Saturday, December 20, 2008

double S, sister vs skinny.

I give my dearest sympathy to my sister emma. Now, all of her daily life is narrowly devoted to her internship-job. Work, work and work. Chill out girl it is just an internship kan kan?
Tiring, she went out from the house around 6.30am and went back to home around 9pm.(the last one to have dinner) kecian kan?
All we got to see a tired face while I was the one at home live every day life to the fullest and come on lets partayyyyy haha! She even got jealous.
Look Face the fact I am on my holiday-break u know it so hard for utp-student to have a long break from the very isolated place. Of course, I cherish every single minutes I have now. But hey everyone will face the internship? I will be too soon but not that soon hehe.

Zuraida Elma bt Zulkefli, the one and only sister I have in the family. She is 2 years older than I am but yes I know I know la kan yadda yadda every single person on this earth or it could be from the another planet is going to say
“oh ella you look like an older sister than emma” or "eh adik lg besar dr kakak".
Hmm, I take that as a compliment.(I said it to make me feel better-not). We might look totally different. What I meant is very very different from head to toe. But the funny is some people said we are twins. I dunno where the heck that we look-alike?

(any resemblance?)

Well, it could be the fact that we are the only two in the million who are sngt kuruih. We obtained so many hurtful nicknames from we were kids actually.

Kurus kering, keding, papan, kaki kurus kene kejar anjing, skeleton, kepala besar n bdn kecil look like a lollipop, "ko x makan ke?" and many more that we did not even bothered to know.

One thing about my sister she is very good at defending herself. She even fire-back to people that teased her and yes she won without hesitation! Well it was easier for her since she is the girl who has everything, the look and the brain and some powerful influence way back in highschool. If for my case, i rather keep my mouth shut.

I just don’t get it why people kept going teased about how skinny we look. from highschool untill the university life. Did they suffer if we are skinny while they are not? Ntah la maybe people always feel insecure about themselves and that might be the reason they acted that way. How did I get my revenge? It feels good just to hit the mean people back at just looking back how the way they look. I am so sorry if you look that way.

I am no trying to be the gred A-biatch. if you are in my case, u know how cruel life can be. why can't girls just play nice? bitching, backstabbing, lying and cheating are a whole new life for girls....most of them. Competition between girls is nothing new, in fact in many situations it's considered healthy, but if the need to compete with friends see you acting like blair waldorf, this is clearly not a good thing. this form of jealousy can then lead to unnecessary form of bullying or all designed to hurt and designed to hurt and undermine other girls.
have your friend ever broken your trust and started a rumour
about you?

ntahh laa dah byk kali kene sampai i dun care anymore. the worst is the competition is just not limited to friends, it is also occurs in your own family blood. uh-uh not between me and my sister. i think you know who and another who you are. since we were small, every single aspect of life must be taken as consideration for"who is better?".
gosh, it was so unhealthy! because it is definetly ruined our relationship and it is getting worst NOW. we rarely speak each other and deleting from myspace or facebook is a common thing to do. i want to fix thing between us but it did not work out and i think it is not going to happen...for the time being. i just fell upset for our and their parents to look at their daughters acted with each other. :(

all i can say is loose the inner bitch and just play plain nice. it is time to change the streotype, girls!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

topic of the day.

rehab by rihanna videoclip is so jaw-dropping hot!

it is beyond the hotness i should said. do you know what is the exactly reason? blame justin timberlake! because the super-fine justin timberlake is in the video as the co-star. i don't know what-the-heck-reason why he is in the video. it is either to make jesicca biel jealous or to show the world he is a lot hotter than the bf-chris brown, but all i know the video is incredibly hot hot heat.
now all of you know how obssesed i am with "cute-hot-used to be boyband crown-ex britney-talented singer" JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! maryy me please?

i just miss them being together like how i miss you. :(

a big size 10 shoe.

p.s: oh yeah before i forget one thing, oh rasa puas hati gumbira sangat sangat tengok president bush kene baling kasut. unfortunately, danggg kasut tu x kene muka dier laaa how i i wish to see a size 10 shoe hit his friggin pathetic face. did u guys see how he reacted? he looked like keannu reeves in the matrix movie at the slow-motion shot haha. it cranked me up!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

my bestfriend is a guygirl.

ignore the tittle.
since my bestfriend, fahizah keep calling me i am a guy, so it reflects back to her/him that she is actually a guygirl. brotherhood for life!

u know what? i just love surprise especially when it comes to surprise birthday party in advance!
kickin the birthday girl ass off is what i've been dreamt of for all this while haha. that's what u get fieza!

happy 19th birthday in advance cik abg fahizah haha!
13th dec 2008.

happy ageing fieza!

we found a perfect birthday card for you...comes with a song tau!

just hoping the security guard did not report to the policemen.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

bali i love you!

oh i just love beach sangat sangat more than anything else!
for all this time i've been travelling all around the world, bali is the best vacation i ever had since my love for water sports is bigger than shopping i think? wow suprising.

oh the sand, the sunset, the water, the seafood, the watersports, the villa, the body spa, the jetski, the banana boat, the flying fish, the parasailing, the snorkelling, the super-friendly people in bali! i cannot express in word how much i enjoy my precious moment in bali. how i wish utp is near to bali? haha as if.

oh bali, i am missing you already. definetly, i will be coming back to bali soon enough.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i know i do not have facebook and gtalk.
tahu mungkin agak kuno but what the fish i still can live without it. don't worry soon enough i will have when i desperately need the new entertainment of my so-called-boring life instead of just having friendster and ym. but for the time being, yes i've been entertained enough haha!

ella is tgh angau listening to situasi by BunkFace. tp xlah seangau si kakak aku kat si qushairi dlm us trip field kat 8tv tu, tolong la weyh emma wake up wake up! alaaa muka mamat tu mcm zizan raja lawak kan kan? no wonder peminat no1 rancangan jozan. baik layan cter hansM kat astro ria! huahuahuahuahua kteorg mmg layan setiap cter melayu kat tv!
name it, we'd watched it!

yes this is the picture of us at one of the mall near to our house. first we were just driving back home from sending our niece at seri kembangan. at first, it never crossed our mind at all to going out from the car. well you should see how we dressed like? my shirt even have a small hole(waaa masuk angin sket) and emma was like wearing seluar mcm nak gi swimming.
jeng jeng jeng we have been forced to go to the mall to buy groceries. so look at us freshly straight from home wearing baju tidooooooo! yes thanks aman for snapping the pictures. susah betol ada je paparazi.

Monday, November 17, 2008

officially 19.

