Saturday, December 20, 2008

double S, sister vs skinny.

I give my dearest sympathy to my sister emma. Now, all of her daily life is narrowly devoted to her internship-job. Work, work and work. Chill out girl it is just an internship kan kan?
Tiring, she went out from the house around 6.30am and went back to home around 9pm.(the last one to have dinner) kecian kan?
All we got to see a tired face while I was the one at home live every day life to the fullest and come on lets partayyyyy haha! She even got jealous.
Look Face the fact I am on my holiday-break u know it so hard for utp-student to have a long break from the very isolated place. Of course, I cherish every single minutes I have now. But hey everyone will face the internship? I will be too soon but not that soon hehe.

Zuraida Elma bt Zulkefli, the one and only sister I have in the family. She is 2 years older than I am but yes I know I know la kan yadda yadda every single person on this earth or it could be from the another planet is going to say
“oh ella you look like an older sister than emma” or "eh adik lg besar dr kakak".
Hmm, I take that as a compliment.(I said it to make me feel better-not). We might look totally different. What I meant is very very different from head to toe. But the funny is some people said we are twins. I dunno where the heck that we look-alike?

(any resemblance?)

Well, it could be the fact that we are the only two in the million who are sngt kuruih. We obtained so many hurtful nicknames from we were kids actually.

Kurus kering, keding, papan, kaki kurus kene kejar anjing, skeleton, kepala besar n bdn kecil look like a lollipop, "ko x makan ke?" and many more that we did not even bothered to know.

One thing about my sister she is very good at defending herself. She even fire-back to people that teased her and yes she won without hesitation! Well it was easier for her since she is the girl who has everything, the look and the brain and some powerful influence way back in highschool. If for my case, i rather keep my mouth shut.

I just don’t get it why people kept going teased about how skinny we look. from highschool untill the university life. Did they suffer if we are skinny while they are not? Ntah la maybe people always feel insecure about themselves and that might be the reason they acted that way. How did I get my revenge? It feels good just to hit the mean people back at just looking back how the way they look. I am so sorry if you look that way.

I am no trying to be the gred A-biatch. if you are in my case, u know how cruel life can be. why can't girls just play nice? bitching, backstabbing, lying and cheating are a whole new life for girls....most of them. Competition between girls is nothing new, in fact in many situations it's considered healthy, but if the need to compete with friends see you acting like blair waldorf, this is clearly not a good thing. this form of jealousy can then lead to unnecessary form of bullying or all designed to hurt and designed to hurt and undermine other girls.
have your friend ever broken your trust and started a rumour
about you?

ntahh laa dah byk kali kene sampai i dun care anymore. the worst is the competition is just not limited to friends, it is also occurs in your own family blood. uh-uh not between me and my sister. i think you know who and another who you are. since we were small, every single aspect of life must be taken as consideration for"who is better?".
gosh, it was so unhealthy! because it is definetly ruined our relationship and it is getting worst NOW. we rarely speak each other and deleting from myspace or facebook is a common thing to do. i want to fix thing between us but it did not work out and i think it is not going to happen...for the time being. i just fell upset for our and their parents to look at their daughters acted with each other. :(

all i can say is loose the inner bitch and just play plain nice. it is time to change the streotype, girls!


cerra said...

optimistic as ever.
yes that's you =)

jongangsamaella said...

nicknames dat were sumhow related to the blog adelah.......JENGJENGJENG.....'si kepale kecik badan gedabak bulu shadow eye woi gemok...'

ella,i know u know everybody know sapekah chicks2 ini yg telah meng 'entertain' kn idop2 remaja kite.. so basically.. ignore dan troskan mengbahu my kanda!!!

fara said...

when girls meet jealousy and jaga-tepi-kain-orang, theyre evolving into bitches.
i too cn nvr deny those stereotype girls though obviously, we're gals, like them.

A-Cube said...

Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.hmm...