Saturday, March 5, 2011

Heylo im back.

 The clock ticks 12.25 am already and I am still wide awake on the bed with my lappy. I just went back from Festival Colours of The World 2011 at Chancellor Hall. It is an event where all the dances and performing arts performed together at one stage. The event was okie and went on smooth sailing but i think it had lack of the ‘ummph’ effect which i also cannot figure it out what it was. But still congrats for all the dancers and truly respect to the committee of Fesco.

Yang terbaik is performance from university wailak ,Thailand and Universitas gajah mada Indonesia (dangggg i  cannot remember da name of university). Salute laaaaaaa terbaik la! Wat ella rasa cam nk ketuk ketuk lantai gak time the Indonesian dancers performed, the moves was a bit akward but truly unique. Something I have never watched before. =D

I think so far this is the longest period I hadn’t wrote anything for the blog. The last time i wrote was about my last day for my internship.

And now i’m FINAL YEAR STUDENT already. Bak kata org akak senior lagi tuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Well xde la rasa akak senior mana pown. Dah la I didn’t get to see any familiar faces anymore sume muka junior skema jeeeeeee and I also think they didn’t recognized me as akak senior alsoooooo. Ye la muka jarang commercialized kt simpang2 utp. Muka pegi event tak, muka comitee event tak. Muka lepak mamak tak. Muka balik KL ye! Haha. Worst to worst pown most of them would say “oh budak bawak swift merah tu”. I think my car is more famous than me. =P

But this semester pat at the back missy because i went back once at 3 weeks. Because of the workloads!! Imagine i have my final year project (where we have to come out with a system that contains all the tedious coding programming) and also technopreneurship team project(where we have to come out with a product to sell together with a powerful business plan) and and and also with 21 credits hours by taking financial management as my minor. Giloooooooooooooo kan? Rasa dah bole pengsan skang tapi masih mampu bertahan.

I think i gonna stop writing now. Tulis panjang panjang pown baca x best kan? So I will update later in other post. There are so many to tellllllllllllllllllllllllllll and im pretty excited for this semester.
Okie see yaaaaa. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Everyday is a new learning experience to look forward to

I cant believe tomorrow is my last day as an intern in PricewaterhouseCoopers. It feels too fast that I have already went through a lot for 7 months here. Pat at the back missy!

The thing is Im gonna miss everything here, it is such a kick-ass awesome moments!
Here are a few from many things that im gonna miss:-

