Monday, November 8, 2010

In relationship with the people I love-lah

Can I just quit my internship now? Im tired la and so malas to do my work. Because if u r an intern in audit firm, you really do work. I just want to cuti-cuti laaah in the end of my internship. Can you please stop giving work and just let me learnt and observe whatever u guys did. Heheheee mmg conpirm la bad review from pwc camnie ella oiiiiiii =P

These was last Thursday, after work I weeeeeeeeeeeeeee chow to The Curve and have the sweet escape with the girlfriends eh silapp boyfriends! If I were around them kedebushhh I turned into a 6-years old girl who just wanna have fun hoyeahhh hoyeahhh. I know sometimes we were driftin apart due to the location and yeahh im the only single in the group but nehhh what the heck I'm loving it if you have few people who love you back. Doesnt mean im saying Im not looking for the prince charming tau, I do just the right one do not fall from the sky yet ngeee.

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