Sunday, January 24, 2010


To Suhaili peminat fanatik adnan sempit.

I know this one might be a teeny weeny itsy bitsy late, but a wish is still wish. (sms and fb checked, now blog checked!)

Happy Belated 21st Birtday Suhaili "Eli"

Never mind I guess the more late I wish, the few days younger you get, teehe. Sayang you babe!
Yours truly,
Gtalk partner and long lost western bfast partner.


say hello frisco! can i stay? i dun want to go back.
but, i miss my friends already esp the one at toronto. =p

Thursday, January 21, 2010

the loyal companion

Freakin shit I so like this thing, Domo-Kun! I dont know which part of you that can be called "alolololo comelnyer dier". You feel so fluffy to be hug. you are there when I need one, never fail to accompany me. =)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Erina is turning 4 years old!

One years old

Two years old

Three years old

Tomorrow is Erina Aisyah's 4th birthday party. How time flies so fast, you are one big baby girl already sayang. I miss you so muchhh I want to hug and bite you like what you always did to your aunties and left the kiss bites at our hand teehe. So edward cullen!

*will be uploading the pictures soon!*

Thursday, January 14, 2010

the happy scales

This is me chilling out with my sis.
I love that we never run of things to say to each other.
XX Ella.

My new current obssesion. L.A Candy A novel by Lauren Conrad is one must-read novel. It is so addictive, it makes me want to go on and on reading it chapter by chapter without bothered to stop eventhough the clocks already ticks 2am. I'd just bought it yesterday at Kinokuniya with my bestie, Sara and Jufri. I have already finished it half of the book today. It was quite impressive since Im not a big fan of novel, I just read a novel when I was really really bored so it explains perfectly why. Before this, I am more of magazine type fo girl. I am a reading a storybook now. Yes I have become such a nerd and boring girl. I dont go dating, clubbing, late night mamak anymore and what the heck I am book whore now? haha. Furthermore, I am a big fan of Lauren Conrad. =)

Monday, January 11, 2010

No emoticon is right for this feeling.

All of sudden I think about my future. Whenever the result is coming out, I will start shivering and mind also starts to wonder will this result is going to shape my future? I think I have studied much but still it is so hard for me to cope with. I guess I still not giving my 100%. I don’t know whether the course I’m taking is the right for me. Hmm. I will be doing my internship soon and few years later I will be graduated. By the year of 22, I will be in the working phase. I think the 22 is too early for me to wear an office formal attire. I will or I MUST continue my studies until I am 25. Then, I will start working and by the age of 27, I will get married. Well, we are just human who are so good in planning but what happened is all decided by Allah. Still, I am scared now for my result. Cuak =(

Friday, January 8, 2010


A - Age: 20
B - Bed size: Single bed
C - Chore you hate: “bler result kluar?” “Jgn pegang gigi!”
D - Dog’s name: Domo. Haha as if.
E - Essential start your day: Look at the mirror and then toilet.
F - Favorite colors: Black and purple.
G - Gold or Silver: Both.
H - Height: 5’7. Mcm lagi tinggi je dah.
I - Instruments you can play: Piano and keyboard.
J - Job title: Student, bibik and driver to my mom.
K – Kids: Adorable, messy, mengada and fun! and I want many of them in my future.
L - Living: Bungalow.
M - Most consumed beverage: Sirap
N - Nicknames: ella, el,
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: suspected dengue, head surgery.
P - Pet Peeve: Hmm..... cant think one.
Q - Quote from movie: “You are the cheese to my macaroni.”
R - Right or left handed: Right!
S - Siblings: 5 including me :)
T - Time you wake up: Morning
U - Underwear: Panties! =)
V - Vegetable you dislike: Petola? Betul ke eja nie.
W - Workout style: Lying down at sofas watching E!
X - X-rays you’ve had: Well a lot! Teeth for my braces. Head for jatuh tangga, Tulang belakang for naturally has tulang belakang bengkok and hand for expected retak tulang.
Y - Yesterday’s best moment: Wonderful trip with my friends.
Z - Zoo favorite: I dont like Zoo, it smell stinks!

Read my lips, the joke is on you.


Yesterday, I just had a one good time with my friends. Whenever I felt being left or down or feel like missing one, I thank god to always have them by my side. It was Thursday I accompanied Fieza to dentist to go for her regular braces check up at Bangsar. Dang she was 1 hour late! haha. Then, we went straight to Marche' at The Curve for our BIG lunch. The food was superb and pretty much not expensive for the big amount that we had for our lunch. Illi arrived an hour later since the 5 hours time it takes to wait for her "che puteh" car to serviced.

