Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i know i do not have facebook and gtalk.
tahu mungkin agak kuno but what the fish i still can live without it. don't worry soon enough i will have when i desperately need the new entertainment of my so-called-boring life instead of just having friendster and ym. but for the time being, yes i've been entertained enough haha!

ella is tgh angau listening to situasi by BunkFace. tp xlah seangau si kakak aku kat si qushairi dlm us trip field kat 8tv tu, tolong la weyh emma wake up wake up! alaaa muka mamat tu mcm zizan raja lawak kan kan? no wonder peminat no1 rancangan jozan. baik layan cter hansM kat astro ria! huahuahuahuahua kteorg mmg layan setiap cter melayu kat tv!
name it, we'd watched it!

yes this is the picture of us at one of the mall near to our house. first we were just driving back home from sending our niece at seri kembangan. at first, it never crossed our mind at all to going out from the car. well you should see how we dressed like? my shirt even have a small hole(waaa masuk angin sket) and emma was like wearing seluar mcm nak gi swimming.
jeng jeng jeng we have been forced to go to the mall to buy groceries. so look at us freshly straight from home wearing baju tidooooooo! yes thanks aman for snapping the pictures. susah betol ada je paparazi.

Monday, November 17, 2008

officially 19.

Thank you friends for a very very advanced surprise party on the last friday!!
Yeah I was greatly surprise since my birthday is 4 days to go. I appreciated it a lot that you guys still manage to make me surprise with all those tired and final exam faces. The best part was we had the same blueberry cheese secret recipe cake like the previous year-yeahh my very favorite. Then, we went out for midnight movie. We watched quarantine-gosh that movie ending sucks so hard! The storyline was not that bad but please don’t even mention about the ending. Even my 2 years-old niece can think a better ending for it.

Hahahaa the funny is we had been stopped by policemen while we were on the way to Ipoh because there were so many people at the back of my car.
Policeman 1 ”Ramai sangat kat belakang nie dah overload
Mae ”tak la kami ringan-ringan je”.
Hahahahahahahah in your face(cakap dalam hati)

Wtf they asked us to u-turn at the fly-over in front of us to go back to utp. Then we said " okie, no problem anything for the sake of safety".
Yeah we went straight to Ipoh Parade and sorry la Mr Policemen we did not find any flyover? (buat buat x nampak).
And for god heaven sake, there were two more road-blocks after that. Haha the first roadblock we managed to escape by me acting selamba and asked my friends at the back to act sleeping. Tgh gelak gelak then sumer senyap tidooo. The second roadblock was we managed to escape by finding another road! It was 2.00 am by the time we arrived at utp, we went straight to sleep.

Terima kaseh iylia, sara, eli, nad, mae, kawan kawan korang la ratu hatiku.

I love structured programming. yes i do!

Why structured programming is so cruel and harmful? It could leads to a temporary brain damage.

Alrite as usual I like to exaggerate things so it looks like a whole big deal but the fact it is just a tiny itsy-bitsy matter is it kan? Well this time around it could affect my future. (wow I am being optimistic!, if my mom read this she must be proud of her spoilt-brat daughter) I don’t know either I’m the only one who keep complaining and nagging about it or every single person who takes programming has the same situation like me? (please please crossing finger)

I just finished my structured programming today. And I cursed almost all the *&%#@ words that it should be banned to write it down in the blog.(while I don’t said it loud, cursing silently haha) susah yang amat sangat rokhmah oiiii!(f.y.i our lecturer). My biggest fear is to repeat the whole paper all over again? Oh tidaakkkkk I’m so a dead meat.

The paper is a new syllabus and we are the first batch to be introduced around 5 new chapters kot that the previous batch did not learnt.(sunnguh tak aci, walaupun aci di India). Recursion, pointers, link list, dynamic array and what-so-ever which it does not made sense to learn all the new chapters in one semester? Even I heard thru my friends that the lecturer need to take 3 months to fully covered and understand the topic recursion. If he need 3 months, then we what? 30 years never completed? Anak cucu dah berenek renek, we still can’t figure it out what the heck it is.

