Thursday, January 13, 2011

Everyday is a new learning experience to look forward to

I cant believe tomorrow is my last day as an intern in PricewaterhouseCoopers. It feels too fast that I have already went through a lot for 7 months here. Pat at the back missy!

The thing is Im gonna miss everything here, it is such a kick-ass awesome moments!
Here are a few from many things that im gonna miss:-

  1. I went all the way to Kepong with joosze to visit Meter Examiner Room for the main electricity supplier in Malaysia. We were like is this how kepong like? HaHa.We also have a free lunch kari kepala ikan the best in Kepong, a treat by our clients. I also went teman her to Amcorp Mall to buy necklace for her bff wedding. Such a good time eating jambu everyday at the international tobacco company at Technology Park Malaysia at Bukit jalil with hanyin and listening to 'i want nobody but you' by wondergirls everyday at clients, we put on loudspeaker haha.
  2. We actually went to Selangor Terf Club. U know what it is? Kelab Lumba Kuda Selangor. Hehe jakun glerrrr we were so excited we never watch any lumba kuda match. Wa cakap sama luu tempat dier lawa. Andrew also is being so cute with da gps, haha!
  3. All those crazy tiring moments at the Telco company. Whenever me, qurra n one of the team pass by menara rebung, we went "erghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tidakkkk". Eventhough we were so far away from bangsar, we already can see 'bangunan itu di sebalik awan'. hahahahahha!
  4. Good moments when the senior associates and manager were not around in the client's place. there goes our very super long lunch. We went to Midval ate the the spaghettis grill and also looking for iphone. I send my collegue to the lrt station and then we were tot we were chased by the police car because we were followed by police with a siren all da way from menara tm to bdr tasek selatan lrt station. haha!
  5. all those funny moments esp having dinner at bangsar village and me thinkin of paying da bills with my atm card(which i tot is a credit card). I also miss da manager who always asked from me 'where is my royce chocolate?" and also always sayin that i go to work with a driver. hahahaa suka hati je. They also calling interns with funny name. Qurra jadi kura kura and elma jadi elmo. and it stucks till now.
  6. Need to wear a hair cap when entering the warehousing and hot kitchen at airlines food provider in lcct. Then, fahmi asked us to follow to one of the biggest mosque in N.Sembilan to perform Asar and Maghrib prayers. Since I dont have any selendang or tudung to enter the Mosque compound, he asked me seriously to wear the hair cap. hahahahahahahahahahah sampai hati woooo. Naseb baik qurra bring along extra seledang. Goodtimes jalan2 around lcct and klia and cubaan nak curik engine kapal terbang konon. terbaek!
  7. 15th floor is the place to escape from the boss from givin us more works. Dah la byk auditor yg muda n ensem at 15th floor. Trust me now i know why they call the place Haven because is heaven with good-looking auditors and free milo and 50sen apple juice. I miss it.
  8. We actually did a montage presentation in front hundreds of intern and the chairmain of PwC, Datuk Johan Razlan. It was nerve-wracking! Dah la letak lagu yg happening gler hehe but we managed to pull it off even with senior manager from SPA actually attended and gave a credits. I also obtained a candygram from the partner. terharuuu beb intern dpt a special personally written card!
  9. Whenever at the office, we like to play LLB. LLB stands for look like busy. hahahhaha. We also have a new postion which is 'the staff directory administrator'. Haha we stalk the pictures of every associates in PwC heheheheheheee. We also gonna miss Bubble Milk Tea at Sooka Sentral.
  10. Im gonna miss a lot the laptop too! I've been using this lappy for everything and carrying around the 7kg laptop everywhere is giving me a bit of osteoprosis haha.

Tau tak dah rinduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu everything in PwC. Everyday is such a learning experince I looking foward. There is always a new story, a new jokes, a new experince with them whereaby I might not get this such experience from other company. This is the best and I wont mind go through it all over again.
Love lah PwC!

tomorrow is the last day and I dont expected much because now is the peak time for da audit. However, Im still gonna be very sad to leave all the good moments here.