I was so astonished about how cute the story 500 Days of Summer, a couple who acted like a husband and wife whom own a house in Ikea as one comel idea of dating. Since I dont own a boyfie now, I tag along my bestie! However we dont act like hubby and wife la, glerrrr sumbang mahram sesama kawan baik. =p. After dat, we went straight home to Illi's house and had our compulsory part of outing ---> stalking and gossiping time and the venue is in front of the lappy. I friggin love Illi's accesories and they are all so pretty, dang I should quietly steal one hehe! Fieza a lil bit jealous since I did not said her stuff were pretty, sorry ye bang. And jeng jeng jeng the best part was Illi was willingly to exchange her Elmo tshirt, thank you babe Muah Muah Muah I Love You. Then, it was karok time. Perfect day. Well, we had a very good time sayangness!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Am I late for new year resolution?

Yes, I am. Insyallah with god willing and my effort. =)
.........and and desperately I want to do bungee jumping, nak sangat gilak!

Friendship is something you just cant learn in school.

It’s been a long time since it’s been just the 4 of us. We used to be close as brothers and sisters. Dang I miss the four of us, don’t you guys? Things have changed a lot. Someone is already in 6 months steady relationship with boyfriend. Someone is doing her first time internship. Someone is going through ups and down of life. Someone had just breaking the relationship of 2 years and starting a new 'friend with benefit' relationship. I miss the big four.

Picture Perfect

Awwwwww =).
I miss Gossip Girl already.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Project the best version of yourself.

3 perfect girls . They are not celebrity, public figure, reality show contestant or any politician either. They just a normal daily life person who could be probably happened to be my family or friends. Or it could be you who are reading this. Or it could be anyone. I just desribed it randomly xde kene mengena yg hidup ataupown yg mati.

Their life are almost to perfect, not to say I am jeaolous but sometimes girls are just born with it. However, how perfect their life to look like it seems, flaws would always be a thing in everyone's life. Yet, I am enjoying to see how wonderful their life is. What I can do? Be thankful to Allah for everything I have and try to works things out by putting effort to have a better life as them. Well, this is the list of 3 perfect girls I mentioned as above. Real name is disclosed, not for public. Gler nak kene sepak teranjang ngan dieorg, masuk TMZ or Melodi kang. =p
Below are just the random girls I described.

#Girl 1
She is very pretty with a Pan-Asian lookalike, she is mix blood. She is the only daughter in the family. She is born with a very wealthy educated family, i mean very rich. She could have every expensive things in the world. Name it, u got it! Sportcar, branded handbangs, super mansion house and holiday vacation. Everyone wants to be friend with her, boys and girl. what else she could asked for? She has a super hot boyfriend! Okie perfect it is. Although she is not the student brain type, no matter how hard she tried.

#Girl 2
She is pretty and adorable, I bet every boy would fancy her. She is studying abroad at States. Yes, she is in the wealthy family too but not as super rich as Girl 1. But still she could have anything she wants. She is one damn smarty brain student by getting remarkable result. Not only in academically, but in everything I would said. Only one thing- She is not a everyone-wants-to-be-friend-with, social networking is in bad ranking.

#Girl 3
This one is super pretty, one of the prettiest one I know. She is 5 feet 8 tall. Too many guys too little time. However you can step aside all that negative things since she is one damn hardworking person. Workaholic in everything she did, salute! She is the student brain type. Only one thing - she is too running for easy wealthy life, it is too obvious.

so which type of girl are you? #Girl 1? #Girl 2? #Girl 3? Or not all of the above? Conclusion is no matter what type of girl you are, you are uniquely you which is nobody else is like you. I know sometimes I always asked my self why it is so hard to get what I want? I already have everthing that I could asked untill I have no reason anymore to shop. There is only one thing missing. However, in the end I would always remind myself to be contented, Alhamdullilah. Time will come, love will come eventually. =)

Im too obssesed with elmo.

elmo cupcakes. *yum yum*

elmo tshirt.

elmo elmo elmo!

Im too obssesed with elmo i think I just should go get marry with the sesame street character, haha danggg it's a NO! I dont want my children to lookalike elmo, gler scaryyyy.
Or I shall said Elmo is my middle name, Ella "Elmo" Elma. =)
Well, elmo is just so cute adorable creature grrrrr i want to bite.