Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Im an old lady.

haihh im back at utp. finally kan? since people kept goin askin where da heck ella went to?
I was quite suprsing that people would realized because i was always be the missing person way back before this. I tot they paham paham la kenapa kan, extend cuti sendiri. No, it did not meant I always skipped classes. Noted that im a student who might said 80 percent going to class throughout the sem but phusshhhh! -> im all gone by weekend, ella cannot be found jumaat dah hilang hik hik hik.

refer back to the title, YES! IM AN OLD LADY. haha not by phsically la i still dun have the wrinkles all dat till i have to injected botox then. It is more to becoming senile from days to days. First I forgot to bring all barang barang kebersihan diri -> bedak, deodorant, shampoo badan, and the most imporant stuff--> my life save cleanser specially delivered by Dr Ranjeet ( famous dowh doctor nie kt subang). I have to shooping till I drop at rahmat to buy all dat stuff eventho i will be goin to JJ tomorrow. I couldnt stand 2 days with my barang barang kebersihan diri so i cant even wait to but dat stuff at JJ esok eventho there will be many options at Watson. hik hik.

To strongly support the tittle, petang semalam when i took my evening shower, i shampoo my self with a body lotion! pelik la where the heck are the bubbles? asal licin gler bodywash nie? shit it was a body lotion!

well, lepas nie kene beli byk kismis starts from today.

Utp asal panas gler? to top it off the first day I returned to utp, my car cannot start. Battery kete kong la beb! So asked pakcik cina bw kete laju gler( my roomate new bf haha) kt bengkel dekat ngan kfc tu wat jumpstart and then tuka battery, problem solved. But remind again time tu panas gler gler!

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