Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mr Barton is the best clown ever!

Everyone, I mean every single one including pakcik makcik nenek org katerer jiran were having fun during Erina's 4th Birthday Party. Credits to who? Mr Barton The Clown. He did a pretty good job, eh wait an excellent job! Everyone managed to put on smile and let it out their child inner side. Everyone went back happily with a ballon he made specially to everyone of us, I like mummy 50 carat baloon ring and my niece skywalker jedi. I have one too, my small baloon teddybear.

I Love You Erina, nothing can beat our love towards you. If they an obstacles for us to keep giving our love to you, we will find a way to break it. I hope our promise for you to be the happiest kid on thay day was fully accomplished. hik hik =)

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