Saturday, February 27, 2010


awwww this is very adorable....remind that im not a big fan of cats but I just cant resist this picture!
It makes me want to jump into the picture and cuddle it. =)

now anything cant top our Mr Norbit, the newest and cutest member in he family.
Norbit? Yes the name is taken from the movie Norbit.
The Latimore Brothers and Rasputia siapa?
hik hik.

Say hello to Norbit.
*eli nak ella bw balik utp? mesti suka kan hik hik*

Girl talk.

Today 27th Feb........

Girl 1: alaaa malas la nak pegi kenduri kawen.

Girl 2: haihhh pegi laa nanti ko kawen xde sape nak pegi.

Girl 1: ade.....kau.

Girl 2: haha aah kan. Kalau sumeorg dtg but aku je yg x dtg, ko x leh kawen gak.

Lepas tu sedang passing by the neighbourhood in Kelana Jaya....

Girl 2: Ntah ntah nie rumah Boy 1.

Girl 1: seriouss? =) (Grinninggg)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Family plng cool.

If there are such thing like "the most happening family" award, without hesitation I will give it to them.
The tok su family because from the grandmother to the sons to the daughter in laws to the cucu cucu,
sume cool and sempoi gler. And they r always the one who came fashionably late teehe.
Salute to them! =)

Stop being silly girl.

I still remember I used to be a star wars freak. I'm a big fan of the movie untill I cried when the part Anakin Skywalker said
"One day I will be the most powerful jedi I'll ever be". Then there was the shoot he was riding a floating motorcycle just after he found out his mother get killed by the alien sumthing whatsoever I dun remember. Starting from that, he gradually became evil since he could not control his anger.
Dangg shit Im a Star Wars nerd la. Serious weyh. I still remember too after I watched the premiere of Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith then on the evening, my sister and I played badminton in the evening outside our house. Come on I was still form 3 kot time tu what else did you expect for the form 3 girl to do kan? xkan laa nak pegi kluar lepak kedai mamak lak hehe. In the middle of playing badminton, "weyhh aku sedih la x dpt terima anakin jd darth vader because Hayden Christensen is so damnnn hot, Im meltinnnnnnnnnnnnnn".

So, now the reason I freakin obssesed with Star Wars is beause the boyish hotness of the actor anakin it self = Hayden Christensen,
See I always fall for the boyish type of look untill I got all obssesed with the movie which most of the fans are nerd.
Serious x bole tahan seyhhh *&^%$# *gatal*%^%!! esp when the hotness part mix it with the sort of the bad side of him.
However frankly speaking I dont like the bad-boy type, only in the movie.
For in real life, michael cerra and adam brody is making my heart pounding very fast. Nerdyy is the new word for HOT.  

Star Wars the new version. Episode 3.5: Attack of the Losers

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hot Hot Heat.

Panas sangat kot.
Mmg best pown bler bgn tido mcm br lepas balik jogging, lepas mandi pown basah sbb peluh.
Baju mcm bole perah sbb peluh, kulit dah mcm nak sama dgn warna hitam tu hehehe.
Otak pening pusing pusing, sekali tgk langit warna kekadang mcm oren mirinda tu.
We keep goin naggin bout it the whole time but in the end apa bole buat?

Utp, Tronohville mmg terbaik. Cuaca dier buang saya nak pegi kelas selalu. (sacrastic sngt tuuuu =p)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Doing okay, still breathing and smiling. =)

 It seems like everyone looks tired today. I had a pretty long tiring day too.
And I have PCS(professional communication skills in case you havent heard it hehe) presentation this wednesday and we did not have any topic yet and the time is running out! oh chill chill missy.
Thanks to the very little amout of luck I have for all this while, Im the one who picks the draw and oh yeah babeyhh we are the lucky number 1. Well, the winner always comes first to step in front right? hahaa bajet la tuu.

well nothing much to blog about for now, so anything better i will write up .
and i just love my new gadget, addicted to it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

if it's good, wonderful. if it's bad, experience.

There's a point in life when you get tired of chasing everyone and trying to fix everything,
but it's not giving up.
It's realizing that you dont need certain people and their crap. =)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mana korang?

Spread the happiness in the air!

