Saturday, September 12, 2009


"i know u want me i know i want cha, i know u want me i know i want cha, i know u want meeee i know u want cha

come on pull it out from my head! i cant think of other song, haha. da crazy part is we even listened it to da malay version at flyfm or hitz,
"saya tahu awak nak sayaaa, saya tahu awak nak sayaaa"
gler geli kottt, hey why not i try to sing it to my crush la kan? ewww i bet he ran off and never come back cabut lari negara laen. before the hectic week of tests will be coming next week, 1 day off should be not an offence aite? so we went jalan jalan ipoh and broke fast there. Koh-Samui Restaurant, the service i will rate 4 out of 10 but the thai food was so gooooooood. Well the good food comes with "extra extra good price". The overall price can be paid for 3 hari bazaar ramadhan, okie the next 3 days kter bukak nasi putih je haha. Nevertheless, I was so full till i cannot sit up straight, unbutton the jeans bole? kantoi boroi.

At the kopitiam,

I NEVER...... take a shower before going to classs. DRINK.
I NEVER......kentut senyap2 bler bau buat x tahu. DRINK.
I NEVER..... cheat on test. DIDNT DRINK.
I NEVER...... date someone else boyfriend. DRINK
I NEVER......went to lumut. DIDINT DRINK.
I NEVER......had a dream come true. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA sumer dah gelak guling2
and the list goes on............(ade yg censored cannot tell here)

i bet u guys know how the game works aite? alaaa if u had done the things u said I NEVER, then u drink, if not dont drink. The more innocent you are, the slower ur drinks finish up. =)


Adeera Azman said...

I always tak dapat the chance to minum my drinks. (Get it ? hehehe)

Abir Abhar said...


ella elma said...

adeera ye keeee?
tipu tipu.

abir best maen game, spill out da inner truth!
mmg kantoi la.

aRiDaN said...

air sape tak habeh las skali ek?

i never....