Sunday, November 28, 2010

November plz stay longer?

Heylo dear peeps. November is gonna end soon in few days more and I just wish November can stay more longer? It's been a great month for me. Ive finally done my client engagement in Menara TM and started my 1 week engagement in Menara Maxis which just besides the KLCC. hoyeahhh hoyeahhhh klcc babeyhhhh!

oh yeah thanks for all da wishes for my 21st birthday! Dang im 21? Not too young but not too old too. It can be consider as 'Im not a girl not yet a woman' as in Britney's song la nieee ecewahhhhh. The celebration this year was simple and nice. However to be celebrated with the closest people made it a perfect birthday celebration.

1. Birthday celebration at home and family dinner at Johnnys.
2.Lunch treat and macarons from the PwC seniors.
3. Dinner ar Chilis with the lovely baboons.
4. Birthday lunch with bestie.

November is awesomeee!

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