Thank you friends for a very very advanced surprise party on the last friday!!
Yeah I was greatly surprise since my birthday is 4 days to go. I appreciated it a lot that you guys still manage to make me surprise with all those tired and final exam faces. The best part was we had the same blueberry cheese secret recipe cake like the previous year-yeahh my very favorite. Then, we went out for midnight movie. We watched quarantine-gosh that movie ending sucks so hard! The storyline was not that bad but please don’t even mention about the ending. Even my 2 years-old niece can think a better ending for it.

Hahahaa the funny is we had been stopped by policemen while we were on the way to Ipoh because there were so many people at the back of my car.
Policeman 1 ”Ramai sangat kat belakang nie dah overload
Mae ”tak la kami ringan-ringan je”.
Hahahahahahahah in your face(cakap dalam hati)

Wtf they asked us to u-turn at the fly-over in front of us to go back to utp. Then we said " okie, no problem anything for the sake of safety".
Yeah we went straight to Ipoh Parade and sorry la Mr Policemen we did not find any flyover? (buat buat x nampak).
And for god heaven sake, there were two more road-blocks after that. Haha the first roadblock we managed to escape by me acting selamba and asked my friends at the back to act sleeping. Tgh gelak gelak then sumer senyap tidooo. The second roadblock was we managed to escape by finding another road! It was 2.00 am by the time we arrived at utp, we went straight to sleep.

Terima kaseh iylia, sara, eli, nad, mae, kawan kawan korang la ratu hatiku.

I love structured programming. yes i do!

Why structured programming is so cruel and harmful? It could leads to a temporary brain damage.

Alrite as usual I like to exaggerate things so it looks like a whole big deal but the fact it is just a tiny itsy-bitsy matter is it kan? Well this time around it could affect my future. (wow I am being optimistic!, if my mom read this she must be proud of her spoilt-brat daughter) I don’t know either I’m the only one who keep complaining and nagging about it or every single person who takes programming has the same situation like me? (please please crossing finger)

I just finished my structured programming today. And I cursed almost all the *&%#@ words that it should be banned to write it down in the blog.(while I don’t said it loud, cursing silently haha) susah yang amat sangat rokhmah oiiii!(f.y.i our lecturer). My biggest fear is to repeat the whole paper all over again? Oh tidaakkkkk I’m so a dead meat.

The paper is a new syllabus and we are the first batch to be introduced around 5 new chapters kot that the previous batch did not learnt.(sunnguh tak aci, walaupun aci di India). Recursion, pointers, link list, dynamic array and what-so-ever which it does not made sense to learn all the new chapters in one semester? Even I heard thru my friends that the lecturer need to take 3 months to fully covered and understand the topic recursion. If he need 3 months, then we what? 30 years never completed? Anak cucu dah berenek renek, we still can’t figure it out what the heck it is.

The lab programming instructor had said those words that should not even suppose to come out from his mouth. No future in ********* what?! Hopefully mulut dier x cukup masin so that what he said do not come true. If structured programming is a person, I will be kicking his ass-off! Tendang terajang ketok ketok ar! The weird is in the last semester, I don’t have problem with structured programming. In fact, I managed to get B. B stands for Bole laa for orang yg selalu cut and paste kat lab? Haha. But this semester, shit I did like crap!

Dah dah stop ella, whatever Mr structured programming had done to me, I have to forgive n forget. Hear this,
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
(insyallah ikhlas)

Well I have to force myself since I will be taking similar subject for the next semester and the next semester and the next entire life.

Since there is only one paper left and I will be coming back home 3 days more, I can’t stop thinking what I am going to do for my holidayyyyyyyy. My hair looks very horrible. Split-ends, my upper hair is turning into black, imagined how I look like with my upper hair is black while the bottom of my hair is bright brown? I look like cat fur. Even my sister said “geli gler rambut kooo dr jauh nampak cam kerinting”. I’m running out of my pimples cream. Oh my life is so rely on it. Eye-bag is my new bff. Craving for a good food ya allah dah muak v3 food. Things to do straight away when I get home:
*I need to dye my color with dark brown.
*Cut –off those freakin split ends.
*New wardrobe make-over? Haha
*A good beauty rest.
*Eat eat eat.
*Outing and dating haha!
*A trip to bali!

I can’t believe the next big thing is I will be a 1st year 2nd semester student? How time flies so fast people. How I wish time will be slower so I can fix things. Any time machine people? Puh-lease la did anyone here know Mr Doremon? I desperately need that thing.

Friday, November 7, 2008

study is my new bff!

today is saturday. waaaa takotnyer my first paper will be on wednesday and waittt i have like 3 days to go? OH NOOOOOOO i'm shivering, my feets are getting cold and oh i'm gasping for air....i can't breathe help me! Oh yeah I know I might sound a little bit exaggerating here, oh it is too much? Indeed, the final is scaring me to death.

Well, I just went back from utp yesterday just for the sake to take my oil and gas test that required 50% from the course marks? What the fish. The test just had 25 questions and it takes like 50% from the marks, does it made sense? Mcm tak adil la kan soalan ciput but the marks take a whole lot more than the final paper marks. Oh mengapa? Katakanlaaaaaaaaaaa.

This time around, I’m having my study week at home for the first time ever compared to my previous semesters. It is much better in some aspects. The food is better, the environment is way comfortable, no need to worry about laundry and I always have my family to support me! So it is quite a stress-free zone. But it still have some drawbacks. I'm missing my cliques to study together and a place or person to ask whenever I’m having problem with #*&^%$@ structured programming yg sungguh kejamm!

okie back to the story i should tell earlier.
It was very early in the morning, I woke up. The test was on 9.45, so mmg kene gerak dari Kl ke UTP like sangat sangat awal. Like fieza said “sapa lambat anak kambeng!”. Gosh, it turned out to be me, I was the late-comer! It was quite suprising as well as flattered to see other friends woke up very early just for the sake of sending me to utp. Wow terima kaseh kawan2! It shows how determined u guys are. Sara lg la pukol 5.30 dah ada kat mcd. But it did not surprised me at all because Sara is like the most punctual person ever I’ve evr met! The secret recipe? Set your watch to be always 5 to 10 minutes earlier. Taraaaaaaaaaaaaa now u can become the sensational Che Sarah! Haha kiddin.

Disebabkan bergerak sangat awl, kami tidak la berkesempatan nak bersarapan. Adala seorang minah tu kecoh je lapar lapar lapar.
All of sudden, jeng jeng jeng they found a tomato at back of my car!!!!!
Hahahahahahahaha huheuheuehueheue huahuahuahauhaua
how on earth there was tomato at my car? Gler mencurigakan.

