Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cut out the blur geek.

I always had a funny experience with my seniors in PwC. Is either they will think Im very blur and slow or funny. I think blur and slow will fits more me.

There was this one time we had dinner in Bangsar Village Centre after long working hours in Menara TM. We had a nice dinner with the manager and other associates. So, the restaurant was having 10% discount if we have the cimb credit card. So the manager asked us if any of us is having CIMB credit card which all us shook their head “No”. Then I thought I might have it and said “Which one eh the green or the red one? The green is the Islamic one and the red one is the common one”. Then they were like huh? Apa la budak nie merepek. They I started to show my ATM card. They were burst into laughing. Malu nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Yes, proven Im so blur and slow. Untill now, sometimes they still made joke of it. Huhu.

Then there is this one more story. My seniors were about to have lunch at one restaurant just behind the Victoria Station in Damansara. I was not going because I was going to have lunch with my friends. So I asked him “Are guys going to eat Victoria Secret or other place?” Then, he went laughed like no one business. Malunyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Luckily, there was only one person who heard it. Then, the whole day we were talking about lingerie stuff. Victoria secret laaa, sloggi laaaa. We also interpreted the topic like we are auditing it. We should have mitigated control on this thing because blab la bla no exceptions on sloggi blalalalala. Nonsense glerrrr and until now he teased about it. Dang.

At suden's sister wedding at Dewan Sri Hendon, Putrajaya.
Nice wedding i should say. =)

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mademoiselleain said...

Ellaaaa we interns have to accept we are their supply of jokes. The other day I was laughed until Irina cried. Ada this function in words that keluar these symbol2 in the documents, used for formatting. Dulu my own laptop punya words pernah keluar that symbol2 and I thought it was some kind of virus and even brought it to be reformatted.. Bila I cerita diorang semua gelak2 malunyaaaaa huhu

But it's okay Ella, let them laugh. We both know all of em will be missing us soon ;)