The lab programming instructor had said those words that should not even suppose to come out from his mouth. No future in ********* what?! Hopefully mulut dier x cukup masin so that what he said do not come true. If structured programming is a person, I will be kicking his ass-off! Tendang terajang ketok ketok ar! The weird is in the last semester, I don’t have problem with structured programming. In fact, I managed to get B. B stands for Bole laa for orang yg selalu cut and paste kat lab? Haha. But this semester, shit I did like crap!

Dah dah stop ella, whatever Mr structured programming had done to me, I have to forgive n forget. Hear this,
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
(insyallah ikhlas)

Well I have to force myself since I will be taking similar subject for the next semester and the next semester and the next entire life.

Since there is only one paper left and I will be coming back home 3 days more, I can’t stop thinking what I am going to do for my holidayyyyyyyy. My hair looks very horrible. Split-ends, my upper hair is turning into black, imagined how I look like with my upper hair is black while the bottom of my hair is bright brown? I look like cat fur. Even my sister said “geli gler rambut kooo dr jauh nampak cam kerinting”. I’m running out of my pimples cream. Oh my life is so rely on it. Eye-bag is my new bff. Craving for a good food ya allah dah muak v3 food. Things to do straight away when I get home:
*I need to dye my color with dark brown.
*Cut –off those freakin split ends.
*New wardrobe make-over? Haha
*A good beauty rest.
*Eat eat eat.
*Outing and dating haha!
*A trip to bali!

I can’t believe the next big thing is I will be a 1st year 2nd semester student? How time flies so fast people. How I wish time will be slower so I can fix things. Any time machine people? Puh-lease la did anyone here know Mr Doremon? I desperately need that thing.

Friday, November 7, 2008

study is my new bff!

today is saturday. waaaa takotnyer my first paper will be on wednesday and waittt i have like 3 days to go? OH NOOOOOOO i'm shivering, my feets are getting cold and oh i'm gasping for air....i can't breathe help me! Oh yeah I know I might sound a little bit exaggerating here, oh it is too much? Indeed, the final is scaring me to death.

Well, I just went back from utp yesterday just for the sake to take my oil and gas test that required 50% from the course marks? What the fish. The test just had 25 questions and it takes like 50% from the marks, does it made sense? Mcm tak adil la kan soalan ciput but the marks take a whole lot more than the final paper marks. Oh mengapa? Katakanlaaaaaaaaaaa.

This time around, I’m having my study week at home for the first time ever compared to my previous semesters. It is much better in some aspects. The food is better, the environment is way comfortable, no need to worry about laundry and I always have my family to support me! So it is quite a stress-free zone. But it still have some drawbacks. I'm missing my cliques to study together and a place or person to ask whenever I’m having problem with #*&^%$@ structured programming yg sungguh kejamm!

okie back to the story i should tell earlier.
It was very early in the morning, I woke up. The test was on 9.45, so mmg kene gerak dari Kl ke UTP like sangat sangat awal. Like fieza said “sapa lambat anak kambeng!”. Gosh, it turned out to be me, I was the late-comer! It was quite suprising as well as flattered to see other friends woke up very early just for the sake of sending me to utp. Wow terima kaseh kawan2! It shows how determined u guys are. Sara lg la pukol 5.30 dah ada kat mcd. But it did not surprised me at all because Sara is like the most punctual person ever I’ve evr met! The secret recipe? Set your watch to be always 5 to 10 minutes earlier. Taraaaaaaaaaaaaa now u can become the sensational Che Sarah! Haha kiddin.

Disebabkan bergerak sangat awl, kami tidak la berkesempatan nak bersarapan. Adala seorang minah tu kecoh je lapar lapar lapar.
All of sudden, jeng jeng jeng they found a tomato at back of my car!!!!!
Hahahahahahahaha huheuheuehueheue huahuahuahauhaua
how on earth there was tomato at my car? Gler mencurigakan.

