Thursday, October 28, 2010

What I like to do best

I'm having short break now after lunch, so I will blogging for awhile. I just have my lunch with the most awesome peoplee ever and I love u guys so much for being such a kick-ass bestiee!

Eli, Sare, Mae and also for other two who yg dah berkurun tak jumpe Iylia and Nad.

Eli and Mae are working in Petronas at KLCC while Sara is working in Mercedez Benz at Menara TM. So, every alternate friday we will catch up to see other on lunch at KL Sentral since friday is consider long lunch. And me? While suppose that PwC office is only 5 minutes walk to KL Sentral but since this bloody hell(oppsy!) engagement with Telekom that already took almost 2 months, Ive not been to office for since raya. However the good thing is I ca take a train trip with sara, yeah! Well im sucks in taking any public transport esp lrt. There was this one time I suppose to swap my touvh n go card to pass thru the gate, so I swipe laah. Then, the screen said "Kad ada kehabisan baki", something like that la. I was like wtf i just top up rm100 at atm last week ago. Then, I checked it again it swiped my identification card, IC Card. bijak tak saya?

We have a lunch at Chicken Rice Shop today. I was so hungry as well as I need to go back early as Im scared my senior will ask "why take lunch so long?". So, when my food was on the table already and the rest were still not, so I told them Im going to eat first.
Then, eli said "Eh ella asal makan guna dua sudu?". And eli ckp agak clear untill the waiter pass by and noticed I ate with two spoons. And it was so obvious he tried to cover from lauhging, kurang asam boi betol nyer waiter. Maluuuuuuuuuu. Sekali lagi, bijak tak saya?

We always updating each other relationship. As two are single, while other two are not. So, the singles were considerin master student and they came out with options of the lab insructors we used to have on our lab? Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, tidak seribu tahun pown tidak mungkin. Siap nanyer yg wangi ke yg busuk? Then, one of us said "bukan sume busuk ke?" hahahahahha kiddin je la.
On the way back on train with Sara, Ive been complaining about buncit. I hate it! So, we decided to call each other's tummy a name. Hahahahahahah. Nama dah mcm kucing! =P

Constant laughing, heart-to-heart talk and non-stop chewing food with them is so I love-lah!

Life has so much to offer.

You know every morning before I start my work, I opened The Star Online as well as Yahoo Arcticle, and I read every single things. Guess what I found few days ago in Yahoo Article. Read this! 

9 Signs you're happier than you think

Your emotional well-being isn’t just about your genes or the kind of home you were raised in. It turns out that some pretty interesting factors—backed by science—play a role in how joyful you feel:

You were a smiley student
Adults with the biggest grins in their college yearbook pictures were up to 5 times less likely to be divorced decades later than those who looked less happy, according to a new DePauw University study. A smiler’s positive disposition may attract other happy people or rub off on a spouse.

You have a sister
People with at least one female sibling report better social support, more optimism, and better coping abilities, according to a study presented at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference. Sisters appear to encourage communication and cohesion in families.

TICK! Can i double tick this? Ngeeee.

You're not glued to the TV
The happiest people spend 30% less time parked in front of the tube, according to a University of Maryland study that analyzed 34 years of data from more than 45,000 Americans. They’re more likely to spend time socializing, reading, or attending religious services—habits that are linked to better moods and health.

You keep souvenirs on display
People who use mementos or photos to remind themselves of good times better appreciate their lives and are happier, says Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD, a professor of psychology at University of California, Riverside. Good memories remind you of your “happiness potential” and promise that soon you can reach it again.


You make exercise a priority
People who exercise more are less likely to be stressed and more likely to be satisfied with life, according to Danish researchers. Compared with sedentary people, joggers are 70% less likely to have high stress levels and life dissatisfaction, the study found. Couch potatoes who start moderate exercise—the equivalent of 17 to 34 minutes a day—experience the greatest happiness lift.

TICK! I used to play squash when I was in foundation. Now I played badminton with my siblings ngeee.

You have a healthy love life
Physical intimacy is a key contributor to happiness, found a study by Dartmouth economist David Blanchflower, PhD, and Andrew Oswald, PhD, of England's University of Warwick. Married people report 30% more sex than singles, which may be one reason they also report being happier.

You hang out with happy people
Socializing with a cheerful person in your neighborhood increases the likelihood that you’ll be happy too, according to a new study. How often you get together matters most, say the researchers: People who live within half a mile of a buoyant buddy increase their odds of being happy by 42%. If the friend lives farther away (within a 2-mile radius), the chances drop to 22%—probably due to fewer get-togethers.


You stay warm with hot cocoa
Clutching a steaming beverage—coffee and tea also do the trick—can elicit a flood of positive feelings, according to a Yale University study. This may be because people associate physical warmth with emotional warmth, say the researchers. Study subjects held cups of either hot or iced coffee; those gripping warm mugs were more appreciative of friendliness in others and also felt more generous and trusting themselves.


You have two best friends
Among 654 married adults, those who said they had at least two “best friends” (not necessarily including one’s spouse) were likelier to have better mental well-being, says a study. But additional friends didn’t lead to any more happiness than just a pair.

SO TICK!!! I love them, u guys are the best!!
Conclusion, without realizing it I am actually a happy person. SO, ella go earn some fun outhere life has so much to offer. I am young and healthy and fun!
Positive positive positive.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

God give me strength

I'm just tired.
I need a break from this, from work, away from this place.
I need to be uncaged from workloads cage.
Please I need to get away from this.

"Some questions is just too sensitive too ask.
Some work, even small or unmattered one or the work where people do not want to do and give it to me, still need to be acknowledged rather than saying Im practically doing nothing.
Please judge me for who I am, not for who my family is."

Dont mistaking by my smile who pretend everything is okie.
Please give me strentgh to face this, and give them a better perpective about me.

Monday, October 18, 2010


I need to buy this 3 things. They have been in my wishlist for quite a time now.

1. New spectacles - I need this because of higher power and im gettin sick of wearin contacts lens because it tired up my eyes quickly espcially Ive been doing the work from 9am-7pm in front of the lappy. Moreover, it is because I hate my old specs as it look me look uglyyyy and nerd. Not nerd in the cute way, as in nerd in ugly betty way. =P

2. Camera - I never ever have my own camera, so I need this one espcially for my final year in UTP. For sure I want to take all my last moments as a UTP student and the awesomely-senior-final-year student! Eventhough I cant wait to leave utp (haha!), but still memories need to be cherished in the awesome-shot-picture!

3. Blackberry or iphone4 - I dont need to explain much here u know what I meant kan? Every-friggin-body is using bb or iphone, and sadly im the left out. Somemore, my phone now starts to gila already, all of sudden it is off itself. Furtehrmore, I also cannot silent my camera tone whenever I snapped pictures using my phone. So, imagined like in silent hall or place with no much people around then i decided to take syok-sendiri picture of me. Everyone will head-turned to me. Niceeee stupid hp.

4. Bf - hhahahha if only i can get good looking guys with kind-hearted and funny and smart in Jusco store with a tag price=Free! =P