Sunday, January 3, 2010

Project the best version of yourself.

3 perfect girls . They are not celebrity, public figure, reality show contestant or any politician either. They just a normal daily life person who could be probably happened to be my family or friends. Or it could be you who are reading this. Or it could be anyone. I just desribed it randomly xde kene mengena yg hidup ataupown yg mati.

Their life are almost to perfect, not to say I am jeaolous but sometimes girls are just born with it. However, how perfect their life to look like it seems, flaws would always be a thing in everyone's life. Yet, I am enjoying to see how wonderful their life is. What I can do? Be thankful to Allah for everything I have and try to works things out by putting effort to have a better life as them. Well, this is the list of 3 perfect girls I mentioned as above. Real name is disclosed, not for public. Gler nak kene sepak teranjang ngan dieorg, masuk TMZ or Melodi kang. =p
Below are just the random girls I described.

#Girl 1
She is very pretty with a Pan-Asian lookalike, she is mix blood. She is the only daughter in the family. She is born with a very wealthy educated family, i mean very rich. She could have every expensive things in the world. Name it, u got it! Sportcar, branded handbangs, super mansion house and holiday vacation. Everyone wants to be friend with her, boys and girl. what else she could asked for? She has a super hot boyfriend! Okie perfect it is. Although she is not the student brain type, no matter how hard she tried.

#Girl 2
She is pretty and adorable, I bet every boy would fancy her. She is studying abroad at States. Yes, she is in the wealthy family too but not as super rich as Girl 1. But still she could have anything she wants. She is one damn smarty brain student by getting remarkable result. Not only in academically, but in everything I would said. Only one thing- She is not a everyone-wants-to-be-friend-with, social networking is in bad ranking.

#Girl 3
This one is super pretty, one of the prettiest one I know. She is 5 feet 8 tall. Too many guys too little time. However you can step aside all that negative things since she is one damn hardworking person. Workaholic in everything she did, salute! She is the student brain type. Only one thing - she is too running for easy wealthy life, it is too obvious.

so which type of girl are you? #Girl 1? #Girl 2? #Girl 3? Or not all of the above? Conclusion is no matter what type of girl you are, you are uniquely you which is nobody else is like you. I know sometimes I always asked my self why it is so hard to get what I want? I already have everthing that I could asked untill I have no reason anymore to shop. There is only one thing missing. However, in the end I would always remind myself to be contented, Alhamdullilah. Time will come, love will come eventually. =)


Adeera Azman said...

lets switch places ! hehehe :)

Anonymous said...

life is not about being rich, being pretty, being smart educationally. it's not about nice cars, branded handbags, big house, nice hair, handsome rich me your description of the 3 are all the same.perhaps that is how you describe life.what a pity.

ella elma said...

I dunno why everyone got issue in my blog. It is my blog and the last time I checked it is a free country so I am able to speak out about anything I want. I dont mind saying all that because it is my own point of view.

I know life is more about that; family and love and life after death. All I mentioned it is just one small piece of perfect life. It is not a textbook that I need to mentioned every single things. It just a wrting from blog, why you all fussy about.

Dont u get it my previous post what I meant is no matter how perfect your life is, there is always a flaws. The flaws is the missing of the real meaning of life. Girl 1: Being intelligent and awareness. Girl 2: Bein loved by everyone. Girl 3:being rich in moral values not just seeking for rich life.
Gosh feels like im explaining to 5 years old kid.

In the end of the post I stated all I want is Love. Love for everything.

Next time, read it carefully. Not read by what u want to read. Read it with an open heart, so that see how sincere poeple's writings.

Interfering other's people life is what I would call pity. Social bullying in internet is such an issue now.