Friday, September 12, 2008

telling what to who.

whenever i was happy, i told that person.
whenever i was sad, i told that person.
whenever i was scared, i told that person.
whenever i was hungry, i told dat person.
i told the particular person everything... but i did not tell what it feels inside my heart.

how i wish i could tell everything to the another particular person but the another particular person is just not there when i need one. however,if i don't have that person or the another particular person will never be that person i hope for, i still have the blog to tell. hehehehe


adeera azman said...

you are so damn true ;DD

lynntermizi said...

hehe..btul btul btul ella,kdg2 ble kt rase mcm xd spe yg ad utk dgr cerita2 kite xkesahla yg sdeyh,gembira atau cerita mrepek,kt taw kt ad blog utk share sume nieyh!ahaks!update more sweetheart!