Fieza said “tahula kteorg lapar tapi tak kan laa kteorg nak makan sebijik tomato je?”
Very very funny incident. A tomato inside the kuda merah car?
don't blame me, ask my mother.

Finally, we managed to arrived at utp before the test started.
Proudly to show around the fantastic environment of utp to my non-utp friends, fieza n illi. then, having breakfast at v3, took the oil and gas test, fieza semangat nak jumpe rakan sekolah dulu, went to uitm to meet our bff kyrie, having lunch at tg corner, borak n gelak mcm kedai makan tu mcm bapak kiteorg punye and send back kyrie to uitm.
finally, we decided it was time to go back to kl already after having a whole lot of fun in our very first roadtrip to utp on the study week? boleh laa.

a tomato inside my car? very funny.

lost n found. tomato!

oh my kungfu panda, my loyal companion.

budak kacamata hehe. thanks babeyh!

thanks illi for taking over the job as the pilot. too tired to drive back, you are my life-savior!

the wonderful utp, tronoh

uitm, bandar sri iskandar.

ketakutan, seram sejuk, perut kecut,
oh hanya final exam bole buat aku rasa sebegini.
study week is almost over, hello the scary final exam!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

hye i'm Tijah the maid.

Study week has already started. Oh yes I am already entering the stress-zone of mine but I will try my best to minimize my stress as much as I can. One of it is blogging because when I can’t read those textbooks anymore at one point, i will grab my laptop and express everything at my blog. Few minutes later, I will be back on track again (reading and studying again). Now, I take a break from just finished chapter 1 Management Organizational Behavior Subject. Okie la kire ade la tu progress! You know I am a very very slow learner, so it will take like almost forever for me to finish studying haha!

Before the study week started, there were so much interesting things happened in my daily-life. I have just graduated from utp!! It means I can get a job now? Ye la tu keje kat petronas petrol pam je la nampaknyerr. It called foundation graduation. I had completed 2 semester of foundation at UTP, that’s all nothing more than that. I cannot use the certificate to apply my dream job. I have to wait another 3 years to finally having a real graduation. I felt honored to be on the chancellor hall stage (first time kot, nak tunggu deanlist x tahu la bler kan). Tuan Rektor gave the certificate to the students, and I heard a crowd cheered for me. (adela bape kerat hehe not famous as other people). The funny part was some of my frens changed their name with other people’s name when they were on stage to obtain the certificate. Lain nama, lain orang. You guys successfully fooled other people kan? Sumeorg tercengang.

Too sad there were not many pictures taken because most of us went back early not even have the change to wait till the refreshment (makan free) dangggggg!
Dup dap dup dap then there was the credited co-q day on Saturday. I joined the drama and theatre, yeah imagined I have to act on the stage? (pelakon paling kaku di dunia). Our group had been chosen to perform on the co-q day eventho we did not want to, but Mr Razali said we can get bonus marks? (4 flat babeyh! as if) .

Everything was unexpected.
The introduction slide cannot appear on the stage, people cannot hear our voice credited to the stupid microphone at MPH, lack of one member due to circumstances that we cannot avoid for god sake and thank god our female friend last minutes willingly to take the character of laki gatal miang , she has to memorize the script a night before the performance, and we did not know how to enter the backstage haha! Finishing the embarrassing moment, there was a huge crowd!
In the end, we did what the best for us and we had fun on the stage! ( walaupun ditolak, ditampar dan diseret sebagai watak Tijah the maid)
how about a round of applause and standing ovation to my group members:
  • sara
  • jufri
  • fatul
  • aza
  • mitchy
  • ain
  • iylia
  • vusi
  • haziq

    Hopefully the Techies Family Day will be bombastic and the awesome family day ever at utp! Apologizing for not being able to be there at Teluk Batik, (want to but cannot). I have to go back to home. Share the pictures and stories guysss!


Monday, October 27, 2008

hari ini dalam sejarah.

Bukan la untuk berbangga dengan diri sendiri mahupun membesar-besarkan cerita yg remeh-temeh ni, tapi hanya niat untuk bercerita. haha sngt poyo! sebelum nie, ramai yg mempertikaikan sikap berdikari ella, lebih-lebih lagi mummy dan kakak aku, emma. suka sngt ckp ella spoilt brat, anak bongsu ngada-ngada. malah, kawan-kawan pun slalu ckp " ella naik bus? tipu laaaaa". jgn salah sangka ella x kecik hati pun, most of the statement could be true. even i said it to myself.

jeng jeng jeng, the last friday, i had proven to myself, family, friends and even to the world dat who said a girl with a name Zuhaila Elma never take a bus from utp to kl? indeed, yes i did! (wuuuuuhuu in ur face! eat ur heart out!)

i know some of you might said" ek elee poyo naik bus pun nak kecoh!". well, it could a be a big deal for me. sebenarnyer, mmg dr foundation 1st sem nak naik bus cuma tak ada kesempatan je. seronok juge pengalaman naik bus lebih lebih lagi bersama teman-teman yg kelakarr. pengalaman yg seronok tu ada la sikit dicacatkan oleh kakak yg jaga tiket stesen bus tu yg agak garang dan mungkin ada rasa perasaan tidak puas hati kat sumer student yg naik bus.

"ada pulak kaki nak naik bus sendiri"
"suka la tu x dpt naik bus buruk(bas express kesatuan)"
"pakcik, jgn layan budak nie"
kata-kata pedih dari kakak yg mungkin rasa diri dier sngt bagus.

kekadang x paham kan manusia nie? mungkin dier ada masalah dalaman atau masalah keluarga sampai terbawa-bawa ke tempat kerja. okie perjalanan di bus diteruskan. bas mmg bergerak perlahan kan? adala seorg foreigner depan kteorg nie dr mula dier naik bas sampai la dier turun bus, bercakap on the phone jeeee. x penah nak senyap-senyap ketok kang. haha padahalnyer, ella dan teman saya lg la gelak terguling2 sepanjang perjalanan. tak tidur langsung. cubalah letak ella dan teman bus saya, sara kat hutan belukar atau gurun atau ceruk dunia mana pun, kteorg akan masih bercakap bercakap bercakap non-stop. trust me, lenguh mulut.

akhirnya, saya dan teman-teman sampai di kl sentral. itulah pengalaman pertama naik bus dr utp ke kl. tak ada apa pun nak diceritakan, cuma nak berbangga dgn diri sendiri di blog sendiri jeee. lagipun siapala nak baca blog ella nie. so suka hati akula nak tulis apa hahaha!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

happy ageing!

since this is my own blog and I can do whatever I want without asking people permission, I want to shout out kuat kuat jerik pekik melalak (if only people can listen thru blog, as if)

happy birthday to the person I love the most in my whole life since I was born, my wonderful mummy!

