Tuesday, September 9, 2008

10 TIMES mum does know best!

my mum is not always right when it comes to pick the clothes that looks like a girl wearing a 40-years old woman blouse or sometimes my mum pointed a wrong guy as your bf or future husband ang go saying he's cute but the fact is he is so notttttt. my mum does not know anthing bout my assignments but she did know my cgpa and she's pretty satisfied with my last sem result. BUT THERE IS SOMETHING MY MUM IS SO RIGHT ABOUT...........WHICH ARE

1)BAD BOYS ARE BAD when your mum says this, believe her. she's been around the male species way longer than you- so she's a bit more of an expert with how they work. We won't deny there is something hugely appealing about a bad boy.( chuck bass i'm meltinggg) but if a guy is going to lead you astray, then he's not worth the time, effort or trouble. there is this particular guy my mum recently said "dier budak baik la but if bole kawan je la ye" hahaha ye ye mummy risau jee.

-my mom said.

2) THE PEOPLE WHO ARE YOUR FRIENDS NOW, MIGHT NOT BE LATER Friends will come and go throughout your life, so just coz you may have had a fight with someone in your group doesn't mean it's the end of the world as you know it.

- my mom said.

(well for me friends are forever, boys are whatever! but in certain cases, i get annoyed too with friends.)

3) SCHOOL'S IMPORTANT i've been hearing this since i was just 5 minutes born kot. u have to get good grades if not bla bla blaa. well everymom do that rite? if you're acing recess, but failing everything else, it might be time to get your act together when it comes to school. the things you're learning now will teach you skills and habits that you're going to need later on life.

-my mom said.

4) IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD Whether you've had your heart broken(oh yesss!), got a bad marks, or have a pimple the size of the squash ball on your cheek(bongok la jerawat niee), the important to remember is that it's going to be okay. it may seem like a big deal at the time, but it will really pass.

-my mom said.

5) ABOUT THE DREAM SON-IN-LAW Hearing your mum utter anything related to "nanti mamy nak menantu anak dato ke, if bole baik la hormat org2 tua, mamy xsuke sngt org dr negeri *tut tut*, family background mesti org baik2 n so onnn...." may make me want to reach the nearest bucket to hide wahai mamy sayang i'm still 19 lambat lagi kot nak pikir psl kahwin, but the above warning is quite true. my mom always said nowadays it is hard to find a guy who really cares about only youu not looking after other thing. most often if he's too good to be true, then you may have to start questioning why. YAY if it's cz he's crazy about you, NOT SO YAY if it's coz he's just after one thing.

-my mom said.

6)YOU'RE SPECIAL Whilst it may seem like your mum is kinda obligated to say this as it would break some kind of parenting law if she didn't. it is true. my mom loves me unconditionally, is always there for me, and believe in me, 100 percent!!!

-my mom said.


sorry i don't call you back whenever i don't pick up your calls when i was in class. eventho u like to membebel(ella pun suke membebel), ur membebel is the one makes me a better person in the world!


adeera azman said...

sangaaaaatttt btol ellalalala ! sbb tu Ibu kena approve our bf, kan kan kan ? hehehe.

suma Ibu, Mamy, Umi macam tu bebeh !

and you know whattt, WE will too ! YAY !

skinny jeans ?
Zara give you the best (:

i loikeee, tapi takle pakai :(
no butt :'(

eli.suhaili said...

bool TRUE 100% lah ella !

you should post another four points lah kawan.
(itulah, sibuk nak pegi bazaar je :P)

ella elma said...

betolll the mom's approval is the most important. umi adeera dah approve faruq? hehe
alaa ella pun xde bontot pakai je org kurus pakai lawaaaa.

merajuk ngan eli x jadi pegi bazaar ngan ella.
(xnak menari jari dah)

adeera azman said...

Ibu approooooveee ;DD

sudah lama kami berkawan, sudah lama Ibu tahu. hehehe.

hes like part of the family ;DD

eli.suhaili said...

ahahah ! alaaa...nak tengok ella menari nari macam tuh lagi ! :P

*jum jum pergi bazaar batu gajah jap lg :D

illi fatin said...

wow.its interesting when illi baca this blog.yup.ur mum is 100 percent right.sometimes,our mum is our true friends.they hear our probs,they also give advices that sometimes annoying us.;p.btw,i miss u lah mamy ella.ngeee.