Fieza said “tahula kteorg lapar tapi tak kan laa kteorg nak makan sebijik tomato je?”
Very very funny incident. A tomato inside the kuda merah car?
don't blame me, ask my mother.

Finally, we managed to arrived at utp before the test started.
Proudly to show around the fantastic environment of utp to my non-utp friends, fieza n illi. then, having breakfast at v3, took the oil and gas test, fieza semangat nak jumpe rakan sekolah dulu, went to uitm to meet our bff kyrie, having lunch at tg corner, borak n gelak mcm kedai makan tu mcm bapak kiteorg punye and send back kyrie to uitm.
finally, we decided it was time to go back to kl already after having a whole lot of fun in our very first roadtrip to utp on the study week? boleh laa.

a tomato inside my car? very funny.

lost n found. tomato!

oh my kungfu panda, my loyal companion.

budak kacamata hehe. thanks babeyh!

thanks illi for taking over the job as the pilot. too tired to drive back, you are my life-savior!

the wonderful utp, tronoh

uitm, bandar sri iskandar.

ketakutan, seram sejuk, perut kecut,
oh hanya final exam bole buat aku rasa sebegini.
study week is almost over, hello the scary final exam!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

hye i'm Tijah the maid.

Study week has already started. Oh yes I am already entering the stress-zone of mine but I will try my best to minimize my stress as much as I can. One of it is blogging because when I can’t read those textbooks anymore at one point, i will grab my laptop and express everything at my blog. Few minutes later, I will be back on track again (reading and studying again). Now, I take a break from just finished chapter 1 Management Organizational Behavior Subject. Okie la kire ade la tu progress! You know I am a very very slow learner, so it will take like almost forever for me to finish studying haha!

Before the study week started, there were so much interesting things happened in my daily-life. I have just graduated from utp!! It means I can get a job now? Ye la tu keje kat petronas petrol pam je la nampaknyerr. It called foundation graduation. I had completed 2 semester of foundation at UTP, that’s all nothing more than that. I cannot use the certificate to apply my dream job. I have to wait another 3 years to finally having a real graduation. I felt honored to be on the chancellor hall stage (first time kot, nak tunggu deanlist x tahu la bler kan). Tuan Rektor gave the certificate to the students, and I heard a crowd cheered for me. (adela bape kerat hehe not famous as other people). The funny part was some of my frens changed their name with other people’s name when they were on stage to obtain the certificate. Lain nama, lain orang. You guys successfully fooled other people kan? Sumeorg tercengang.

Too sad there were not many pictures taken because most of us went back early not even have the change to wait till the refreshment (makan free) dangggggg!
Dup dap dup dap then there was the credited co-q day on Saturday. I joined the drama and theatre, yeah imagined I have to act on the stage? (pelakon paling kaku di dunia). Our group had been chosen to perform on the co-q day eventho we did not want to, but Mr Razali said we can get bonus marks? (4 flat babeyh! as if) .

Everything was unexpected.
The introduction slide cannot appear on the stage, people cannot hear our voice credited to the stupid microphone at MPH, lack of one member due to circumstances that we cannot avoid for god sake and thank god our female friend last minutes willingly to take the character of laki gatal miang , she has to memorize the script a night before the performance, and we did not know how to enter the backstage haha! Finishing the embarrassing moment, there was a huge crowd!
In the end, we did what the best for us and we had fun on the stage! ( walaupun ditolak, ditampar dan diseret sebagai watak Tijah the maid)
how about a round of applause and standing ovation to my group members:
  • sara
  • jufri
  • fatul
  • aza
  • mitchy
  • ain
  • iylia
  • vusi
  • haziq

    Hopefully the Techies Family Day will be bombastic and the awesome family day ever at utp! Apologizing for not being able to be there at Teluk Batik, (want to but cannot). I have to go back to home. Share the pictures and stories guysss!