Saturday, December 4, 2010

Eduardo Saverin is so hot-nerd!

Dear blog,
For the past few days I have no mood at all to blog. Ive opened my blog few times and attempted to write some thing but then it failed. I tried it again on the next day and click the new post, then I just looking at the laptop while my fingers hanging there waiting to write something. In the end, I failed again to blog.

Now, Im forcing my self to blog haha. Because I do love my blog and i dont want it to be left it alone like what I did to my tumblr. Ngeeee I decided to have my own tumblr but it only last long few days. so, I decided to only put my devoted on blog n fb.

Haaaaa talking about fb. I just watched The Social Networking. The story is about the facebook founder.Yerp, Im enjoyed watching the movies especially they have super-cute nerds! You guys know that how I cant resist cute nerds, so my boy-type. I think the story was more on one-side story. More on Eduardo's side(other co-founder who then had a feud with Mark) espcially the story adapted from the book "The Accidental Billionaire" where the story was given by Eduardo himself. That's why some people said it the movie was the-cold-revenge. So, the story potrays the bad side of Mark. However in the end we all knows the movie is about the super-genious-youngest-bilionaire, Mark. So no matter how they potrayed the villain Mark, he is the one who create Facebook.

Even the Mark said the movie was fiction. The girl Erica is not even exist in the real life as he is dating the same girl before he created facebook untill now. Hollywood will always be hollywood. They will for sure will not making movies if the story is only about bunch of teenagers do programming coding in their own dorm the popped out Facebook? Spice it up the stories will make the movie go box-office.
Tapi paling penting, Eduardo is so hot-nerds!!! Either the eduardo-in-the-movie or the real eduardo.
Harvard grad,economic background, good-nerd-looking, loyal-kind-hearted(as what potrayed in the movie la) and billionaire(haha), so what more a girl could ask? Heheheeeee nerd is so cool!

Owh yeah work is fun this week. Eventhough Im still working for my previous-not-so-excitin client, but the seniors are the best. We have our work discussed(konon) in Midvalley while looking for iphone and ipad heheheeeee. They are the younger senior so i should say they are still young at heart. So, you know how young people work? Fun! =D

Oh guys I have my braces on my teeth already ngeeeeee. It looks cute but it feels painful! Seriously it feels lke putting a needle inside your mouth while eating.I think the painful gonna fades away from day to day. If not, i will becoming more thin laa like this because I cant eat solid food. Dun want maaaaaaa.

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