Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eid Mubarak

oh the blast of hari raya is done and done and close all the balang of kuih cornflakes and start switching to a real meal instead of rendang tok siang malam, but the syawal month is not over.

Yet, tons of assignment as well as test DCN kill my raya mood already. Thanks.
So no more berbaju kurung lawa glamer to the raya openhouse anymore, back to the normal life again.
I'll be coming back to utp tomorrow.
"waaaaa sonok nyer gembiraaa x sabar nk balik "-in a sarcastic tone. =(

Well, this year is one of the best raya I've ever had. Since last year my family and I went to States and beraya there with my brother at Boston. So, we missed all the duit raya, raya open houses and my favourite rendang tok at Sungai Rokam. Last two years, we beraya at KL and we sort of not beraya pun since it was the first raya without arwah abg Rafiz. So, we decided just to beraya at home with the family.
So, this year is different.

owh yeah i ganed 3 kg haha too fast aite? Hari raya made me fat! but of course i like it.
and i have so many baju kurung raya this year, yg tempah ada yg beli readymade lg!
So i find a reason to go to every raya openhouses hehe.
Btw, thanks for everyone who made it my raya openhouses okie, sayang koraangg!
The one who cannot made it x sayang dah. haha kiddin. just a bit upset some of my closest friends cannot made it. =(

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Perempuan Gossip

"None of these girls are worth humiliating, looking at the mirror will do that for them"

haha you are such a bitch Blair Waldorf! but it is one fine quote from episode1,season3. =)

*XOXO awak tahu awak sayang saya, Perempuan Gossip"

Brain is not fuctioning well these days.

I could have died just now, in the Block N test room at 1pm on Tuesday.

I suffocated and gasped for the right answers and the moment I read the question 1, my heart was pounding very fast and it beats hundreds of times in 1 minutes as it was almost to burst out.
But the moment I read the Question 2, I think my heart stops beating for a few second.
If I know this kind of questions are going to come out, what's the point of studying late night till 3pm and woke up at 6am. it was such a pain in the ass.
Man, i was upset but well life move on!
Tolak tepi dok jauh jauh business system development, so ella cheer up and give an effort to carve those smile back and keep breathing again in the normal heart beats.
because Esok Balik KL.
However, 2 down, 1 more paper to go.
gosh i feel like having my final exam already.
beyond the stress limit.

*Before the system analysis design test at 8.30 pm, ngeeeeee.*

Saturday, September 12, 2009

i know how to speak irish now wohooo!

Gráin liom an fhíric 3 tástálacha atá ag teacht an tseachtain seo chugainn. An féidir liom críochnaigh ach mo chéim lae amárach a fháil agus an tseachtain seo chugainn pósta leis an Guy gleoite geek a fhios conas serenade dom le seinm giotár agus an dá linn dul chun fanacht ag an Eoraip ar feadh tamaill. Bhealach ar bhealach a thuilleadh ó utp.
I hate the fact 3 tests are coming next week. Can I just finish my degree tomorrow and get married next week to the cute geek guy who know how to serenade me with playing guitar and we both going to stay at Europe for a while. Further way way from utp.


"i know u want me i know i want cha, i know u want me i know i want cha, i know u want meeee i know u want cha

come on pull it out from my head! i cant think of other song, haha. da crazy part is we even listened it to da malay version at flyfm or hitz,
"saya tahu awak nak sayaaa, saya tahu awak nak sayaaa"
gler geli kottt, hey why not i try to sing it to my crush la kan? ewww i bet he ran off and never come back cabut lari negara laen. before the hectic week of tests will be coming next week, 1 day off should be not an offence aite? so we went jalan jalan ipoh and broke fast there. Koh-Samui Restaurant, the service i will rate 4 out of 10 but the thai food was so gooooooood. Well the good food comes with "extra extra good price". The overall price can be paid for 3 hari bazaar ramadhan, okie the next 3 days kter bukak nasi putih je haha. Nevertheless, I was so full till i cannot sit up straight, unbutton the jeans bole? kantoi boroi.

At the kopitiam,

I NEVER...... take a shower before going to classs. DRINK.
I NEVER......kentut senyap2 bler bau buat x tahu. DRINK.
I NEVER..... cheat on test. DIDNT DRINK.
I NEVER...... date someone else boyfriend. DRINK
I NEVER......went to lumut. DIDINT DRINK.
I NEVER......had a dream come true. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA sumer dah gelak guling2
and the list goes on............(ade yg censored cannot tell here)

i bet u guys know how the game works aite? alaaa if u had done the things u said I NEVER, then u drink, if not dont drink. The more innocent you are, the slower ur drinks finish up. =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's more fragile than you think

At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world.

Some are running scared.
Some are coming home.
Some tell lies to make it through the day.
Others are just not facing the truth.
Some are evil men, at war with good.
And some are good, struggling with evil.
Six billion people in the world, six billion souls. And sometimes... all you need is one


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Because I love them.

*dis sem x byk gambo la korg, shud snap snap more*

I love every each one of you. I should start appreciate you guys more and more each day for patiently melayan kerenah ella yg mcm budak budak nie. I enjoyed every laughter, tears and joy we had. We had a long journey since we were still foundation and we stay strong until now.
Don't ever dare to break this chain of friendship cz it's worth more than a diamond, priceless.
Imagines we all six together throwing the graduation hat in the few years time, i sayang korang sumer walaupun x penah tunjuk kt korang. =))

Sponge Bob .

As i read thru my textbook for my upcoming test,
i found this one interesting quote that caught my eyes after a long tiring lines of words.
And then i laughed by myself thinking how irrelevant it is. .

"We should be like sponges, soaking up as much knowledge as they can"

how come Sponge BOB is so stupid dum dum?
but still, he is my friend.
Spongebob is the most adorable cutest creation
dat doesn't make sense i'ver seen, only after domo-kun.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

laksa= not a good sign.

everything is not right today. Grrrrrrr.
tomorrow, i will be having test, online quiz and lab exercise to be submit.
okay, they are just a few things to be done, so im chill with it.
I still managed to squish my time to take a long day nap.

Then, mengidam la sangat nak makan laksa, ala u know dis fasting thing u feel like u want to eat every single thing at the bazar.
So, i got my laksa, alhamdullilah dapat beli, but belum makan lagi.

To top if off my not very good mood day,
laksa spilled all over my front seat car. i mean alot, sampai kering kuah laksa as if my swift actually eating the kuah laksa! dang u laksa.

busukkkkkkkkkk my car smells ikan la deyh, now i have to clean up everything but i will be having my test tomorow n else lagi. mana sempatt!

so how?
anyone is kind enuff to send my car to the car wash as soon as possible? i'll give u they key.
plz plz bulan pose mulia tolong org.
okie mayb everyone is busy too, so nvrmnd.
i'll do it myself or or just let it be the car has a new freshener= laksa.