Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Productive hoyeahhh!

Hoyeahhh hoyeahhh *moonwalk dance* today I’m being productive at work.

I’m proud of myself, pat at the back missy.
I’m mc on Monday so at first I thought Im going have a terrible day on the next day due to loads of work need to be done.
However, I managed to do it with whole-heartedly and with a happy face!

So the tips to be motivated? Take mc on Monday then you will be all geared up for the whole weekend. =D
Few things that keep me productive!

My tomel bottle.
My coach small purse, ready for lunch and snacks to buy.
Card Pelawat Telekom. Pelawat keeee?, dah 2 bulan berkampung kt telekom nie.
My vasco device, to keep me connected to office email.
Beg plastik dalam tu ada 3 donut besauuuuuu. (one for me and other two I bought for my seniors)

My senior gave opportuinity to me for handling the meeting with clients last week. This time around Im not just an intern who attend meeting without knowing whatever been discussed. I was the one who drove the meeting all the way because I was the only person who handles Technical Security Review for almost 40 server in all systems. I also been given credits by my seniors. =D
Then the client asked “Which one of you is the Unix expert?” *Gulp*.
Thank god the other senior covered up for me.
Last week I have the best kari kepala ikan bawah pokok at lucky garden. Ala just infront of the bangsar village. Like my senior said lucky garden is more old skool place to lepak so only the otai lepak there haha! Despite "cleanliness is not priority" kind of gerai, but serious kaw kaw sedap wa ckp sama luuuuu. I think the place dun even haf the name. "kedai yg mana?". "kari kepala ikan bawah pokok tuu".

Lawa x langit above? Keluar rumah gelap balik rumah pown gelap.

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mademoiselleain said...

Go Ella Go! I was so excited bila the senior gave positive comments about you. Rasa nak call time tu jugak tapi macam nanti senior ingat kita ni tak siuman ke apa, puji sikit pun dah gelabaaah.. heheee