh-temeh ni, tapi hanya niat untuk bercerita. haha sngt poyo! sebelum nie, ramai yg mempertikaikan sikap berdikari ella, lebih-lebih lagi mummy dan kakak aku, emma. suka sngt ckp ella spoilt brat, anak bongsu ngada-ngada. malah, kawan-kawan pun slalu ckp " ella naik bus? tipu laaaaa". jgn salah sangka ella x kecik hati pun, most of the statement could be true. even i said it to myself.

jeng jeng jeng, the last friday, i had proven to myself, family, friends and even to the world dat who said a girl with a name Zuhaila Elma never take a bus from utp to kl? indeed, yes i did! (wuuuuuhuu in ur face! eat ur heart out!)

i know some of you might said" ek elee poyo naik bus pun nak kecoh!". well, it could a be a big deal for me. sebenarnyer, mmg dr foundation 1st sem nak naik bus cuma tak ada kesempatan je. seronok juge pengalaman naik bus lebih lebih lagi bersama teman-teman yg kelakarr. pengalaman yg seronok tu ada la sikit dicacatkan oleh kakak yg jaga tiket stesen bus tu yg agak garang dan mungkin ada rasa perasaan tidak puas hati kat sumer student yg naik bus.

"ada pulak kaki nak naik bus sendiri"
"suka la tu x dpt naik bus buruk(bas express kesatuan)"
"pakcik, jgn layan budak nie"
kata-kata pedih dari kakak yg mungkin rasa diri dier sngt bagus.

kekadang x paham kan manusia nie? mungkin dier ada masalah dalaman atau masalah keluarga sampai terbawa-bawa ke tempat kerja. okie perjalanan di bus diteruskan. bas mmg bergerak perlahan kan? adala seorg foreigner depan kteorg nie dr mula dier naik bas sampai la dier turun bus, bercakap on the phone jeeee. x penah nak senyap-senyap ketok kang. haha padahalnyer, ella dan teman saya lg la gelak terguling2 sepanjang perjalanan. tak tidur langsung. cubalah letak ella dan teman bus saya, sara kat hutan belukar atau gurun atau ceruk dunia mana pun, kteorg akan masih bercakap bercakap bercakap non-stop. trust me, lenguh mulut.

akhirnya, saya dan teman-teman sampai di kl sentral. itulah pengalaman pertama naik bus dr utp ke kl. tak ada apa pun nak diceritakan, cuma nak berbangga dgn diri sendiri di blog sendiri jeee. lagipun siapala nak baca blog ella nie. so suka hati akula nak tulis apa hahaha!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

happy ageing!

since this is my own blog and I can do whatever I want without asking people permission, I want to shout out kuat kuat jerik pekik melalak (if only people can listen thru blog, as if)

happy birthday to the person I love the most in my whole life since I was born, my wonderful mummy!

27th october 2008

You have been the strongest mother after all our family had been the ups and down of life, you always been the mother that we all hope for, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Even though I cannot afford to buy you all the expensive handbags you like, all I can give u for the gift is kasih saying yg tak terhinggaaa dan selalu balik rumah almost every weekend as u asked for to spend time only with you, your highness haha!
Instead of not getting handbags(abah dan bagi kan?) but the gift as I said above, see you will have the gift for the whole year and entire life without any limitation(it is like the credit card with no limit!) The best birthday present ever kan mummy tercinta?
Love you mum love you ibu love you mummy!

a totally goofball with them!

a wonderful weekend with family n friends before starting my stress-zone(study week).

a whole 5 hours chit-chat with my sister emma at kopitiam.

a suprise birthday celebration in advance for my mom at chilis, klcc.

deepavali dance with my niece, cik puteri yg raja lawak.

a night with crazy people, my friends!

thanks thanks thanks!

manusia manusia paling bising di dunia. jerit-pekik di open house kyrie!

