Friday, October 24, 2008

raya di perantauan.

berlalulah sudah Ramadan sebulan perpuasa tiba syawal kita rayakan dgn rasa gembiraaa”.
I hope I sing it with the right lyric, is it? I’ve been singing the same hari raya song since I was small but still I cannot managed to sing the whole song with the right lyric. Main hentam je kann?

hari raya is the day where the whole family will gather around and eating ketupat rendang together(almost everyday!) and sharing loads of stories from the whole year we did not met each other and sharing money too right? that is the best part to be remember but this time around, it is more meaningful than ever!

my brother is working at United States, at first, we were so hoping he will come back for the hari raya since we did not have a chance to meet him for already 3months. rinduuuu kot abg eddy tersayanggg. unfortunately, he would not be able to come bacck home due to loads of networking area need to be covered, sum sort like dat laaa keje engineer. however, the good news was since he was not able to come back malaysia, tadaaaaaa we decided we were going thereeeee to US wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
(ada hikmah di sebalik batu kan?)

seronokkkk raya di perantauan korangg. early in the morning, we dressed baju kurung and try to look as pretty as possible like most of other people would do too in the hari raya, then we bersalam-salaman and mintak maaf. then we snapped snapped berposing2 maut as usual at outside the apartment. it was early in the morning imagined with all baju kurung and bajumelayu at the garden, all the matsalleh were like"hmmm what are they actually trying to do?". it was so hard to see Malays thereeeee at Rhode Island, US. even most of them thought we are from Philipinnes. duhhhhhhh Malaysia okie?

there was this one very funny storyyy. there was this one tour guide my brother met at the Niagra Falls we went to,

he asked"where are u guys from?"
my bro said" we are from Malaysia, do u know where is it?"
he said" ohhhhh yes i know it is very nice place. it is near to spain right?"

hahahahahaha what the fish to spain? mmg sah x lepas geografi kan ngokngek wat maluu jee.
honestly to said, matsalleh some of them agak bongok kot coz they just know about the country they be living in only, they do not know much about what happen outside US. but not all laaaa, some of them are very friendly and fun to talk to. the funny is bler nampak black nigger je mesti ckp "ish paktam nieee". we scared to call them negro bcoz it is very very sensitive to them, but they are very rude some of them trusttt me espcially on the road. sakit hati jugakkk.

okie back to the hari raya story, after berposing maut we decided to perform sembahyang raya. since the mosque was not that big regarding to the community of muslim was just narrow down to pak arab,there had 3 times session for sembahyang raya. nevertheless, we all managed to fullfill it. after dat we went back tuka baju and went straight for shopping time! supposingly, in hari raya we get more money from duit raya. reversingly, there was more outflow than inflow money pocket haha.

but overall raya at US was so wonderful, delighful, memorable, joyful and suprisingly lawakful! hahahahahaha these are some nice pictures to shareeeee.


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adeera azman said...

wonderin who am i to u ? jawapan : my babes laaaa, heh ;PP

ella, sukalaaaa ur long cardigan !