27th october 2008

You have been the strongest mother after all our family had been the ups and down of life, you always been the mother that we all hope for, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Even though I cannot afford to buy you all the expensive handbags you like, all I can give u for the gift is kasih saying yg tak terhinggaaa dan selalu balik rumah almost every weekend as u asked for to spend time only with you, your highness haha!
Instead of not getting handbags(abah dan bagi kan?) but the gift as I said above, see you will have the gift for the whole year and entire life without any limitation(it is like the credit card with no limit!) The best birthday present ever kan mummy tercinta?
Love you mum love you ibu love you mummy!

a totally goofball with them!

a wonderful weekend with family n friends before starting my stress-zone(study week).

a whole 5 hours chit-chat with my sister emma at kopitiam.

a suprise birthday celebration in advance for my mom at chilis, klcc.

deepavali dance with my niece, cik puteri yg raja lawak.

a night with crazy people, my friends!

thanks thanks thanks!

manusia manusia paling bising di dunia. jerit-pekik di open house kyrie!

Friday, October 24, 2008

raya di perantauan.

berlalulah sudah Ramadan sebulan perpuasa tiba syawal kita rayakan dgn rasa gembiraaa”.
I hope I sing it with the right lyric, is it? I’ve been singing the same hari raya song since I was small but still I cannot managed to sing the whole song with the right lyric. Main hentam je kann?

hari raya is the day where the whole family will gather around and eating ketupat rendang together(almost everyday!) and sharing loads of stories from the whole year we did not met each other and sharing money too right? that is the best part to be remember but this time around, it is more meaningful than ever!

my brother is working at United States, at first, we were so hoping he will come back for the hari raya since we did not have a chance to meet him for already 3months. rinduuuu kot abg eddy tersayanggg. unfortunately, he would not be able to come bacck home due to loads of networking area need to be covered, sum sort like dat laaa keje engineer. however, the good news was since he was not able to come back malaysia, tadaaaaaa we decided we were going thereeeee to US wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
(ada hikmah di sebalik batu kan?)

seronokkkk raya di perantauan korangg. early in the morning, we dressed baju kurung and try to look as pretty as possible like most of other people would do too in the hari raya, then we bersalam-salaman and mintak maaf. then we snapped snapped berposing2 maut as usual at outside the apartment. it was early in the morning imagined with all baju kurung and bajumelayu at the garden, all the matsalleh were like"hmmm what are they actually trying to do?". it was so hard to see Malays thereeeee at Rhode Island, US. even most of them thought we are from Philipinnes. duhhhhhhh Malaysia okie?

there was this one very funny storyyy. there was this one tour guide my brother met at the Niagra Falls we went to,

he asked"where are u guys from?"
my bro said" we are from Malaysia, do u know where is it?"
he said" ohhhhh yes i know it is very nice place. it is near to spain right?"

hahahahahaha what the fish to spain? mmg sah x lepas geografi kan ngokngek wat maluu jee.
honestly to said, matsalleh some of them agak bongok kot coz they just know about the country they be living in only, they do not know much about what happen outside US. but not all laaaa, some of them are very friendly and fun to talk to. the funny is bler nampak black nigger je mesti ckp "ish paktam nieee". we scared to call them negro bcoz it is very very sensitive to them, but they are very rude some of them trusttt me espcially on the road. sakit hati jugakkk.

okie back to the hari raya story, after berposing maut we decided to perform sembahyang raya. since the mosque was not that big regarding to the community of muslim was just narrow down to pak arab,there had 3 times session for sembahyang raya. nevertheless, we all managed to fullfill it. after dat we went back tuka baju and went straight for shopping time! supposingly, in hari raya we get more money from duit raya. reversingly, there was more outflow than inflow money pocket haha.

but overall raya at US was so wonderful, delighful, memorable, joyful and suprisingly lawakful! hahahahahaha these are some nice pictures to shareeeee.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

first time ever in my blog.

I’ve been reading people's blog lately and wink wink i can sense the lovey-dovey mood is in the air! What makes people to blog is to express what their feels inside they heart and yes when you are happy, you tend to speak and write and the most technology way- blogging! One thing about me, well it could be a bad news for the blog-readers and blog-stalkers, I am so not good at expressing what I felt towards people that I love. I even have problem to say I love u to my mom n dad these days as we grew up, we tend to be kononnyer matured, and we don’t said I love you anymore?Remember those days whenever before I went to bed, I kissed my mom and dad on the cheeks and saying “good night mummy n abah! Sayangg mamy n abah”. But now I failed to do so even to say the 3 strong words on the phone.
So if I am having such a problem like dat , what on earth I am going to tell to my blog?
I am happily jumping to read suhaili’s blog. To actually tell the whole world, it is such honesty! Well it takes a person to do that. Since I’ve not mentioned anything about “love” in my so-called-personal-blog, should I tell?
Love is very strong word. If you asked my friends around, it is the topic I refuse to talk. Well to think back when we were in highschool, sumer pun cinta monyet kan? Bler fikir balik pun, comel pulak bercinta dulu. Well it is good to see that we are all still friends in the end because we know we did not even know what the lovers actually do, they trust each other right?
Well how to say it in the most right word? I want to be the closest person to him, but definitely I don’t want any relationship or any tense situation I have to be committed to. But I want to spend time and being able to tell everything to him. Is dat possible? it is just I’ve been wonderin is he having someone else who is special to him? Is it I have the right to ask him? I dun not want to ruin what we have now by asking silly question do u have someone special? If he does, well I understand but the situation could be awkward after dat. If he don’t, I could be smiling all the way but the big questions is “is he feels the same way?”.
Actually I am a person who not that bothers about the love big thing. I know I have experienced one yes we all do. LOVE is the most nicest feeling that we felt like puh-lease dun go away from our feeling. yes u smiled for no reason tu mmg sciencetifically proven haha! you can't stop thinkin about the particular person even when you were doing private business project haha merepek je. tu la definition for angauing. however, it takes a person to actually build the strong and wonderful relationship. I know I am the one who not ready yet and I do not find the “one” yet also. Having friends talking about their bf could be the reason I like this guy, but I want to have a companion who I really like not for the sake I have to have one for the time being. So I know it takes time, but one step a time.

