Tuesday, December 9, 2008

my bestfriend is a guygirl.

ignore the tittle.
since my bestfriend, fahizah keep calling me i am a guy, so it reflects back to her/him that she is actually a guygirl. brotherhood for life!

u know what? i just love surprise especially when it comes to surprise birthday party in advance!
kickin the birthday girl ass off is what i've been dreamt of for all this while haha. that's what u get fieza!

happy 19th birthday in advance cik abg fahizah haha!
13th dec 2008.

happy ageing fieza!

we found a perfect birthday card for you...comes with a song tau!

just hoping the security guard did not report to the policemen.


cerra said...

hoho.bestnyaa main baling2 tepungg!
kotor habis la road tu korg buat kan.hehe.

jongangsamaella said...

mangsa kejadian selepas 3 ari dr tarikh termaktubnya tragedi ngeri ini cube mengorek kakinya tatkala dia menyangka ia adelah kudis.. rupenyer telur. bersin..bukan ijau...tp cokelat hasilnya... korek telinga... putih tepong kering dakinya.