Tuesday, September 16, 2008


hello peeps oh i love youuuuuu anyone who is reading my blog because it is either u show some love yawwwwww or u r just a plain stalker? haha no la i appreciated it a lot if u reading mine cz don't worry i might read yours too. today is wednesday and i'm listening to 7 things by miley cyrus. i'm obssesed with this song and i kept listening to it more than 10 times a day!!

in a car, 7 things. in toilet, 7 things. in class, 7 things.

everywhere and everytime the song is stuck on my head! (dan juga lagu celcom yg "because is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee".) yeeah i know the song is more for the kids who are still have a crush on backstreet boys or nysnc ke( well i still do now-boybands rocks my sandall!) entah la kenapa lagu 7 THINGS konon nyer hebat bagi ella. because the lyrics? partially.

oh yesterday i went for MOB lecture. (management organizational behaviour). the subject is so cool even the lecturer Mr Allen is a way coolerrrrrrrr and he often said "is it cool right?"

uh-uh tronoh is super-duper hot.( sounds like someone blog kan kan?) . the lecturer is from canada but he's been staying here more than 10 years already and married to malaysian. he was pretty adapt to the culture in Malaysia and he is indeed a very very nice person.

talking about last lecture, we have learnt about MASLOW'S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS.

interesting bukan kawan-kawan?
PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDS- first thing popped out my mind is foodddddd. when we hungry, we eat. when we eat, we full erkkkk kenyang. when we kenyang, we feel good. when we feel good, we happy! like people always said we are what we eat. i am more to "hidup untuk makan".
terok bukan? yes i am very super-skinny but my desire for food is so big even the big-mac looks like a piece of kuaci. (amboi amboi tu melampau).

there was dis one time a chinese sales girl asked "ish ish manyak kurus la x makan ke?"

i was okie with whatsoever she said(dah imune) but then my mom was pissed-off.

my mom replied" if x makan, mati laaa".

gulp, tertelan air liur salesgirl tu.( dier agak berbadan besar)

i have a huge apetite so if u r asking for a date, bw la tempat-tempat yg sedap n murah. i don't like fancy restaurant, maple cukupp.

SAFETY NEEDS- It is about security and proctection. talking about security, ingat pulak pakcik-makcik guard UTP yg suke sngt saman kete kuda-merah ella. they summoned me twice already and psst pstt i have not pay any single reciept yet. first when i was still in foundation 1st sem and the second one was during this sem for parking at the yellow box at v3. blame v3 for having less space to park. kene park kat tepi2 tu mcm nak gi kenduri kawen lak. hehehe can i wait to pay the summon till i graduated? terok betol ella nie. the reason they did maybe because to make us feel safe n proctected ye ke? but pakcik makcik guard are still my unsung heroes!

without them, we don't have all the safety needs in utp.

SOCIAL NEEDS- Okis this is the most interesting part for everyone. we desprately need this one. if not, we will be living in despair. living in the another side of world. lost in crowd. oh i can't imagined for not having friends at all. eventho i don't have too many friends since i'm not the loveable type that everyone wnats to make friends with, atleast we need to rely on some people to cope with life.

ella nie sebenarnyer ramai orang x suke which i dunno why, cuma takot kene tikam belakang je sbb dah selalu sngt kenee. L.O.V.E is a very strong word. yes we need to be loved and has the sense of belonging. hope you yes you will understand what i want alrite?

ESTEEM NEED- i have a very low low of self-esteem trust me i don't lie. i dont like to walk in the middle of cafe when all the head turned on you. but the fact is i am so not the head-turner like other pretty girlss. i don't like to seek for attention.

if i dressed nicely or slightly konon2 dress-to-kill la to go out to the malls or any special events,

i nagged. " uishh x suka la pakai baju nie, nampak pelik nanti org tengok je"

my bro replied" ko nie ella perasan org tgk ko jeeee, xde eh"

i said" bukan tu la ngok, x suka seek for attention"

to make things even difficult, having a super-hot sister. don't get it wrong, i love my sisterrrrrrr.
she is the only one who understand how weird i am as a person. she's pretty, she's intelligent one in the family(9a's for spm), she's nice person( slalu nyer menang award for loveable person) and she even look younger than me hehe. she is everything i am not.
when people start to compare, well self-esteem turun dgn mendadak laaaa. masalahnyer emma nie pon having the same problem jugak- super low self esteem!

it could be the genetics kot.