  1. I went all the way to Kepong with joosze to visit Meter Examiner Room for the main electricity supplier in Malaysia. We were like is this how kepong like? HaHa.We also have a free lunch kari kepala ikan the best in Kepong, a treat by our clients. I also went teman her to Amcorp Mall to buy necklace for her bff wedding. Such a good time eating jambu everyday at the international tobacco company at Technology Park Malaysia at Bukit jalil with hanyin and listening to 'i want nobody but you' by wondergirls everyday at clients, we put on loudspeaker haha.
  2. We actually went to Selangor Terf Club. U know what it is? Kelab Lumba Kuda Selangor. Hehe jakun glerrrr we were so excited we never watch any lumba kuda match. Wa cakap sama luu tempat dier lawa. Andrew also is being so cute with da gps, haha!
  3. All those crazy tiring moments at the Telco company. Whenever me, qurra n one of the team pass by menara rebung, we went "erghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tidakkkk". Eventhough we were so far away from bangsar, we already can see 'bangunan itu di sebalik awan'. hahahahahha!
  4. Good moments when the senior associates and manager were not around in the client's place. there goes our very super long lunch. We went to Midval ate the the spaghettis grill and also looking for iphone. I send my collegue to the lrt station and then we were tot we were chased by the police car because we were followed by police with a siren all da way from menara tm to bdr tasek selatan lrt station. haha!
  5. all those funny moments esp having dinner at bangsar village and me thinkin of paying da bills with my atm card(which i tot is a credit card). I also miss da manager who always asked from me 'where is my royce chocolate?" and also always sayin that i go to work with a driver. hahahaa suka hati je. They also calling interns with funny name. Qurra jadi kura kura and elma jadi elmo. and it stucks till now.
  6. Need to wear a hair cap when entering the warehousing and hot kitchen at airlines food provider in lcct. Then, fahmi asked us to follow to one of the biggest mosque in N.Sembilan to perform Asar and Maghrib prayers. Since I dont have any selendang or tudung to enter the Mosque compound, he asked me seriously to wear the hair cap. hahahahahahahahahahah sampai hati woooo. Naseb baik qurra bring along extra seledang. Goodtimes jalan2 around lcct and klia and cubaan nak curik engine kapal terbang konon. terbaek!
  7. 15th floor is the place to escape from the boss from givin us more works. Dah la byk auditor yg muda n ensem at 15th floor. Trust me now i know why they call the place Haven because is heaven with good-looking auditors and free milo and 50sen apple juice. I miss it.
  8. We actually did a montage presentation in front hundreds of intern and the chairmain of PwC, Datuk Johan Razlan. It was nerve-wracking! Dah la letak lagu yg happening gler hehe but we managed to pull it off even with senior manager from SPA actually attended and gave a credits. I also obtained a candygram from the partner. terharuuu beb intern dpt a special personally written card!
  9. Whenever at the office, we like to play LLB. LLB stands for look like busy. hahahhaha. We also have a new postion which is 'the staff directory administrator'. Haha we stalk the pictures of every associates in PwC heheheheheheee. We also gonna miss Bubble Milk Tea at Sooka Sentral.
  10. Im gonna miss a lot the laptop too! I've been using this lappy for everything and carrying around the 7kg laptop everywhere is giving me a bit of osteoprosis haha.

Tau tak dah rinduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu everything in PwC. Everyday is such a learning experince I looking foward. There is always a new story, a new jokes, a new experince with them whereaby I might not get this such experience from other company. This is the best and I wont mind go through it all over again.
Love lah PwC!

tomorrow is the last day and I dont expected much because now is the peak time for da audit. However, Im still gonna be very sad to leave all the good moments here.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nice is a good word for you.

It was nice when someone knew how terrible sometimes life is because the person is having the same thing too. The person texted what time u went back today just so then we can share how horrible our day was. It was nice when the person layan all the craps and kebudakan in-me. When I take a break from my work and sudden having the person to say hye and joined u ate muffin. Well it was pretty nice though. =D

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Count on me

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea,
I'll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see,
I'll be the light to guide you
Find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like 1 2 3
I'll be there
And I know when I need it I can count on you like 4 3 2
And you'll be there
Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah
If you toss and you turn and you just can't fall asleep
I'll sing a song
beside you
And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me
Everyday I will
remind you

Such a tiring 7 months but worth it!

Last last Thursday was quite a day and I just have time to blog about it now.

I think I almost puke at the client's place and my head was so dizzy. Early morning, I went to the office then met with Senior Manager at Starbucks KL Sentral for a work discussion then when to Hilton hotel to pick up the auditor from PwC German and then when back to office again.

I have to assist auditor from PwC Germany who is so good looking and polite and mcm innocent pown ada ngeee. Cant resist his blue eyes, handsomenyaaaaaaaaaaa. I have to bring him and showed the office around, find a cable for him. He even came to my place to ask a favor where he can actually ask from other senior manager who just sat beside him but he walked all the way to my place. *meltinmeltin*

I think he knows la Im an intern because he asked“how long have u work in Pwc?”
I lying said “nearly 1 years”.
“Hmm means you graduated from university and then joined?” he asked.
I lying said again “Yes”.

Heheheeee.Okie enough of german guy story.

Then, from office i need to go to the client place at ara damansara. I have to walk under the rain without an umbrella on the way to my parking lot. Im in rushin kesian kan? Luckily, my senior manager lended his gps. If not, sesat ke mana ntah samapi ipoh pown bole jadi. Hehee. Thanks boss!

