Friday, November 7, 2008

study is my new bff!

today is saturday. waaaa takotnyer my first paper will be on wednesday and waittt i have like 3 days to go? OH NOOOOOOO i'm shivering, my feets are getting cold and oh i'm gasping for air....i can't breathe help me! Oh yeah I know I might sound a little bit exaggerating here, oh it is too much? Indeed, the final is scaring me to death.

Well, I just went back from utp yesterday just for the sake to take my oil and gas test that required 50% from the course marks? What the fish. The test just had 25 questions and it takes like 50% from the marks, does it made sense? Mcm tak adil la kan soalan ciput but the marks take a whole lot more than the final paper marks. Oh mengapa? Katakanlaaaaaaaaaaa.

This time around, I’m having my study week at home for the first time ever compared to my previous semesters. It is much better in some aspects. The food is better, the environment is way comfortable, no need to worry about laundry and I always have my family to support me! So it is quite a stress-free zone. But it still have some drawbacks. I'm missing my cliques to study together and a place or person to ask whenever I’m having problem with #*&^%$@ structured programming yg sungguh kejamm!

okie back to the story i should tell earlier.
It was very early in the morning, I woke up. The test was on 9.45, so mmg kene gerak dari Kl ke UTP like sangat sangat awal. Like fieza said “sapa lambat anak kambeng!”. Gosh, it turned out to be me, I was the late-comer! It was quite suprising as well as flattered to see other friends woke up very early just for the sake of sending me to utp. Wow terima kaseh kawan2! It shows how determined u guys are. Sara lg la pukol 5.30 dah ada kat mcd. But it did not surprised me at all because Sara is like the most punctual person ever I’ve evr met! The secret recipe? Set your watch to be always 5 to 10 minutes earlier. Taraaaaaaaaaaaaa now u can become the sensational Che Sarah! Haha kiddin.

Disebabkan bergerak sangat awl, kami tidak la berkesempatan nak bersarapan. Adala seorang minah tu kecoh je lapar lapar lapar.
All of sudden, jeng jeng jeng they found a tomato at back of my car!!!!!
Hahahahahahahaha huheuheuehueheue huahuahuahauhaua
how on earth there was tomato at my car? Gler mencurigakan.

Fieza said “tahula kteorg lapar tapi tak kan laa kteorg nak makan sebijik tomato je?”
Very very funny incident. A tomato inside the kuda merah car?
don't blame me, ask my mother.

Finally, we managed to arrived at utp before the test started.
Proudly to show around the fantastic environment of utp to my non-utp friends, fieza n illi. then, having breakfast at v3, took the oil and gas test, fieza semangat nak jumpe rakan sekolah dulu, went to uitm to meet our bff kyrie, having lunch at tg corner, borak n gelak mcm kedai makan tu mcm bapak kiteorg punye and send back kyrie to uitm.
finally, we decided it was time to go back to kl already after having a whole lot of fun in our very first roadtrip to utp on the study week? boleh laa.

a tomato inside my car? very funny.

lost n found. tomato!

oh my kungfu panda, my loyal companion.

budak kacamata hehe. thanks babeyh!

thanks illi for taking over the job as the pilot. too tired to drive back, you are my life-savior!

the wonderful utp, tronoh

uitm, bandar sri iskandar.

ketakutan, seram sejuk, perut kecut,
oh hanya final exam bole buat aku rasa sebegini.
study week is almost over, hello the scary final exam!


jongangsamaella said...

hahahhaha...sonok2...mmg kerbau merah ko serba boleyh.. bwk kete je..driver berak kluar tomato. hahahaha.

kam said...

ella!!!spotted ur blog.when did u made this?