Thursday, October 28, 2010

What I like to do best

I'm having short break now after lunch, so I will blogging for awhile. I just have my lunch with the most awesome peoplee ever and I love u guys so much for being such a kick-ass bestiee!

Eli, Sare, Mae and also for other two who yg dah berkurun tak jumpe Iylia and Nad.

Eli and Mae are working in Petronas at KLCC while Sara is working in Mercedez Benz at Menara TM. So, every alternate friday we will catch up to see other on lunch at KL Sentral since friday is consider long lunch. And me? While suppose that PwC office is only 5 minutes walk to KL Sentral but since this bloody hell(oppsy!) engagement with Telekom that already took almost 2 months, Ive not been to office for since raya. However the good thing is I ca take a train trip with sara, yeah! Well im sucks in taking any public transport esp lrt. There was this one time I suppose to swap my touvh n go card to pass thru the gate, so I swipe laah. Then, the screen said "Kad ada kehabisan baki", something like that la. I was like wtf i just top up rm100 at atm last week ago. Then, I checked it again it swiped my identification card, IC Card. bijak tak saya?

We have a lunch at Chicken Rice Shop today. I was so hungry as well as I need to go back early as Im scared my senior will ask "why take lunch so long?". So, when my food was on the table already and the rest were still not, so I told them Im going to eat first.
Then, eli said "Eh ella asal makan guna dua sudu?". And eli ckp agak clear untill the waiter pass by and noticed I ate with two spoons. And it was so obvious he tried to cover from lauhging, kurang asam boi betol nyer waiter. Maluuuuuuuuuu. Sekali lagi, bijak tak saya?

We always updating each other relationship. As two are single, while other two are not. So, the singles were considerin master student and they came out with options of the lab insructors we used to have on our lab? Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, tidak seribu tahun pown tidak mungkin. Siap nanyer yg wangi ke yg busuk? Then, one of us said "bukan sume busuk ke?" hahahahahha kiddin je la.
On the way back on train with Sara, Ive been complaining about buncit. I hate it! So, we decided to call each other's tummy a name. Hahahahahahah. Nama dah mcm kucing! =P

Constant laughing, heart-to-heart talk and non-stop chewing food with them is so I love-lah!

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