As suhaili said in the blog, when we search for a person, we are tired and lost desire for love. When we not search for the person, the love will comes eventually. So I will stick with this statement. I will wait.

having supportive family and wonderful girlfriends and boyfriends
make me forget for not having him. thanks sayangness!

Monday, October 20, 2008

apa kata survey!

Lima Perkara Buruk Time Sekolah ?
1) ella dulu selalu sngt ponteng skola. kalau tengok buku register kedatangan pelajar,
ella plng banyak bulat bulat berbanding tick-tick. guru kelas amat benci ella kerana
tak pernah nak bagi surat tak dtg sekolah haha. selalu je perli kan cikgu?
"dah slalu x dtg skola, pandai2 la wat surat betul tak Zuhaila?"
waaaa pedas tu cikgu.
2) ella dulu selalu dtg lambat ke skola. ye la dulu skola pukol 7 dah kene ada kat
perhimpunan. paham paham la bangun pun 6.30 nak breakfast lagi kan. lepas dah breakfast,
perut mulala memulas-mulas sbb x biasa mkn pagi. proses membuang di bilik air dah memakan
masa beberapa minit. tup tap tup tap tgk laaa dah lambat deyh.
sampai je pintu pagar skola, kene amik nama.
pengawas dah bosan " laa muka si Zuhaila nie lagi".
3) pernah kene baling kapur. antara sebab yg tidak munasabah kene baling kapur ngan
cikgu. ada ke patut kawan yg sedang rancak becerita, yg ella nie sedang la semangat mendengar.
bler si kawan nie wat lawak, kter pun gelak la. time tu tgh belajar geografi, cikgu cina
tu baling kapur tepat kene kat ella pulak tu. maluuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
4) cakap sepanjang masa dari masuk pintu skola pukol 7.30pagi sampai keluar pintu
sekolah pukol 1ptg.
5) tiru keje kawan adat biasa la kan betul tak kawan kawan?
Tiga fav subjek and why ?
addmath- suka yg amat sngt sngt n slalu dpt A.
english- suka jugak la n slalu dpt A.
geografi- best wooo blaja peta, pastu mesti kaler2 peta tu n slalu jugak dpt A.
Tiga subjek yang tidak digemari and why ?
(jangan nanyer mmg tak suka dan lemah sngt subjek ni)
Yang menarik tentang kamu ?
nothing special about me. well you defined urself how interesting i am?
Yang paling disukai ?
family and friends.
I can't live without?
oxygen, water and food.
thanks fatul for tagging me this such wonderful survey. it reminds me how funny our memories in schoolhood haha! sungguh nakal time sekolah dulu mmg otai betul.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

hello my sexaay bloggers!

hello my sexaayy bloggers! haha the title sounds a lil bit horny. u know i'd been influenced by the way paris hilton talked in her new reality program "my new bff". the show is unexpectly hilarious! i laughed terguling-guling to see there is this one half-boy half-girl chinese who dressed and talked exactly like paris hilton. (he is a guy who wants to be a girl) the show is about paris hilton is actually searching for her new bestfriend( since nicole richie is having a wonderful life with her bf and daughter harlow) to join her in the socialite party and whatsoever. how lame it is to find a bff in the reality show? everything will be so fake. but i am enjoyin the show! sadly, the show is not air in MTV malaysia yet.

i've been living a life without my gedabak laptop and my kuda-merah car for a week already.
pheewittt i'm a sole survivor! all i depends on is my handphone. definetly losing the air that i breathe when not having a laptop and a car but when i think back, it turned out to be alritey.
well to overcome the empty daily-life,
i talked to myself, sleeping alot and i had my longest journey around utp by my own feet.( yes walking uh-uh no car involved)

yesterday, just obtained my laptop yeahhhhhhhh wuhuuuuuuu hands up in the air like u just don'care come on lets partayyyy! seronok sngt dpt laptop kene ada candlelite dinner date ngan laptop gedabak-ku.
however, my kuda-merah car is still missing me at my home. rinduuuu la baby sexayy car. don't worry next week i'm going to give a big hugs n kisses.

so, i'm backkkkk for blogging!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


hello peeps oh i love youuuuuu anyone who is reading my blog because it is either u show some love yawwwwww or u r just a plain stalker? haha no la i appreciated it a lot if u reading mine cz don't worry i might read yours too. today is wednesday and i'm listening to 7 things by miley cyrus. i'm obssesed with this song and i kept listening to it more than 10 times a day!!

in a car, 7 things. in toilet, 7 things. in class, 7 things.

everywhere and everytime the song is stuck on my head! (dan juga lagu celcom yg "because is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee".) yeeah i know the song is more for the kids who are still have a crush on backstreet boys or nysnc ke( well i still do now-boybands rocks my sandall!) entah la kenapa lagu 7 THINGS konon nyer hebat bagi ella. because the lyrics? partially.

oh yesterday i went for MOB lecture. (management organizational behaviour). the subject is so cool even the lecturer Mr Allen is a way coolerrrrrrrr and he often said "is it cool right?"

uh-uh tronoh is super-duper hot.( sounds like someone blog kan kan?) . the lecturer is from canada but he's been staying here more than 10 years already and married to malaysian. he was pretty adapt to the culture in Malaysia and he is indeed a very very nice person.

talking about last lecture, we have learnt about MASLOW'S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS.

interesting bukan kawan-kawan?
PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDS- first thing popped out my mind is foodddddd. when we hungry, we eat. when we eat, we full erkkkk kenyang. when we kenyang, we feel good. when we feel good, we happy! like people always said we are what we eat. i am more to "hidup untuk makan".
terok bukan? yes i am very super-skinny but my desire for food is so big even the big-mac looks like a piece of kuaci. (amboi amboi tu melampau).

there was dis one time a chinese sales girl asked "ish ish manyak kurus la x makan ke?"

i was okie with whatsoever she said(dah imune) but then my mom was pissed-off.

my mom replied" if x makan, mati laaa".

gulp, tertelan air liur salesgirl tu.( dier agak berbadan besar)

i have a huge apetite so if u r asking for a date, bw la tempat-tempat yg sedap n murah. i don't like fancy restaurant, maple cukupp.

SAFETY NEEDS- It is about security and proctection. talking about security, ingat pulak pakcik-makcik guard UTP yg suke sngt saman kete kuda-merah ella. they summoned me twice already and psst pstt i have not pay any single reciept yet. first when i was still in foundation 1st sem and the second one was during this sem for parking at the yellow box at v3. blame v3 for having less space to park. kene park kat tepi2 tu mcm nak gi kenduri kawen lak. hehehe can i wait to pay the summon till i graduated? terok betol ella nie. the reason they did maybe because to make us feel safe n proctected ye ke? but pakcik makcik guard are still my unsung heroes!

without them, we don't have all the safety needs in utp.

