Monday, November 17, 2008

I love structured programming. yes i do!

Why structured programming is so cruel and harmful? It could leads to a temporary brain damage.

Alrite as usual I like to exaggerate things so it looks like a whole big deal but the fact it is just a tiny itsy-bitsy matter is it kan? Well this time around it could affect my future. (wow I am being optimistic!, if my mom read this she must be proud of her spoilt-brat daughter) I don’t know either I’m the only one who keep complaining and nagging about it or every single person who takes programming has the same situation like me? (please please crossing finger)

I just finished my structured programming today. And I cursed almost all the *&%#@ words that it should be banned to write it down in the blog.(while I don’t said it loud, cursing silently haha) susah yang amat sangat rokhmah oiiii!(f.y.i our lecturer). My biggest fear is to repeat the whole paper all over again? Oh tidaakkkkk I’m so a dead meat.

The paper is a new syllabus and we are the first batch to be introduced around 5 new chapters kot that the previous batch did not learnt.(sunnguh tak aci, walaupun aci di India). Recursion, pointers, link list, dynamic array and what-so-ever which it does not made sense to learn all the new chapters in one semester? Even I heard thru my friends that the lecturer need to take 3 months to fully covered and understand the topic recursion. If he need 3 months, then we what? 30 years never completed? Anak cucu dah berenek renek, we still can’t figure it out what the heck it is.

The lab programming instructor had said those words that should not even suppose to come out from his mouth. No future in ********* what?! Hopefully mulut dier x cukup masin so that what he said do not come true. If structured programming is a person, I will be kicking his ass-off! Tendang terajang ketok ketok ar! The weird is in the last semester, I don’t have problem with structured programming. In fact, I managed to get B. B stands for Bole laa for orang yg selalu cut and paste kat lab? Haha. But this semester, shit I did like crap!

Dah dah stop ella, whatever Mr structured programming had done to me, I have to forgive n forget. Hear this,
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
I love structured programming.
(insyallah ikhlas)

Well I have to force myself since I will be taking similar subject for the next semester and the next semester and the next entire life.

Since there is only one paper left and I will be coming back home 3 days more, I can’t stop thinking what I am going to do for my holidayyyyyyyy. My hair looks very horrible. Split-ends, my upper hair is turning into black, imagined how I look like with my upper hair is black while the bottom of my hair is bright brown? I look like cat fur. Even my sister said “geli gler rambut kooo dr jauh nampak cam kerinting”. I’m running out of my pimples cream. Oh my life is so rely on it. Eye-bag is my new bff. Craving for a good food ya allah dah muak v3 food. Things to do straight away when I get home:
*I need to dye my color with dark brown.
*Cut –off those freakin split ends.
*New wardrobe make-over? Haha
*A good beauty rest.
*Eat eat eat.
*Outing and dating haha!
*A trip to bali!

I can’t believe the next big thing is I will be a 1st year 2nd semester student? How time flies so fast people. How I wish time will be slower so I can fix things. Any time machine people? Puh-lease la did anyone here know Mr Doremon? I desperately need that thing.


nasz said...

mr doraemon tu my fren la. nak kenal ke ngan die?? tp kalo membe ngan die u must provide donut byk2 ah. (",)

Piggy said...

i still hate structured programming grrrr