Monday, October 18, 2010


I need to buy this 3 things. They have been in my wishlist for quite a time now.

1. New spectacles - I need this because of higher power and im gettin sick of wearin contacts lens because it tired up my eyes quickly espcially Ive been doing the work from 9am-7pm in front of the lappy. Moreover, it is because I hate my old specs as it look me look uglyyyy and nerd. Not nerd in the cute way, as in nerd in ugly betty way. =P

2. Camera - I never ever have my own camera, so I need this one espcially for my final year in UTP. For sure I want to take all my last moments as a UTP student and the awesomely-senior-final-year student! Eventhough I cant wait to leave utp (haha!), but still memories need to be cherished in the awesome-shot-picture!

3. Blackberry or iphone4 - I dont need to explain much here u know what I meant kan? Every-friggin-body is using bb or iphone, and sadly im the left out. Somemore, my phone now starts to gila already, all of sudden it is off itself. Furtehrmore, I also cannot silent my camera tone whenever I snapped pictures using my phone. So, imagined like in silent hall or place with no much people around then i decided to take syok-sendiri picture of me. Everyone will head-turned to me. Niceeee stupid hp.

4. Bf - hhahahha if only i can get good looking guys with kind-hearted and funny and smart in Jusco store with a tag price=Free! =P

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