Friday, January 8, 2010


Yesterday, I just had a one good time with my friends. Whenever I felt being left or down or feel like missing one, I thank god to always have them by my side. It was Thursday I accompanied Fieza to dentist to go for her regular braces check up at Bangsar. Dang she was 1 hour late! haha. Then, we went straight to Marche' at The Curve for our BIG lunch. The food was superb and pretty much not expensive for the big amount that we had for our lunch. Illi arrived an hour later since the 5 hours time it takes to wait for her "che puteh" car to serviced.

I was so astonished about how cute the story 500 Days of Summer, a couple who acted like a husband and wife whom own a house in Ikea as one comel idea of dating. Since I dont own a boyfie now, I tag along my bestie! However we dont act like hubby and wife la, glerrrr sumbang mahram sesama kawan baik. =p. After dat, we went straight home to Illi's house and had our compulsory part of outing ---> stalking and gossiping time and the venue is in front of the lappy. I friggin love Illi's accesories and they are all so pretty, dang I should quietly steal one hehe! Fieza a lil bit jealous since I did not said her stuff were pretty, sorry ye bang. And jeng jeng jeng the best part was Illi was willingly to exchange her Elmo tshirt, thank you babe Muah Muah Muah I Love You. Then, it was karok time. Perfect day. Well, we had a very good time sayangness!

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