Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brain is not fuctioning well these days.

I could have died just now, in the Block N test room at 1pm on Tuesday.

I suffocated and gasped for the right answers and the moment I read the question 1, my heart was pounding very fast and it beats hundreds of times in 1 minutes as it was almost to burst out.
But the moment I read the Question 2, I think my heart stops beating for a few second.
If I know this kind of questions are going to come out, what's the point of studying late night till 3pm and woke up at 6am. it was such a pain in the ass.
Man, i was upset but well life move on!
Tolak tepi dok jauh jauh business system development, so ella cheer up and give an effort to carve those smile back and keep breathing again in the normal heart beats.
because Esok Balik KL.
However, 2 down, 1 more paper to go.
gosh i feel like having my final exam already.
beyond the stress limit.

*Before the system analysis design test at 8.30 pm, ngeeeeee.*

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