I always love the family time, where all the time left in a day had been spent together with your love ones. When we were all together in one car or in one table, I forgot all the troubles I had, all the things I did not have, all the things that made me sad.....they are all gone like a dust in the air.  My sis and I were always sat at the back of car and we were gossipin about guys and laughing over stupid things that doesnt made sense untill we annoyed every single one in the car especially the driver who is our brother, aman. We always complained our status never been upgraded to the front seat since we were always all the time sat at the back of the car. Our status is the same as bibik eton, dok blakang je kejeee. We also laughed over how abah can be very funny in a certain case and listen to mummy stories espcially time zaman2 muda. One thing about our family, we are just certaintly sarcastics about everything, dat is how we membahan and teasing each other. Sometimes the sarcatisc tu melebih lebih sampai menusuk jiwa kalbu, but then we laughed at each other and we did not care about being teased. That's just the way we are. If it happend to other people, I bet they burst into tears but for us, we are already imuned. hik hik.

Monday, February 8, 2010

where? where?

arghhhhhhhh I do not know where to do my internship yet. and I think the time is running out.
It makes me headache to really consider all the opportunities the host company willl offer for as well as Im not sure what speacialization area Im looking for.  then lps tu nak oil n gas ke? nak audit firm ke? airlines company ke?
oh dangg i'm tangled up.
I should ask a help. Perhaps the senior? or my sis emma coulde lend a pretty good help too.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I scream for ice cream.

 ingat x dulu dulu slalu makan ice cream dlm plastik tu? dah x ingat nama tp dah lama nak makan ice cream tu. yeahh arini dapat!

oh yeah today i went for a carwash at utp and my car was all cleaned up already. then it was raining. yeahh mmg terbaik. could the day gettin any better? ( bosan bole mati kt sini the reason I often blog just for one day)

Mr Barton is the best clown ever!

Everyone, I mean every single one including pakcik makcik nenek org katerer jiran were having fun during Erina's 4th Birthday Party. Credits to who? Mr Barton The Clown. He did a pretty good job, eh wait an excellent job! Everyone managed to put on smile and let it out their child inner side. Everyone went back happily with a ballon he made specially to everyone of us, I like mummy 50 carat baloon ring and my niece skywalker jedi. I have one too, my small baloon teddybear.

I Love You Erina, nothing can beat our love towards you. If they an obstacles for us to keep giving our love to you, we will find a way to break it. I hope our promise for you to be the happiest kid on thay day was fully accomplished. hik hik =)

The world awaits for Ella Elma.

I'm not perfect, but the people around me make me perfect.

Sitting in front of the laptop, chatting with you makes me grinning already.

Photobooth always made my day!

My classes now are only on Monday till Thursay. So, my Friday now is dedicated for sure for tido or balik kl or if I have tests or assignment in the coming week, I would have study.

Since this is still my 2nd week of sem, we were blank to do what. Going to Ipoh is another lame excuses. Sorry I’m not intended to tease Ipoh or what but seriously I dunno what else to do there.

However as Im stated i dun have tests and im not goin back KL --> jalan jalan je la Ipoh. We ate lunch at our fav spot Tasik Raban, watch cinema The tooth Fairy and we had our cam-whore session with my girllsss. Dah balik utp, tido! Hujan plak tu kan, dreamlalalaland.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Im an old lady.

haihh im back at utp. finally kan? since people kept goin askin where da heck ella went to?
I was quite suprsing that people would realized because i was always be the missing person way back before this. I tot they paham paham la kenapa kan, extend cuti sendiri. No, it did not meant I always skipped classes. Noted that im a student who might said 80 percent going to class throughout the sem but phusshhhh! -> im all gone by weekend, ella cannot be found jumaat dah hilang hik hik hik.

refer back to the title, YES! IM AN OLD LADY. haha not by phsically la i still dun have the wrinkles all dat till i have to injected botox then. It is more to becoming senile from days to days. First I forgot to bring all barang barang kebersihan diri -> bedak, deodorant, shampoo badan, and the most imporant stuff--> my life save cleanser specially delivered by Dr Ranjeet ( famous dowh doctor nie kt subang). I have to shooping till I drop at rahmat to buy all dat stuff eventho i will be goin to JJ tomorrow. I couldnt stand 2 days with my barang barang kebersihan diri so i cant even wait to but dat stuff at JJ esok eventho there will be many options at Watson. hik hik.

To strongly support the tittle, petang semalam when i took my evening shower, i shampoo my self with a body lotion! pelik la where the heck are the bubbles? asal licin gler bodywash nie? shit it was a body lotion!

well, lepas nie kene beli byk kismis starts from today.

Utp asal panas gler? to top it off the first day I returned to utp, my car cannot start. Battery kete kong la beb! So asked pakcik cina bw kete laju gler( my roomate new bf haha) kt bengkel dekat ngan kfc tu wat jumpstart and then tuka battery, problem solved. But remind again time tu panas gler gler!