SOCIAL NEEDS- Okis this is the most interesting part for everyone. we desprately need this one. if not, we will be living in despair. living in the another side of world. lost in crowd. oh i can't imagined for not having friends at all. eventho i don't have too many friends since i'm not the loveable type that everyone wnats to make friends with, atleast we need to rely on some people to cope with life.

ella nie sebenarnyer ramai orang x suke which i dunno why, cuma takot kene tikam belakang je sbb dah selalu sngt kenee. L.O.V.E is a very strong word. yes we need to be loved and has the sense of belonging. hope you yes you will understand what i want alrite?

ESTEEM NEED- i have a very low low of self-esteem trust me i don't lie. i dont like to walk in the middle of cafe when all the head turned on you. but the fact is i am so not the head-turner like other pretty girlss. i don't like to seek for attention.

if i dressed nicely or slightly konon2 dress-to-kill la to go out to the malls or any special events,

i nagged. " uishh x suka la pakai baju nie, nampak pelik nanti org tengok je"

my bro replied" ko nie ella perasan org tgk ko jeeee, xde eh"

i said" bukan tu la ngok, x suka seek for attention"

to make things even difficult, having a super-hot sister. don't get it wrong, i love my sisterrrrrrr.
she is the only one who understand how weird i am as a person. she's pretty, she's intelligent one in the family(9a's for spm), she's nice person( slalu nyer menang award for loveable person) and she even look younger than me hehe. she is everything i am not.
when people start to compare, well self-esteem turun dgn mendadak laaaa. masalahnyer emma nie pon having the same problem jugak- super low self esteem!

it could be the genetics kot.

SELF-ACTUALISATION. this is something to do inside your soul. Mr Allen said it is a feeling that comes when we reach the certain level to become the best possible person u can be. okie this is i don't understand what-the fish he was talking bout. it could be the reason at that time it was already 6.00pm (bazaar dah menunguuuu) or it could be i do not achieved the self-actualisation yet? yes i agreed.

it was fun to learn MOB espcially when you were tired of seeing the numbers calculation or the codes we have to program, learning MOB is one life-therapy that helps you to cool-down ur stress u had for learning other the difficult subjects. kepada budak engineering utp, amik la subject nie if u have lack of credit hours. i bet braniac people like u guys don't have a problem scoring on MOB!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

alangkah gembira hidup ini.

alangkah gembira hidup ini,
if people don't fake and try to be honest in everything they do,
so we know the truth and we'll not be living in a lie.

alangkah gembira hidup ini,
if people are who they are in front of your eyes,
so we know they did not talk bad things about you behind ur back.

alangkah gembira hidup ini,
if all the good things do not comes to an end,
so we don't give high hopes.

alangkah gembira hidup ini,
if all people have a big heart and all the kindness in the world,
so we can learn to forgive and forget.

alangkah gembira hidup ini,
if people can give a seconce chance,
so i can learn to care and to be cared.

alangkah gembira hidup ini,
if i stop being such a emo and nagging about life,
so i can live life to the fullest!
chaiyok chaiyok!

Friday, September 12, 2008

telling what to who.

whenever i was happy, i told that person.
whenever i was sad, i told that person.
whenever i was scared, i told that person.
whenever i was hungry, i told dat person.
i told the particular person everything... but i did not tell what it feels inside my heart.

how i wish i could tell everything to the another particular person but the another particular person is just not there when i need one. however,if i don't have that person or the another particular person will never be that person i hope for, i still have the blog to tell. hehehehe

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

10 TIMES mum does know best!

my mum is not always right when it comes to pick the clothes that looks like a girl wearing a 40-years old woman blouse or sometimes my mum pointed a wrong guy as your bf or future husband ang go saying he's cute but the fact is he is so notttttt. my mum does not know anthing bout my assignments but she did know my cgpa and she's pretty satisfied with my last sem result. BUT THERE IS SOMETHING MY MUM IS SO RIGHT ABOUT...........WHICH ARE

1)BAD BOYS ARE BAD when your mum says this, believe her. she's been around the male species way longer than you- so she's a bit more of an expert with how they work. We won't deny there is something hugely appealing about a bad boy.( chuck bass i'm meltinggg) but if a guy is going to lead you astray, then he's not worth the time, effort or trouble. there is this particular guy my mum recently said "dier budak baik la but if bole kawan je la ye" hahaha ye ye mummy risau jee.

-my mom said.

2) THE PEOPLE WHO ARE YOUR FRIENDS NOW, MIGHT NOT BE LATER Friends will come and go throughout your life, so just coz you may have had a fight with someone in your group doesn't mean it's the end of the world as you know it.

- my mom said.

(well for me friends are forever, boys are whatever! but in certain cases, i get annoyed too with friends.)

3) SCHOOL'S IMPORTANT i've been hearing this since i was just 5 minutes born kot. u have to get good grades if not bla bla blaa. well everymom do that rite? if you're acing recess, but failing everything else, it might be time to get your act together when it comes to school. the things you're learning now will teach you skills and habits that you're going to need later on life.

-my mom said.

4) IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD Whether you've had your heart broken(oh yesss!), got a bad marks, or have a pimple the size of the squash ball on your cheek(bongok la jerawat niee), the important to remember is that it's going to be okay. it may seem like a big deal at the time, but it will really pass.

-my mom said.

5) ABOUT THE DREAM SON-IN-LAW Hearing your mum utter anything related to "nanti mamy nak menantu anak dato ke, if bole baik la hormat org2 tua, mamy xsuke sngt org dr negeri *tut tut*, family background mesti org baik2 n so onnn...." may make me want to reach the nearest bucket to hide wahai mamy sayang i'm still 19 lambat lagi kot nak pikir psl kahwin, but the above warning is quite true. my mom always said nowadays it is hard to find a guy who really cares about only youu not looking after other thing. most often if he's too good to be true, then you may have to start questioning why. YAY if it's cz he's crazy about you, NOT SO YAY if it's coz he's just after one thing.

-my mom said.

6)YOU'RE SPECIAL Whilst it may seem like your mum is kinda obligated to say this as it would break some kind of parenting law if she didn't. it is true. my mom loves me unconditionally, is always there for me, and believe in me, 100 percent!!!