Friday, October 24, 2008

raya di perantauan.

berlalulah sudah Ramadan sebulan perpuasa tiba syawal kita rayakan dgn rasa gembiraaa”.
I hope I sing it with the right lyric, is it? I’ve been singing the same hari raya song since I was small but still I cannot managed to sing the whole song with the right lyric. Main hentam je kann?

hari raya is the day where the whole family will gather around and eating ketupat rendang together(almost everyday!) and sharing loads of stories from the whole year we did not met each other and sharing money too right? that is the best part to be remember but this time around, it is more meaningful than ever!

my brother is working at United States, at first, we were so hoping he will come back for the hari raya since we did not have a chance to meet him for already 3months. rinduuuu kot abg eddy tersayanggg. unfortunately, he would not be able to come bacck home due to loads of networking area need to be covered, sum sort like dat laaa keje engineer. however, the good news was since he was not able to come back malaysia, tadaaaaaa we decided we were going thereeeee to US wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
(ada hikmah di sebalik batu kan?)

seronokkkk raya di perantauan korangg. early in the morning, we dressed baju kurung and try to look as pretty as possible like most of other people would do too in the hari raya, then we bersalam-salaman and mintak maaf. then we snapped snapped berposing2 maut as usual at outside the apartment. it was early in the morning imagined with all baju kurung and bajumelayu at the garden, all the matsalleh were like"hmmm what are they actually trying to do?". it was so hard to see Malays thereeeee at Rhode Island, US. even most of them thought we are from Philipinnes. duhhhhhhh Malaysia okie?

there was this one very funny storyyy. there was this one tour guide my brother met at the Niagra Falls we went to,

he asked"where are u guys from?"
my bro said" we are from Malaysia, do u know where is it?"
he said" ohhhhh yes i know it is very nice place. it is near to spain right?"

hahahahahaha what the fish to spain? mmg sah x lepas geografi kan ngokngek wat maluu jee.
honestly to said, matsalleh some of them agak bongok kot coz they just know about the country they be living in only, they do not know much about what happen outside US. but not all laaaa, some of them are very friendly and fun to talk to. the funny is bler nampak black nigger je mesti ckp "ish paktam nieee". we scared to call them negro bcoz it is very very sensitive to them, but they are very rude some of them trusttt me espcially on the road. sakit hati jugakkk.

okie back to the hari raya story, after berposing maut we decided to perform sembahyang raya. since the mosque was not that big regarding to the community of muslim was just narrow down to pak arab,there had 3 times session for sembahyang raya. nevertheless, we all managed to fullfill it. after dat we went back tuka baju and went straight for shopping time! supposingly, in hari raya we get more money from duit raya. reversingly, there was more outflow than inflow money pocket haha.

but overall raya at US was so wonderful, delighful, memorable, joyful and suprisingly lawakful! hahahahahaha these are some nice pictures to shareeeee.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

first time ever in my blog.

I’ve been reading people's blog lately and wink wink i can sense the lovey-dovey mood is in the air! What makes people to blog is to express what their feels inside they heart and yes when you are happy, you tend to speak and write and the most technology way- blogging! One thing about me, well it could be a bad news for the blog-readers and blog-stalkers, I am so not good at expressing what I felt towards people that I love. I even have problem to say I love u to my mom n dad these days as we grew up, we tend to be kononnyer matured, and we don’t said I love you anymore?Remember those days whenever before I went to bed, I kissed my mom and dad on the cheeks and saying “good night mummy n abah! Sayangg mamy n abah”. But now I failed to do so even to say the 3 strong words on the phone.
So if I am having such a problem like dat , what on earth I am going to tell to my blog?
I am happily jumping to read suhaili’s blog. To actually tell the whole world, it is such honesty! Well it takes a person to do that. Since I’ve not mentioned anything about “love” in my so-called-personal-blog, should I tell?
Love is very strong word. If you asked my friends around, it is the topic I refuse to talk. Well to think back when we were in highschool, sumer pun cinta monyet kan? Bler fikir balik pun, comel pulak bercinta dulu. Well it is good to see that we are all still friends in the end because we know we did not even know what the lovers actually do, they trust each other right?
Well how to say it in the most right word? I want to be the closest person to him, but definitely I don’t want any relationship or any tense situation I have to be committed to. But I want to spend time and being able to tell everything to him. Is dat possible? it is just I’ve been wonderin is he having someone else who is special to him? Is it I have the right to ask him? I dun not want to ruin what we have now by asking silly question do u have someone special? If he does, well I understand but the situation could be awkward after dat. If he don’t, I could be smiling all the way but the big questions is “is he feels the same way?”.
Actually I am a person who not that bothers about the love big thing. I know I have experienced one yes we all do. LOVE is the most nicest feeling that we felt like puh-lease dun go away from our feeling. yes u smiled for no reason tu mmg sciencetifically proven haha! you can't stop thinkin about the particular person even when you were doing private business project haha merepek je. tu la definition for angauing. however, it takes a person to actually build the strong and wonderful relationship. I know I am the one who not ready yet and I do not find the “one” yet also. Having friends talking about their bf could be the reason I like this guy, but I want to have a companion who I really like not for the sake I have to have one for the time being. So I know it takes time, but one step a time.

