Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nice is a good word for you.

It was nice when someone knew how terrible sometimes life is because the person is having the same thing too. The person texted what time u went back today just so then we can share how horrible our day was. It was nice when the person layan all the craps and kebudakan in-me. When I take a break from my work and sudden having the person to say hye and joined u ate muffin. Well it was pretty nice though. =D

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Count on me

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea,
I'll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see,
I'll be the light to guide you
Find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like 1 2 3
I'll be there
And I know when I need it I can count on you like 4 3 2
And you'll be there
Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah
If you toss and you turn and you just can't fall asleep
I'll sing a song
beside you
And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me
Everyday I will
remind you

Such a tiring 7 months but worth it!

Last last Thursday was quite a day and I just have time to blog about it now.

I think I almost puke at the client's place and my head was so dizzy. Early morning, I went to the office then met with Senior Manager at Starbucks KL Sentral for a work discussion then when to Hilton hotel to pick up the auditor from PwC German and then when back to office again.

I have to assist auditor from PwC Germany who is so good looking and polite and mcm innocent pown ada ngeee. Cant resist his blue eyes, handsomenyaaaaaaaaaaa. I have to bring him and showed the office around, find a cable for him. He even came to my place to ask a favor where he can actually ask from other senior manager who just sat beside him but he walked all the way to my place. *meltinmeltin*

I think he knows la Im an intern because he asked“how long have u work in Pwc?”
I lying said “nearly 1 years”.
“Hmm means you graduated from university and then joined?” he asked.
I lying said again “Yes”.

Heheheeee.Okie enough of german guy story.

Then, from office i need to go to the client place at ara damansara. I have to walk under the rain without an umbrella on the way to my parking lot. Im in rushin kesian kan? Luckily, my senior manager lended his gps. If not, sesat ke mana ntah samapi ipoh pown bole jadi. Hehee. Thanks boss!

The work is so difficult this time, way different of what I have did before.It is way so financial for me! And im a bit slow laaaaaaaa sobsob.
Conclusion, the day was so stresseddddddddddddddd!

I feel like crying actually because I need to go all of this all by myself. Walking under the rain alone, driving to client place alone, working at the client place alone(later joined by senior).Well, that’s life as an auditor. And Im bravely said it here. Im might not be joining any audit firm in the future. It is such a good experiences but for a spoilt like me, haha it’s okie.

Well I fell much better now as few people in the firm started to appreciate my work, not everyone la. The partner of PwC sent me a candy gram with a note personally written sayin "Thanks for ur contribution, it is nice to have you on board ".My senior manager also said they look as me as a resource, not as just an intern.Lately my bonding with all the seniors also looked pretty good. =)

*winkwink* kembang bontot.
Im proud to choose PwC as my internship placement and there is no such regret!

Super daddy's girl.

Last Saturday I went to the concert. Fuyoooooo concert so did i went jump and n down and been squished in the crowd? Haha well not dat kind of concert I went to. It was Erina's concert day and graduation day. See even 4 years old kid had graduated and when the heck will I be graduated? Ngeee next year amik kau pastu kene keje nooooo.

Erina was being superly awesome on the stage with not a single shy look. She was super confident and did not scared at all to see the crowd in front. She performed the endang dance from minangkabau. The stepdance was pretty difficult for a 4 years old. Imagned she was the only 4 years old to be in the group of 5 and 6 years old. She was the youngest and been given the trust to lead the show by introducing the group at the early show before they perform. It was like emcee laaaa. So adorableeee!

How proud of arwah daddy to see you turn out to be such an independent and intelligent girl. She was so brave and determined to make it perfect. You guys had to see how serious she practised? You cannot even laughed a bit at her if  not she will make dat fierce face or angin dtg dier datang pukol you guys hehee. It means she so serious to make it work and success. See kid nowadays are so competitive, well I like it!

Well Im might sounds a bit over-excited auntie kan? However, it was so touched by heart to see Erina performed last Saturday. I feel like crying but managed to pretend macho

Erina you reminds us so much of your daddy, 100%! And I miss him more than anything.

Showing off her picture.

 Me and mummy attended the concert.

Maksu is proud of you budak kecik.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I'll stay by your side.

People will wonder why I’m still not attached with anyone now? Hmm that’s pretty much a big question to myself too. People would said jual mahal la, choosy la, perasan bagus ke. I think i’m not even close to that well that’s what I think la I dunno what  else people will think about me. If I want to be in relationship, I like to be with someone who I trusts and we will be able to make each other smile without trying-so-hard, you know all those fake things the couple did which gonna lasts only for 4-5 months and fade away, Im not gonna fall for that. Let it be the chemistry naturally goes by its way. I’m not a person who just likes the idea of having boyfriend. Because you still can survive and live your life. I know some people complaint how miserable your life is. However, if you have your family to spend time with and your friends to do your crazy thing together, it would be simply awesome.