-my mom said.


sorry i don't call you back whenever i don't pick up your calls when i was in class. eventho u like to membebel(ella pun suke membebel), ur membebel is the one makes me a better person in the world!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

random favourite.

12.17 am.
at home.
listening to 7 things by miley cyrus.(i know i'm 5 years old girl at heart, i'm pretty like dis song)

hello worldddddd. how are you my super-darling bloggers and blog-readers and blog-stalkers(well i used to be). i am fasting so i could not care less about my hobby which is eating food, so the next best thing is to blog. blog je kejee kan? padahal before this i never had a diary to write for. now i have one, my public diary! sometimes i feel embarassed jugak to let someone i dun know to read about me esp whenever i wrote something more personal. but lantak pi apa aku heran haha! btw, this time around, i am going to blog what i like as my most favourite thing.
  1. fav thing to do when i went back home
  2. fav companion
  3. fav poetry
  4. fav phrase
  5. fav song
currently. i've been watching lots of cartoon with my brother and sister and suprisingly my mom? espcially when i went back home. one of my favourite for the time being are
  1. TOM AND JERRY-cartoon yg paling lawak sekali dalam dunia, the sponge bob comes in da 2nd place. i think jerry is a way nakal than the tom. jerry always had those evil plan to kick the tom bad ass haha! suka tgk muka tom yg senyum lebar bler nak kenakan si jerry tu, tp tgk tgk tom tu yg kene balik kecian. i nvr heard their voice kan? they only chase around to kill each other with the music background. i'm a tom n jerry big fan!
  2. THE SIMPSONS-no doubt bout simpsons is the coolest and wackiest family ever. they are yellow super-cool human! eventho homer could be the stupiest person ever and tahu nak minum duff beer dier je, if u really see da series, he is actually a good father, well he gives an effort.( minus when he choke his son, bart) marge simspons has the coolest hair-do.i only wait for paris hilton or kate moss to do the marge simpsons hair-do, sure it will be the next it-hairstyle and marge simspson is the trendsetter.

best woo layan cartoon. my heart is pouding happily to watch any cartoon. as i said before, i'm a 5 years old girl at heart. that is why i've been complaint before i'm not matured enuff. soory i like being kids who does not? owhh ada kot. whenever erina is around, bole layan tom tom bak!

did u guys know i'm totally in love..........with po from kungfu panda!! he is so adorable and the most cutest less-bulu panda i've ever seeenn!!!!! i have him as my companion in my kuda merah car. anytime u pass by my car, u shud go look for my kungfupanda sticking on the mirror. comelll haiyakkk! (soon to be upload the picture of kungfu panda.....tunggu)

this is one of the poetry i have falling all over again and again and again. i guess u guys are familiar with dis one from the movie acted by in the loving memory of heath ledger. yeahh the poem do mean sumthing to me and for someone who use to meant something. shhhh. the last part of it- i adore.

i hate the way you talk to me,

and the way you cut your hair.

I hate the way you drive my car,

I hate it when you stare.

I hate your big dumb combat boots and the way you read my mind.

I hate you so much it makes me sick,it even makes me rhyme.

I hate the way you're always right,

I hate it when you lie.

I hate it when you make me laugh,even worse when you make me cry.

I hate it when you're not around, and the fact that you didn't call.

But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you,

not even close…not even a little bit… not even at all.

comel kan poem dier? suka suka!

"you are my part-time lover and a full time friend"

phrase from the movie juno.

last but not least, da song you are listening right now is one of my all-time favourite song instead of sempurna by andra and the backbones. the song is wondefully magical!! i know it is kind of the guy song but i can't stop listening to it, it is stuck on my head 24 hours! okie tipula la tu 24 hoursss.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

circle of friends, circle of life.

now i have just realized i did not mentioned at all about the coolest and funniest people around to hang out with. people i have known for almost five years and we have been through a lot as a friend. dari zaman bodo bodo yg suke pakai pink from head to toe then jalan 7 orang ramai-ramai kat foodcourt midval, zaman ponteng sekolah and kutuk setiap manusia yg lalu depan kteorg. we had a funny nickname almost for every single person at the school. pakcik canteen pun bole jadi bahan. the 4 of us are not among the favourite at the school where we always had a fight with other students and even the teachers said we are among the "wanted" one. ape ingat kteorg angelina jolie ke?

there is this one group of guy where we always had a fight with. kat tusyen je mesti kene ejek ngan dieorg macam-macam nama keluar. the funny thing is now they are our lepak-lepak friends. did you guys imagined how hatred our feelings towards them, we actually planned to use the "hari raya fireworks" to bom this particular guy's house at night. okie it is just a plan alrite?
however we were actually very determined to implement the plan but then we still have the good brain to re-think we were not the terrorist type?

the most interesting subject when we were in highschool was agama islam because the uztaz was so one of a kind as well as garang sngt sngt. He always gave this one particular fierce look exactly like the
tyra banks-fierce-look for the photoshoot.(okie merepek)
handphone besar mcm public phone and he carried the james bond briefcase around anywhere. there was one time, i tried to take out my retainer from my teeth at the class, my friends were laughing at me and then he assumed i was talking to my friends. he came straight to our table.
"tujuk tangan" he said then dier ambi pembaris teros ketok tangan ella.
ouchhhhhhhhhh sakit. nevertheless, i dont care about the pain, the public humilation was like the social-suicide!!!! malu glerrrrr kot dah la ada my cute-crush infront of me, blush blush. after dat, my friends were so pissed -off at the uztaz and they tried to explain what was actually happened. 7 people stood up for me terharuuuu sampai uztaz tu said soorry to me. haha.

they are the one who make me laugh untill my stomache hurts, and people at the maple will like"dieorg nie dtg dari mana? orang kampung mana nie dtg kl? haha. wey ala rindu korgggggg i want the "brotherhood" to stay together forever. imagined how crazy we are, we call each other with a guy's name. fieza said kter nie sebenarnyer lelaki for no particular reason kan?

sorry guys for not mentioned anything bout you guys at my blog untill fieza said
"tahula ada blog sampai nama kiteorg langsung tak adaa".

FIEZA the crazy wacky one, KYRIE the artistic hippy one AND ILLI the wild outgoing yet sweet one- THEY ARE MY PARTNERS IN CRIME.

So when is our next date?
foosball, karaoke, wayang "3D", sesat 7 daerah, maple, roadtrip yg x penah jadik, main layang-layang kat kepong, ice-skating, paling cikai pun lepak dlm kete kakak aku depan umah kyrie?
hahahahha i miss the stupid things we always do.

i love u all to bits!

cut out the emo geek.

at this one point of life, i know my ugliest weakness. the imperfection. the flaws. the negative part of me.