SELF-ACTUALISATION. this is something to do inside your soul. Mr Allen said it is a feeling that comes when we reach the certain level to become the best possible person u can be. okie this is i don't understand what-the fish he was talking bout. it could be the reason at that time it was already 6.00pm (bazaar dah menunguuuu) or it could be i do not achieved the self-actualisation yet? yes i agreed.

it was fun to learn MOB espcially when you were tired of seeing the numbers calculation or the codes we have to program, learning MOB is one life-therapy that helps you to cool-down ur stress u had for learning other the difficult subjects. kepada budak engineering utp, amik la subject nie if u have lack of credit hours. i bet braniac people like u guys don't have a problem scoring on MOB!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

alangkah gembira hidup ini.

alangkah gembira hidup ini,
if people don't fake and try to be honest in everything they do,
so we know the truth and we'll not be living in a lie.

alangkah gembira hidup ini,
if people are who they are in front of your eyes,
so we know they did not talk bad things about you behind ur back.

alangkah gembira hidup ini,
if all the good things do not comes to an end,
so we don't give high hopes.

alangkah gembira hidup ini,
if all people have a big heart and all the kindness in the world,
so we can learn to forgive and forget.

alangkah gembira hidup ini,
if people can give a seconce chance,
so i can learn to care and to be cared.

alangkah gembira hidup ini,
if i stop being such a emo and nagging about life,
so i can live life to the fullest!
chaiyok chaiyok!

Friday, September 12, 2008

telling what to who.

whenever i was happy, i told that person.
whenever i was sad, i told that person.
whenever i was scared, i told that person.
whenever i was hungry, i told dat person.
i told the particular person everything... but i did not tell what it feels inside my heart.

how i wish i could tell everything to the another particular person but the another particular person is just not there when i need one. however,if i don't have that person or the another particular person will never be that person i hope for, i still have the blog to tell. hehehehe

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

10 TIMES mum does know best!

my mum is not always right when it comes to pick the clothes that looks like a girl wearing a 40-years old woman blouse or sometimes my mum pointed a wrong guy as your bf or future husband ang go saying he's cute but the fact is he is so notttttt. my mum does not know anthing bout my assignments but she did know my cgpa and she's pretty satisfied with my last sem result. BUT THERE IS SOMETHING MY MUM IS SO RIGHT ABOUT...........WHICH ARE

1)BAD BOYS ARE BAD when your mum says this, believe her. she's been around the male species way longer than you- so she's a bit more of an expert with how they work. We won't deny there is something hugely appealing about a bad boy.( chuck bass i'm meltinggg) but if a guy is going to lead you astray, then he's not worth the time, effort or trouble. there is this particular guy my mum recently said "dier budak baik la but if bole kawan je la ye" hahaha ye ye mummy risau jee.

-my mom said.

2) THE PEOPLE WHO ARE YOUR FRIENDS NOW, MIGHT NOT BE LATER Friends will come and go throughout your life, so just coz you may have had a fight with someone in your group doesn't mean it's the end of the world as you know it.

- my mom said.

(well for me friends are forever, boys are whatever! but in certain cases, i get annoyed too with friends.)

3) SCHOOL'S IMPORTANT i've been hearing this since i was just 5 minutes born kot. u have to get good grades if not bla bla blaa. well everymom do that rite? if you're acing recess, but failing everything else, it might be time to get your act together when it comes to school. the things you're learning now will teach you skills and habits that you're going to need later on life.

-my mom said.

4) IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD Whether you've had your heart broken(oh yesss!), got a bad marks, or have a pimple the size of the squash ball on your cheek(bongok la jerawat niee), the important to remember is that it's going to be okay. it may seem like a big deal at the time, but it will really pass.

-my mom said.

5) ABOUT THE DREAM SON-IN-LAW Hearing your mum utter anything related to "nanti mamy nak menantu anak dato ke, if bole baik la hormat org2 tua, mamy xsuke sngt org dr negeri *tut tut*, family background mesti org baik2 n so onnn...." may make me want to reach the nearest bucket to hide wahai mamy sayang i'm still 19 lambat lagi kot nak pikir psl kahwin, but the above warning is quite true. my mom always said nowadays it is hard to find a guy who really cares about only youu not looking after other thing. most often if he's too good to be true, then you may have to start questioning why. YAY if it's cz he's crazy about you, NOT SO YAY if it's coz he's just after one thing.

