Saturday, October 18, 2008

hello my sexaay bloggers!

hello my sexaayy bloggers! haha the title sounds a lil bit horny. u know i'd been influenced by the way paris hilton talked in her new reality program "my new bff". the show is unexpectly hilarious! i laughed terguling-guling to see there is this one half-boy half-girl chinese who dressed and talked exactly like paris hilton. (he is a guy who wants to be a girl) the show is about paris hilton is actually searching for her new bestfriend( since nicole richie is having a wonderful life with her bf and daughter harlow) to join her in the socialite party and whatsoever. how lame it is to find a bff in the reality show? everything will be so fake. but i am enjoyin the show! sadly, the show is not air in MTV malaysia yet.

i've been living a life without my gedabak laptop and my kuda-merah car for a week already.
pheewittt i'm a sole survivor! all i depends on is my handphone. definetly losing the air that i breathe when not having a laptop and a car but when i think back, it turned out to be alritey.
well to overcome the empty daily-life,
i talked to myself, sleeping alot and i had my longest journey around utp by my own feet.( yes walking uh-uh no car involved)

yesterday, just obtained my laptop yeahhhhhhhh wuhuuuuuuu hands up in the air like u just don'care come on lets partayyyy! seronok sngt dpt laptop kene ada candlelite dinner date ngan laptop gedabak-ku.
however, my kuda-merah car is still missing me at my home. rinduuuu la baby sexayy car. don't worry next week i'm going to give a big hugs n kisses.

so, i'm backkkkk for blogging!

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Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

ella ella ella~
anda ditag!