Sunday, November 2, 2008

hye i'm Tijah the maid.

Study week has already started. Oh yes I am already entering the stress-zone of mine but I will try my best to minimize my stress as much as I can. One of it is blogging because when I can’t read those textbooks anymore at one point, i will grab my laptop and express everything at my blog. Few minutes later, I will be back on track again (reading and studying again). Now, I take a break from just finished chapter 1 Management Organizational Behavior Subject. Okie la kire ade la tu progress! You know I am a very very slow learner, so it will take like almost forever for me to finish studying haha!

Before the study week started, there were so much interesting things happened in my daily-life. I have just graduated from utp!! It means I can get a job now? Ye la tu keje kat petronas petrol pam je la nampaknyerr. It called foundation graduation. I had completed 2 semester of foundation at UTP, that’s all nothing more than that. I cannot use the certificate to apply my dream job. I have to wait another 3 years to finally having a real graduation. I felt honored to be on the chancellor hall stage (first time kot, nak tunggu deanlist x tahu la bler kan). Tuan Rektor gave the certificate to the students, and I heard a crowd cheered for me. (adela bape kerat hehe not famous as other people). The funny part was some of my frens changed their name with other people’s name when they were on stage to obtain the certificate. Lain nama, lain orang. You guys successfully fooled other people kan? Sumeorg tercengang.

Too sad there were not many pictures taken because most of us went back early not even have the change to wait till the refreshment (makan free) dangggggg!
Dup dap dup dap then there was the credited co-q day on Saturday. I joined the drama and theatre, yeah imagined I have to act on the stage? (pelakon paling kaku di dunia). Our group had been chosen to perform on the co-q day eventho we did not want to, but Mr Razali said we can get bonus marks? (4 flat babeyh! as if) .

Everything was unexpected.
The introduction slide cannot appear on the stage, people cannot hear our voice credited to the stupid microphone at MPH, lack of one member due to circumstances that we cannot avoid for god sake and thank god our female friend last minutes willingly to take the character of laki gatal miang , she has to memorize the script a night before the performance, and we did not know how to enter the backstage haha! Finishing the embarrassing moment, there was a huge crowd!
In the end, we did what the best for us and we had fun on the stage! ( walaupun ditolak, ditampar dan diseret sebagai watak Tijah the maid)
how about a round of applause and standing ovation to my group members:
  • sara
  • jufri
  • fatul
  • aza
  • mitchy
  • ain
  • iylia
  • vusi
  • haziq

    Hopefully the Techies Family Day will be bombastic and the awesome family day ever at utp! Apologizing for not being able to be there at Teluk Batik, (want to but cannot). I have to go back to home. Share the pictures and stories guysss!


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