Well i know it sucks sometime, Im not gonna lie. But do u want to get ur heartbroken toward the end just the fact you cant stop chasing the idea of having boyfriend? Let the love find you, not you find for love. Unless you want something like one night stand, then go ahead, But if u want someone to stay longer with and even perhaps to grow older with(see how optimistic I am) like me, what can we do? Patiently wait and pray to Him.

Some people just born lucky to have the loyal companion without ever trying. However, I need no worries, I don’t have to be anxious. Well I admit it crossed my mind few times but I let myself to accept it and be calm.
Because I know Him has plan something better for each of us.
Only our love to Him gonna lasts forever and eternity.
There is no such thing as you're everything to me, except for Him. Only him.

So jom sumer nyanyi lagu "all the single ladies all the single ladies put ur hands up! Ooh ohh ohh ohhh" *Doing the Beyonce's sexy moves"*
=D =D =D

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cut out the blur geek.

I always had a funny experience with my seniors in PwC. Is either they will think Im very blur and slow or funny. I think blur and slow will fits more me.

There was this one time we had dinner in Bangsar Village Centre after long working hours in Menara TM. We had a nice dinner with the manager and other associates. So, the restaurant was having 10% discount if we have the cimb credit card. So the manager asked us if any of us is having CIMB credit card which all us shook their head “No”. Then I thought I might have it and said “Which one eh the green or the red one? The green is the Islamic one and the red one is the common one”. Then they were like huh? Apa la budak nie merepek. They I started to show my ATM card. They were burst into laughing. Malu nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Yes, proven Im so blur and slow. Untill now, sometimes they still made joke of it. Huhu.

Then there is this one more story. My seniors were about to have lunch at one restaurant just behind the Victoria Station in Damansara. I was not going because I was going to have lunch with my friends. So I asked him “Are guys going to eat Victoria Secret or other place?” Then, he went laughed like no one business. Malunyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Luckily, there was only one person who heard it. Then, the whole day we were talking about lingerie stuff. Victoria secret laaa, sloggi laaaa. We also interpreted the topic like we are auditing it. We should have mitigated control on this thing because blab la bla no exceptions on sloggi blalalalala. Nonsense glerrrr and until now he teased about it. Dang.

At suden's sister wedding at Dewan Sri Hendon, Putrajaya.
Nice wedding i should say. =)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Eduardo Saverin is so hot-nerd!

Dear blog,
For the past few days I have no mood at all to blog. Ive opened my blog few times and attempted to write some thing but then it failed. I tried it again on the next day and click the new post, then I just looking at the laptop while my fingers hanging there waiting to write something. In the end, I failed again to blog.

Now, Im forcing my self to blog haha. Because I do love my blog and i dont want it to be left it alone like what I did to my tumblr. Ngeeee I decided to have my own tumblr but it only last long few days. so, I decided to only put my devoted on blog n fb.

Haaaaa talking about fb. I just watched The Social Networking. The story is about the facebook founder.Yerp, Im enjoyed watching the movies especially they have super-cute nerds! You guys know that how I cant resist cute nerds, so my boy-type. I think the story was more on one-side story. More on Eduardo's side(other co-founder who then had a feud with Mark) espcially the story adapted from the book "The Accidental Billionaire" where the story was given by Eduardo himself. That's why some people said it the movie was the-cold-revenge. So, the story potrays the bad side of Mark. However in the end we all knows the movie is about the super-genious-youngest-bilionaire, Mark. So no matter how they potrayed the villain Mark, he is the one who create Facebook.

Even the Mark said the movie was fiction. The girl Erica is not even exist in the real life as he is dating the same girl before he created facebook untill now. Hollywood will always be hollywood. They will for sure will not making movies if the story is only about bunch of teenagers do programming coding in their own dorm the popped out Facebook? Spice it up the stories will make the movie go box-office.
Tapi paling penting, Eduardo is so hot-nerds!!! Either the eduardo-in-the-movie or the real eduardo.
Harvard grad,economic background, good-nerd-looking, loyal-kind-hearted(as what potrayed in the movie la) and billionaire(haha), so what more a girl could ask? Heheheeeee nerd is so cool!

Owh yeah work is fun this week. Eventhough Im still working for my previous-not-so-excitin client, but the seniors are the best. We have our work discussed(konon) in Midvalley while looking for iphone and ipad heheheeeee. They are the younger senior so i should say they are still young at heart. So, you know how young people work? Fun! =D

Oh guys I have my braces on my teeth already ngeeeeee. It looks cute but it feels painful! Seriously it feels lke putting a needle inside your mouth while eating.I think the painful gonna fades away from day to day. If not, i will becoming more thin laa like this because I cant eat solid food. Dun want maaaaaaa.