Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photobooth always made my day!

My classes now are only on Monday till Thursay. So, my Friday now is dedicated for sure for tido or balik kl or if I have tests or assignment in the coming week, I would have study.

Since this is still my 2nd week of sem, we were blank to do what. Going to Ipoh is another lame excuses. Sorry I’m not intended to tease Ipoh or what but seriously I dunno what else to do there.

However as Im stated i dun have tests and im not goin back KL --> jalan jalan je la Ipoh. We ate lunch at our fav spot Tasik Raban, watch cinema The tooth Fairy and we had our cam-whore session with my girllsss. Dah balik utp, tido! Hujan plak tu kan, dreamlalalaland.

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