As suhaili said in the blog, when we search for a person, we are tired and lost desire for love. When we not search for the person, the love will comes eventually. So I will stick with this statement. I will wait.

having supportive family and wonderful girlfriends and boyfriends
make me forget for not having him. thanks sayangness!

Monday, October 20, 2008

apa kata survey!

Lima Perkara Buruk Time Sekolah ?
1) ella dulu selalu sngt ponteng skola. kalau tengok buku register kedatangan pelajar,
ella plng banyak bulat bulat berbanding tick-tick. guru kelas amat benci ella kerana
tak pernah nak bagi surat tak dtg sekolah haha. selalu je perli kan cikgu?
"dah slalu x dtg skola, pandai2 la wat surat betul tak Zuhaila?"
waaaa pedas tu cikgu.
2) ella dulu selalu dtg lambat ke skola. ye la dulu skola pukol 7 dah kene ada kat
perhimpunan. paham paham la bangun pun 6.30 nak breakfast lagi kan. lepas dah breakfast,
perut mulala memulas-mulas sbb x biasa mkn pagi. proses membuang di bilik air dah memakan
masa beberapa minit. tup tap tup tap tgk laaa dah lambat deyh.
sampai je pintu pagar skola, kene amik nama.
pengawas dah bosan " laa muka si Zuhaila nie lagi".
3) pernah kene baling kapur. antara sebab yg tidak munasabah kene baling kapur ngan
cikgu. ada ke patut kawan yg sedang rancak becerita, yg ella nie sedang la semangat mendengar.
bler si kawan nie wat lawak, kter pun gelak la. time tu tgh belajar geografi, cikgu cina
tu baling kapur tepat kene kat ella pulak tu. maluuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
4) cakap sepanjang masa dari masuk pintu skola pukol 7.30pagi sampai keluar pintu
sekolah pukol 1ptg.
5) tiru keje kawan adat biasa la kan betul tak kawan kawan?
Tiga fav subjek and why ?
addmath- suka yg amat sngt sngt n slalu dpt A.
english- suka jugak la n slalu dpt A.
geografi- best wooo blaja peta, pastu mesti kaler2 peta tu n slalu jugak dpt A.
Tiga subjek yang tidak digemari and why ?
(jangan nanyer mmg tak suka dan lemah sngt subjek ni)
Yang menarik tentang kamu ?
nothing special about me. well you defined urself how interesting i am?
Yang paling disukai ?
family and friends.
I can't live without?
oxygen, water and food.
thanks fatul for tagging me this such wonderful survey. it reminds me how funny our memories in schoolhood haha! sungguh nakal time sekolah dulu mmg otai betul.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

hello my sexaay bloggers!

hello my sexaayy bloggers! haha the title sounds a lil bit horny. u know i'd been influenced by the way paris hilton talked in her new reality program "my new bff". the show is unexpectly hilarious! i laughed terguling-guling to see there is this one half-boy half-girl chinese who dressed and talked exactly like paris hilton. (he is a guy who wants to be a girl) the show is about paris hilton is actually searching for her new bestfriend( since nicole richie is having a wonderful life with her bf and daughter harlow) to join her in the socialite party and whatsoever. how lame it is to find a bff in the reality show? everything will be so fake. but i am enjoyin the show! sadly, the show is not air in MTV malaysia yet.

i've been living a life without my gedabak laptop and my kuda-merah car for a week already.
pheewittt i'm a sole survivor! all i depends on is my handphone. definetly losing the air that i breathe when not having a laptop and a car but when i think back, it turned out to be alritey.
well to overcome the empty daily-life,
i talked to myself, sleeping alot and i had my longest journey around utp by my own feet.( yes walking uh-uh no car involved)

yesterday, just obtained my laptop yeahhhhhhhh wuhuuuuuuu hands up in the air like u just don'care come on lets partayyyy! seronok sngt dpt laptop kene ada candlelite dinner date ngan laptop gedabak-ku.
however, my kuda-merah car is still missing me at my home. rinduuuu la baby sexayy car. don't worry next week i'm going to give a big hugs n kisses.

so, i'm backkkkk for blogging!