Monday, November 17, 2008

officially 19.

Thank you friends for a very very advanced surprise party on the last friday!!
Yeah I was greatly surprise since my birthday is 4 days to go. I appreciated it a lot that you guys still manage to make me surprise with all those tired and final exam faces. The best part was we had the same blueberry cheese secret recipe cake like the previous year-yeahh my very favorite. Then, we went out for midnight movie. We watched quarantine-gosh that movie ending sucks so hard! The storyline was not that bad but please don’t even mention about the ending. Even my 2 years-old niece can think a better ending for it.

Hahahaa the funny is we had been stopped by policemen while we were on the way to Ipoh because there were so many people at the back of my car.
Policeman 1 ”Ramai sangat kat belakang nie dah overload
Mae ”tak la kami ringan-ringan je”.
Hahahahahahahah in your face(cakap dalam hati)

Wtf they asked us to u-turn at the fly-over in front of us to go back to utp. Then we said " okie, no problem anything for the sake of safety".
Yeah we went straight to Ipoh Parade and sorry la Mr Policemen we did not find any flyover? (buat buat x nampak).
And for god heaven sake, there were two more road-blocks after that. Haha the first roadblock we managed to escape by me acting selamba and asked my friends at the back to act sleeping. Tgh gelak gelak then sumer senyap tidooo. The second roadblock was we managed to escape by finding another road! It was 2.00 am by the time we arrived at utp, we went straight to sleep.

Terima kaseh iylia, sara, eli, nad, mae, kawan kawan korang la ratu hatiku.


cerra said...

hoh hoh.tggl co paper je ella!
then lari blk KL!wohoo!
anywayy,happy 19th birthday to dearest friend.
blk nnt celebrate kat KL la okay.
may u have a splendid year ahead.
all the best from me.
lots of love!

mrs camillo said...

lagi satu perkara comel...
kelakar sunggo~~

Rosso said...

happy 19th.

Amek course ape ek skang?


-Amar. Visit mine kalo rajen.