Saturday, March 5, 2011

Heylo im back.

 The clock ticks 12.25 am already and I am still wide awake on the bed with my lappy. I just went back from Festival Colours of The World 2011 at Chancellor Hall. It is an event where all the dances and performing arts performed together at one stage. The event was okie and went on smooth sailing but i think it had lack of the ‘ummph’ effect which i also cannot figure it out what it was. But still congrats for all the dancers and truly respect to the committee of Fesco.

Yang terbaik is performance from university wailak ,Thailand and Universitas gajah mada Indonesia (dangggg i  cannot remember da name of university). Salute laaaaaaa terbaik la! Wat ella rasa cam nk ketuk ketuk lantai gak time the Indonesian dancers performed, the moves was a bit akward but truly unique. Something I have never watched before. =D

I think so far this is the longest period I hadn’t wrote anything for the blog. The last time i wrote was about my last day for my internship.

And now i’m FINAL YEAR STUDENT already. Bak kata org akak senior lagi tuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Well xde la rasa akak senior mana pown. Dah la I didn’t get to see any familiar faces anymore sume muka junior skema jeeeeeee and I also think they didn’t recognized me as akak senior alsoooooo. Ye la muka jarang commercialized kt simpang2 utp. Muka pegi event tak, muka comitee event tak. Muka lepak mamak tak. Muka balik KL ye! Haha. Worst to worst pown most of them would say “oh budak bawak swift merah tu”. I think my car is more famous than me. =P

But this semester pat at the back missy because i went back once at 3 weeks. Because of the workloads!! Imagine i have my final year project (where we have to come out with a system that contains all the tedious coding programming) and also technopreneurship team project(where we have to come out with a product to sell together with a powerful business plan) and and and also with 21 credits hours by taking financial management as my minor. Giloooooooooooooo kan? Rasa dah bole pengsan skang tapi masih mampu bertahan.

I think i gonna stop writing now. Tulis panjang panjang pown baca x best kan? So I will update later in other post. There are so many to tellllllllllllllllllllllllllll and im pretty excited for this semester.
Okie see yaaaaa.