-my mom said.

6)YOU'RE SPECIAL Whilst it may seem like your mum is kinda obligated to say this as it would break some kind of parenting law if she didn't. it is true. my mom loves me unconditionally, is always there for me, and believe in me, 100 percent!!!

-my mom said.


sorry i don't call you back whenever i don't pick up your calls when i was in class. eventho u like to membebel(ella pun suke membebel), ur membebel is the one makes me a better person in the world!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

random favourite.

12.17 am.
at home.
listening to 7 things by miley cyrus.(i know i'm 5 years old girl at heart, i'm pretty like dis song)

hello worldddddd. how are you my super-darling bloggers and blog-readers and blog-stalkers(well i used to be). i am fasting so i could not care less about my hobby which is eating food, so the next best thing is to blog. blog je kejee kan? padahal before this i never had a diary to write for. now i have one, my public diary! sometimes i feel embarassed jugak to let someone i dun know to read about me esp whenever i wrote something more personal. but lantak pi apa aku heran haha! btw, this time around, i am going to blog what i like as my most favourite thing.
  1. fav thing to do when i went back home
  2. fav companion
  3. fav poetry
  4. fav phrase
  5. fav song
currently. i've been watching lots of cartoon with my brother and sister and suprisingly my mom? espcially when i went back home. one of my favourite for the time being are
  1. TOM AND JERRY-cartoon yg paling lawak sekali dalam dunia, the sponge bob comes in da 2nd place. i think jerry is a way nakal than the tom. jerry always had those evil plan to kick the tom bad ass haha! suka tgk muka tom yg senyum lebar bler nak kenakan si jerry tu, tp tgk tgk tom tu yg kene balik kecian. i nvr heard their voice kan? they only chase around to kill each other with the music background. i'm a tom n jerry big fan!
  2. THE SIMPSONS-no doubt bout simpsons is the coolest and wackiest family ever. they are yellow super-cool human! eventho homer could be the stupiest person ever and tahu nak minum duff beer dier je, if u really see da series, he is actually a good father, well he gives an effort.( minus when he choke his son, bart) marge simspons has the coolest hair-do.i only wait for paris hilton or kate moss to do the marge simpsons hair-do, sure it will be the next it-hairstyle and marge simspson is the trendsetter.

best woo layan cartoon. my heart is pouding happily to watch any cartoon. as i said before, i'm a 5 years old girl at heart. that is why i've been complaint before i'm not matured enuff. soory i like being kids who does not? owhh ada kot. whenever erina is around, bole layan tom tom bak!

did u guys know i'm totally in love..........with po from kungfu panda!! he is so adorable and the most cutest less-bulu panda i've ever seeenn!!!!! i have him as my companion in my kuda merah car. anytime u pass by my car, u shud go look for my kungfupanda sticking on the mirror. comelll haiyakkk! (soon to be upload the picture of kungfu panda.....tunggu)

this is one of the poetry i have falling all over again and again and again. i guess u guys are familiar with dis one from the movie acted by in the loving memory of heath ledger. yeahh the poem do mean sumthing to me and for someone who use to meant something. shhhh. the last part of it- i adore.

i hate the way you talk to me,

and the way you cut your hair.

I hate the way you drive my car,

I hate it when you stare.

I hate your big dumb combat boots and the way you read my mind.

I hate you so much it makes me sick,it even makes me rhyme.

I hate the way you're always right,

I hate it when you lie.

I hate it when you make me laugh,even worse when you make me cry.

I hate it when you're not around, and the fact that you didn't call.

But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you,

not even close…not even a little bit… not even at all.

comel kan poem dier? suka suka!

"you are my part-time lover and a full time friend"

phrase from the movie juno.

last but not least, da song you are listening right now is one of my all-time favourite song instead of sempurna by andra and the backbones. the song is wondefully magical!! i know it is kind of the guy song but i can't stop listening to it, it is stuck on my head 24 hours! okie tipula la tu 24 hoursss.