Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday biruuuuu.

Yesterday, I had this terrible Monday Blues kinda feeling. Left from office at 7pm and arrived home around 7.30pm due to traffic jam in federal. Well federal highway what do u expect? Today, hopefully im feeling lil better to start off my day and week. Last week, I just watched Magika. It is the shrek in not-animated-malay version. They make a collection of old Malay stories like Puteri Gunung Ledang, Bawang Putih Bawang Merah, Nenek Kebayan, Hang Tuah and many more. It was okie la, I shall give B- for the movie. However, credits should be given for the efforts and the cast too. Next movie, eat pray love! Anyone jom teman me? =)
Last week I attend 3 open houses, Consider as sikit la kan? hehe but for sure I ate like Ive been attend to 10 open houses hahaa. Oh yeah last week on my to cross the street on my to work, I fell with my heels on. It was terribly painfullllllllllllllllllll. Even my pants terkoyak sket kt bahagian lutut and yess my knee bleeds. Jatuh kegebukkkk la jugak with my handbag, heavy laptop bagpack and payung. The thing was the people around me were just looking. JUST LOOKING WITHOUT ANY CONSIDERING TO HELP WTF? Haihhhh Malaysian oh Malaysian. I still remember when I had a flu and keep sneezing my times in the bus, there this young woman handed me her tissue. Awwww so kind. Well, it happened in Europe. Malaysia bila lagii?
Now,it left bruises on my knee and cannot wear shorts for the time being. =P. I shall claim medical expenses to PwC yikes!
Paramore is coming and I kinda want to go but Im scared of taking another leave. Hmm see la howww sobsob. =(

Domo-kun masterrr grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Stay in heart.

"if i died tonight how many people would care?
how many people would know?
how many people would moan and wish they had me back?
how many people wished they would love me more?
how many people wished they would love me less?"

I always scared to deal with death.
But now I know how it feels to lost someone you love.
I have encoutered once and it left such a big hole now.
Recover, never.
Moving on with life, yes.

I miss you Arwah Abg Pis, it is like every each day Im waiting for you to come home.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I just checked my wallet, I forgot I still have a small piece of paper u drew for me.
Now, it makes me flashback all the past time. Perhaps I should erased the memories and so does the piece of paper.

Dah, dustbin.
Nehh I lied, I still have it for da sake of friendship.

In a good rushin

Heylo blog-readers, anyone? Perhaps that must be atleast 1-2 person who gonna read this, I know who you are my super-awesome stalker, love you lah! Lately, I tend to blog when I was in the office. Indeed, now I am in the office. Frankly speaking not in 'my office'. Im in Menara Annexe, auditing for Telekom. Still in my first week here, all the seniors still in the process obtaining information so left the interns still with no works. I bet next week I will be starting doing change testing for the systems.

Raya was fun. For the working people like me(eceh padahal intern je.), any hoiliday would be a big score! So, I took almost 2 weeks unpaid leave. Too bad, elaun kurengggg dis month. However, lucky me my duit raya can cover (I think lebih kot) all those my unpaid leave. This raya I love all my baju kurungs! Selalunyer ade je yg x kene ngan bj kurung pastu carik gado ngan tailor ngeh ngeh.

After raya, my hommies all doozed off to 'not-so-perfect-getaway' to Port Dickson. We were supposed to stay-in for 2 nights at the bungalow in front of the beach but we ended up only 1 night because the place sucks. Oppsyy no la kiddin! It was quite not what I expected, the place kinda abandoned I think. It was friggin hard to get a good place dining. The reason because all the good restaurants were still closed due to hari raya. The beach was nice, nice as in Bali. We should be proud of own beach, the beauty of it. Only it is lack of fun activities at PD. Sorry PD people not intend to offend u guys.

I miss all my besties Iylia(especially!), Sara, Eli, Mae, Nad, Kat. I miss having constant laugh, hearty talks and good food with converstions. All i want is that, Well, intern life is not bad. Step aside woke up early, the traffice and mingle with people who are older than you hehe. Others, internship is great! I wonder why people want to go back to utp damn fast. With all the assignment and test to study(yg nie consider okie-la jugak), FYP somemore is gonna be a big headache, super-panas all sticky and wet, the food were not-dat nice either. Only thing dat make me want to go back to utp is the companions, the circle of friends. In KL, you can do whatever things you want. =D

Tadaaa, see what I did when Im bored. Im using Microsoft Visio.

Me with short crop. Suka tak?

Okie back to work(boring...), Bye.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Study vs working

I hate it when I did my job wrong. It feels like Ive been crushed and knocked down because I hate doing things wrong. Just now my boss said Ive wrongly extract data from SAP. So, now I have to go back to client place and do it again. OMG, I wont mind do it again but to see my boss face and delaying things to get done, I just can’t take it. Well, I’m a newbie here so we learn things from mistakes. I should take that quote to myself just to calm myself and not to worry over small matters.

Benci benci benci, that’s why I hate working. We always have to take responsibilities and carry the burden. I think I still not ready to do that yet because I’m more prefer to sit around study, doing research and completed my assignments. Study or woking? Yes, study.I have once said to my mom “ella xnak keje nak study jeeee sampai bila bila”.
Hah teruk kan ella nie? Such a spoilt brat. =P

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Im obssesed with mac n chesse!

waffle mac n cheese. =)

On mission to make baked mac n cheese(or i shud said on mission to actually cook for the 1st time)
My mom and brother gave such a negative respond "ella nak masak? hmmmmm ye la tuuu jgn harap".
So, now is a reverse pchcyology! Yes, I would do it for da sake of.....err....winning? or for hungry stomache of mine. hehehehhehe.
Tgk la mummy and abg eddy nanti my mac n cheese ella will be famous untill jamie oliver will resigned as a chef.