The work is so difficult this time, way different of what I have did before.It is way so financial for me! And im a bit slow laaaaaaaa sobsob.
Conclusion, the day was so stresseddddddddddddddd!

I feel like crying actually because I need to go all of this all by myself. Walking under the rain alone, driving to client place alone, working at the client place alone(later joined by senior).Well, that’s life as an auditor. And Im bravely said it here. Im might not be joining any audit firm in the future. It is such a good experiences but for a spoilt like me, haha it’s okie.

Well I fell much better now as few people in the firm started to appreciate my work, not everyone la. The partner of PwC sent me a candy gram with a note personally written sayin "Thanks for ur contribution, it is nice to have you on board ".My senior manager also said they look as me as a resource, not as just an intern.Lately my bonding with all the seniors also looked pretty good. =)

*winkwink* kembang bontot.
Im proud to choose PwC as my internship placement and there is no such regret!

Super daddy's girl.

Last Saturday I went to the concert. Fuyoooooo concert so did i went jump and n down and been squished in the crowd? Haha well not dat kind of concert I went to. It was Erina's concert day and graduation day. See even 4 years old kid had graduated and when the heck will I be graduated? Ngeee next year amik kau pastu kene keje nooooo.

Erina was being superly awesome on the stage with not a single shy look. She was super confident and did not scared at all to see the crowd in front. She performed the endang dance from minangkabau. The stepdance was pretty difficult for a 4 years old. Imagned she was the only 4 years old to be in the group of 5 and 6 years old. She was the youngest and been given the trust to lead the show by introducing the group at the early show before they perform. It was like emcee laaaa. So adorableeee!

How proud of arwah daddy to see you turn out to be such an independent and intelligent girl. She was so brave and determined to make it perfect. You guys had to see how serious she practised? You cannot even laughed a bit at her if  not she will make dat fierce face or angin dtg dier datang pukol you guys hehee. It means she so serious to make it work and success. See kid nowadays are so competitive, well I like it!

Well Im might sounds a bit over-excited auntie kan? However, it was so touched by heart to see Erina performed last Saturday. I feel like crying but managed to pretend macho

Erina you reminds us so much of your daddy, 100%! And I miss him more than anything.

Showing off her picture.

 Me and mummy attended the concert.

Maksu is proud of you budak kecik.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I'll stay by your side.

People will wonder why I’m still not attached with anyone now? Hmm that’s pretty much a big question to myself too. People would said jual mahal la, choosy la, perasan bagus ke. I think i’m not even close to that well that’s what I think la I dunno what  else people will think about me. If I want to be in relationship, I like to be with someone who I trusts and we will be able to make each other smile without trying-so-hard, you know all those fake things the couple did which gonna lasts only for 4-5 months and fade away, Im not gonna fall for that. Let it be the chemistry naturally goes by its way. I’m not a person who just likes the idea of having boyfriend. Because you still can survive and live your life. I know some people complaint how miserable your life is. However, if you have your family to spend time with and your friends to do your crazy thing together, it would be simply awesome.

Well i know it sucks sometime, Im not gonna lie. But do u want to get ur heartbroken toward the end just the fact you cant stop chasing the idea of having boyfriend? Let the love find you, not you find for love. Unless you want something like one night stand, then go ahead, But if u want someone to stay longer with and even perhaps to grow older with(see how optimistic I am) like me, what can we do? Patiently wait and pray to Him.

Some people just born lucky to have the loyal companion without ever trying. However, I need no worries, I don’t have to be anxious. Well I admit it crossed my mind few times but I let myself to accept it and be calm.
Because I know Him has plan something better for each of us.
Only our love to Him gonna lasts forever and eternity.
There is no such thing as you're everything to me, except for Him. Only him.

So jom sumer nyanyi lagu "all the single ladies all the single ladies put ur hands up! Ooh ohh ohh ohhh" *Doing the Beyonce's sexy moves"*
=D =D =D