"ella ialah seeorang yg bercakap kasar dan suka menyakitkan hati orang lain tanpa disedari dan langsung tidak mempunyai niat jahat kepada orang itu."

it is just i've been so honest what i felt inside and i made a fool statemenet towards to people i love. many phases of life, many people had turned against me. i'm a teribble friend, sister, daughter and a person. in the process of changing. i will insyallah. so do the others, we all try to change to a better person as nobody is perfect. don't blame other people for what had happened. yes, thing happened for a reason.


okie emo is so not my thing. i've been acted strange lately. where is the bubbly, perangai kebudak-budakan, like-to-laugh-so-loud, cakap kuat, happy go lucky ella? where did she hide? bring me the old ella hahaha. okie xnak jiwang jiwang karat dah, may sebab period kot haha.

happy 19th wonderful birthday iylia roslan!!!

31th august 2008 , the awesome roomate you are.


i want to sing u birthday song, a special one dedicated to you (ehem ehem try to use the mariah carey voice...lalala)

happy burpday to you, burpppppppppppp

happy burpday to you, burppppppppp

happy burpday to I-Y-L-I-A


(kenyang selepas berbuka puasa)

sorry for wishing u late in my blog and also apologize for not being able to celebrate on the birthday day and the present might be late because i've been busy went back to kl try to settle things down about you knowww kan? if u read this, someone got a present from the secret admirer who gave things but do-not-bother to write his own name. aiyayaya love can be very complicated haha. sygla roomate-ku! (phrase terbaik dis sem kan iylia?)



Saturday, August 30, 2008

it's my fault.

so sorry for the last blog i'd posted which i have already deleted it.
it might sounds harsh but i did not meant anything.
it is just that i got carried away with the emotion that i shud not have.
friendship is falling apart, no i don't want at all.
one thing, people always turn against me because ella jenis yg cakap lepas n kasar?
eventho i did not meant what i said.

p.s: abis la lepas nie my blog is not private anymore kan emma n aman?
everything that i blogged from now onwards will be kecoh kecoh satu rumah.
inilah melodi or e-news baru korg. huahuahuahua.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

convofair + convosquare = fair & square!

convofair + convosquare = fair & square!

convofair is the name of the event.
convosquare is the place of the event.
i dunno where the heck the fair & square come from.

okie can u please ignore the tittle? it doesn't make sense at all, it is just a stupid joke dat makes people think "what the hell is she thinking"?haha. okie the clock strikes 9.21, i'm having a computer organization test tomorrw, there is nasi ayam ayamas tapau on the table, messy lecture notes all over the room, and i am blogging for god sake? haha ella oh ella ko nie blogging at the wrong time. but i really do want to blog rite NOW. i am dying to blog rite nowww. puh-lease can u let me? omg it sounds so poyo.
today is the last day of convofair and i am pretty sure M.NASIR is performing right now. i hesitated to go due to the upcoming tests and assignment. however, the heart say" nak pegi nak pegi" but the brain say "weyh ko test esok kan". so, i follow what the "more intelligent" part of body-so uh-uh not going. sorry m.nasir!

nie hahh nak habaq mai makcik/pakcik sumer,

finally, i did the kayaking!


A word when u change the order of the letter, u still get the same word. okie i know it is way out of the topic. but heyy ella the-so-called boring person was finally did something different in her life. At first, my friend (thank u so much for accompany me!) and i went down to the v4 field to try the archery. futhermore, iylia my roomate was there as she was one of the comittee convofair to help the archery booth.(who know we might play for free ke....but sadly no) goshhh it was so hott we both sweat likee people who just take their shower-all wet wet. there were not many people there but we had to wait for half an hour to get our turn. so we think we shud stick to the original plan-kayak.

so we arrived at the lake. it was so weird to see there is no people at all at the lake from the far. well we saw the kayak was there, where were the people? we were wonderin" ade ke tak kayak nie? ke kter je yg semangat?". kteorg dah gelak gelak dah takot xde org, thank god ada jugak org jaga kayakk. so we filled up our names, wore the safety jacket(it look so ridicilous in it bcoz it is so big) and we were all set for kayaking! abg convofair tu explain lil bit about kayak n how to use the safety jacket.

i asked him" is there any possibilities of kayak terbalik?"

he answered" insyallah"

well fineeeeee.

i sat on the front since the heavier one suppose to sit at the back. obvisiouly la kan the tough-guy dok blakang? haha sooryy! so, we row row row the boat gently down the stream merilly merilly bla blaaaa. okie it was not a boat, it was kayaking so change the lyrics a lil bit. we kayak like a pro! haha we kayak almost the whole lake la kann and there was comel pokok in the middle of the lake. the lonely-pokok.

so the experiece of kayaking was challenging and tiring and exciting! nak kayuh tu penat sket but my friends did the most part haha i buat buat penat kayuh jeeee betol tak? there is one new theory we found out, when u kayak, u will get a muscle hand! hehe. in the end, my jeans was all wettttttttt.......basah lencunn! moral of the story, do not wear jeans to kayaking.(haha merepek)

what else is interesting about the convo fair? well i give 2 thumbs up for the food. we had dunkin donut, pizzahut, a&w, ayamas, sup gearbox, ICE-BLENDED( sedap sedap credits to the ice-blender maker kan? kata nanti nak suh ella jual the next convofair haha). one more thing, we had the fish spa! menarikk but i i did not try la as i already tried it at midval.(the fishes at midval are way way bigger). Enough about the food( hidup untuk makan!). let's move on about the entertainment we had in the convofair. for the first show, we had nabil performed on stagee. did i mentioned i am a big fan of raja lawak 2? x baik punyeeeee haha. of course i was looking foward for the show. i went there but unfortunately, it rained so heavilyy. kteorg terkaandas dlm khemah for quite a time. then after an hour in the tent, we decided to go back coz it still rained. rugi seyh x dpt tgk one of my fren on the stagee haha. well i went back to study for my computer organization test. well it made sense kann?

by the time i finished this blog, the convofair was already ended. no more loud music i could hear at my room comes from the convosquare. i have to wait another year for the excitement....on that time i will be the 2nd year student already. bler dgr cam sedih laaa cz another fews year, we are the one who will actually attend the graduation day. after that, no more convofair, no more v3, no more lecture,no more dc++, no more irc, no more utp. most of all, i'll leaving my friends at utp and soon entering the more university life. a long way to go la ella!

yeah yeah dis week i'm going back to kl to see my family. rindu bangat seyhhhh!