Wednesday, October 22, 2008

first time ever in my blog.

I’ve been reading people's blog lately and wink wink i can sense the lovey-dovey mood is in the air! What makes people to blog is to express what their feels inside they heart and yes when you are happy, you tend to speak and write and the most technology way- blogging! One thing about me, well it could be a bad news for the blog-readers and blog-stalkers, I am so not good at expressing what I felt towards people that I love. I even have problem to say I love u to my mom n dad these days as we grew up, we tend to be kononnyer matured, and we don’t said I love you anymore?Remember those days whenever before I went to bed, I kissed my mom and dad on the cheeks and saying “good night mummy n abah! Sayangg mamy n abah”. But now I failed to do so even to say the 3 strong words on the phone.
So if I am having such a problem like dat , what on earth I am going to tell to my blog?
I am happily jumping to read suhaili’s blog. To actually tell the whole world, it is such honesty! Well it takes a person to do that. Since I’ve not mentioned anything about “love” in my so-called-personal-blog, should I tell?
Love is very strong word. If you asked my friends around, it is the topic I refuse to talk. Well to think back when we were in highschool, sumer pun cinta monyet kan? Bler fikir balik pun, comel pulak bercinta dulu. Well it is good to see that we are all still friends in the end because we know we did not even know what the lovers actually do, they trust each other right?
Well how to say it in the most right word? I want to be the closest person to him, but definitely I don’t want any relationship or any tense situation I have to be committed to. But I want to spend time and being able to tell everything to him. Is dat possible? it is just I’ve been wonderin is he having someone else who is special to him? Is it I have the right to ask him? I dun not want to ruin what we have now by asking silly question do u have someone special? If he does, well I understand but the situation could be awkward after dat. If he don’t, I could be smiling all the way but the big questions is “is he feels the same way?”.
Actually I am a person who not that bothers about the love big thing. I know I have experienced one yes we all do. LOVE is the most nicest feeling that we felt like puh-lease dun go away from our feeling. yes u smiled for no reason tu mmg sciencetifically proven haha! you can't stop thinkin about the particular person even when you were doing private business project haha merepek je. tu la definition for angauing. however, it takes a person to actually build the strong and wonderful relationship. I know I am the one who not ready yet and I do not find the “one” yet also. Having friends talking about their bf could be the reason I like this guy, but I want to have a companion who I really like not for the sake I have to have one for the time being. So I know it takes time, but one step a time.

As suhaili said in the blog, when we search for a person, we are tired and lost desire for love. When we not search for the person, the love will comes eventually. So I will stick with this statement. I will wait.

having supportive family and wonderful girlfriends and boyfriends
make me forget for not having him. thanks sayangness!


cerra said...

alaa, comey tomeynyaaa.
apa nak malukan pun.
that's just part of life.everyone will go through the experience of being in love.
and yes, i totally agreed with suhaili's statement.don't search for love, it'll come eventually.
drpd buang masa mencari,maybe lagi baik kita spend apa yg kita ada utk org yg dah mmg sayang and akan terus sayang dekat kita.

LOVE you ella! =)

ella elma said...

owh i agreed with no hesitation sara!
kter sibuk cari org yg kter nak sayang, tp org yg dah syg kter kat depan mata x sedar kan sara?

thanks for hearing me out with all the story-mory sepanjang perjalanan naik bus.

sayang sara jugak!