Sunday, December 26, 2010

Super daddy's girl.

Last Saturday I went to the concert. Fuyoooooo concert so did i went jump and n down and been squished in the crowd? Haha well not dat kind of concert I went to. It was Erina's concert day and graduation day. See even 4 years old kid had graduated and when the heck will I be graduated? Ngeee next year amik kau pastu kene keje nooooo.

Erina was being superly awesome on the stage with not a single shy look. She was super confident and did not scared at all to see the crowd in front. She performed the endang dance from minangkabau. The stepdance was pretty difficult for a 4 years old. Imagned she was the only 4 years old to be in the group of 5 and 6 years old. She was the youngest and been given the trust to lead the show by introducing the group at the early show before they perform. It was like emcee laaaa. So adorableeee!

How proud of arwah daddy to see you turn out to be such an independent and intelligent girl. She was so brave and determined to make it perfect. You guys had to see how serious she practised? You cannot even laughed a bit at her if  not she will make dat fierce face or angin dtg dier datang pukol you guys hehee. It means she so serious to make it work and success. See kid nowadays are so competitive, well I like it!

Well Im might sounds a bit over-excited auntie kan? However, it was so touched by heart to see Erina performed last Saturday. I feel like crying but managed to pretend macho

Erina you reminds us so much of your daddy, 100%! And I miss him more than anything.

Showing off her picture.

 Me and mummy attended the concert.

Maksu is proud of you budak kecik.

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