Sunday, May 30, 2010

i 'batu' you all.

mmg terbaekkkkk la sumer gang spontan ulu cepor. it is one of the best trip and i will miss this when we will be away from each other for 8 months.
hafiz laaa time 2 hours before Internet Programming final exam he asked at gtalk " nak bbq tak sabtu nie?"
without hesitation " bole gak nak nak join".

tadaaaaaaaaa, it was all last minit plan to ulu cepor. sorry girlssss cannot make it to join u guys bertungkus lumus wat sandwich n bihunnnn, sorry sangat!

the part x boleh blaaaa is the 'batu' session. ngokngek laaa korg mana laaa ella tahu 'batu' tu bentuk apaaa.
dah kene pangkat minah blur sorg. but still is is so shwettttttttttttttttt! mmg ella 'batu' korg sumer very much.
beeha mmg kelakar okieeee soklan you, it was straightfoward, dah tersipu sipu sorg mamat nie. =P

the ayams yg korg marinade pakai baldi mcm basuh baju tu yg konon korg marinade ayam kt bilik air, bihun sedap dr tengku , scramble egg, kopok lekor wafi 'goreng' and sumer sedap sedap.

eventho ade satu accident yg meglibatkan mamat hero moto besar to the rescue, tp xpe laaa thing happened janji we all had fun!

thanks adeera, eli, tengku, piqa, ada, beeha, hafiz, rudy, zahid, wafi, jugah, kecik, hakim, khir, hadi.
 and good luck for the remaining papers and intern!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Listen to this.

Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now

Hayley Williams I Love You for god sake!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

forgot one paper!

this coming Tuesday is my 5th paper and the last paper of final exam. So I was like "eh only 5 paper this sem?". So, I went checked my final exam slip to check the subjects I have taken for this sem. "eh i take 6 subject laaaa! where is the another subject?"
okie dah cuak cuak mana la tahu if i forgot to attend any fo the exam, terlanjak tidoooo or x sedar keee. so i look thru the slip again, "eh laaaaaaa PCS where got final exam paper maaaaaaaaaaaaa, mamai la ko nie ella pi tido balik"

fuhhhhhhhhhhhh *sigh of relief* lega lega. Oh PCS you made cuak already.
nevertheless, i miss PCS classssssssssss!
serious x tipowwww. It is the class where I am looking foward to go and it is such a stress-reliever by going to this class. Credits to who? of course la Mr Razol!
and the gang of pcs too. sumer sempoi abissssss.

There is this one time I was presenting the slides and I said "This part will be presented later by the aizuddin". Then all people went laughing including Mr Razol yg suke wat muka pelik pelik tu. So I was like in my mind " apsal dieorg gelak gelak nie zip seluar terbukak ke?  eh okie je". So, I proceed with the presentation, ignore whatever they are laughing. In the end of the presentation, I said it again " Now, I would pass it to the next presenter, the aizzudin. Then they all went laughed again, kuat kot. okie ella dah start bengang with selamba nyer said "asal korg gelak gelak nie? x paham la korg nie". hey cik ella u tgh present kot tetiber terkluar bahasa kebangsaan bahasa melayu haha.

then, i went to my seat besida sara, left with my mind wondering. then i asked sara "kenapa dieorg gelak?" sara said" sbb ella ckp the aizzudin. if a person, mana ada pakai word "the". aizzudin tu bukan object la ella".

hahahahahahahahahahaha sumpah maluuuuuu. u know what the best part is? our lecturer, Mr Razol went membahan me the whole semester!!!! whenever he want to call me "Heylo 'the zuhaila'. when u want to submit draft outline 'the zuhaila'?"
gerammmmmmmmmmmmmmm but still it is funny.

so to get him back(in your face! hehe), ella with no any intended (x sengaja and x perasan) actually mispelled his name Mr Razor instead of Mr Razol. hahahhahah the razor thingy to shave? hehe sorry my mistake.

oh i miss PCS!

time we web-camwhoring nie
there is actually other people was presenting in front.
so dlm senyap2 nie snap snap.

see dis picture?

so stop using plastic bag!!
(<----------- okie this is actually my topic for persuasive presentation)
cliche kan? padahal gune je plastic.


yipeeee merdeka well half-merdeka I should said. Our last paper was on Wednesday and the next and the last paper of this semester(after this there is no more final exam for 8 months) is on the next Monday.
5 days of gap. lepas tuuuuu =D =D =D

spas wait for it wait for it tik.

lookkkkkkk at our hand, hitam legam.

tangan cam baru lepas repair kete kan?
blame the bowl center at JJ.

Perut dah buncit after a big lunch at Kenny's Rogers and a whole long of conversation. Good foods with a exciting conversation is always the best la gang! and as usual I lost the bowling game to Jufri and Sara. expected kot! And on the night, roomies, roomies dpn bilik and I watched the Shrek 4. this is the last Shrek movie? alaaa i want more of Shrek. it was worth-watching movie.

and plan fo Todayyyyyy, I woke at 9.30am(bestnyerrr jarang nak bgn lmbt camnie), lunch at KFC with the beloved sayangs, study economics and Prince Of Persia for midnight movie. so atleast we have a movitated will to studyy and the reward is MOVIE! ngehehehe konon like what we learnt in Management Organization Behavior subject time 1st year dulu. oh i miss Dr Allen!

come fast 1st June, and come late 14th June. I can't wait to see the fams( abg eddy is coming back to KL since 6 months kot x jumpe), the brotherhood (fieza n illi fancy dinner?) and also yg laen laen sampingan jugeeeeeee =) .

 oh dang shit I still not decided to go Penang Trip or not. I want to gooooooooo but but still need to think of my mom permission. Friends, bole tak next week baru can decide?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Observing people around.

Today, I went to Pizza Hut at Batu Gajah.
I saw two to three young guys brought their old folks to the Pizza Hut for a lunch.
Most of them are staying at kampung around here, so I bet their sons must be working somewhere else or KL (prolly a high paid professional job). Cehhh pandai2 je wat assumption sendiri kan.

I can see by their parents faces that they dont like eating pizzas hehee, they ate the pizza very very slow. It was like in the slow motion pictures with a not-so-pleasant face.
However, just to see their own sons bring them to the fancy place would already made them happy eventhough no matter how much they dont like the foods. (aku makan kt umah makan nasi ngan sambal belacan lg sedap)

Even sometimes I saw young guys bring their grandmothers to KLCC and this one time he cuts the chicken slices by slices to make sure the dining was perfect.
Awwwwwwwwwwwww I always have soft spots for a guy like them as well as at the same time I want to be that kind of children. Yes, I am and I will.

People always run after the joy of life and they forget the most thing that matters. We always said we can't live without her or him. Nevertheless, there is more bigger thing than that. So, please don't run after thing that wont matter and hurt you in the end?

back to the storyline, whenever I see this kind of situation I would rambling to my friends like "awwwww how sweeeeeeeeeeet". padahal, bende biasa je pown kan you can see in every day life.
I like to watch this kind of scenario is like watching 500 days of summer and keep going saying the same phrase over and over again "awwwwwwwwww schweetttttt". 

One young guy accompanied their grandparents or old folks to a fancy dinner/lunch . I definetly melting straighaway.

So, mummy/abah/tok/tokwan sorry for not being that caring enough. =(

Things come and go, but this one remains.

Okie dah penat penat snap pictures pagi buta on the final exam week
dah balik mandi or sambung tido.

I'm a one happy kid now,
so dont bother anything that wont matter to me.

Friday, May 21, 2010

 Happy 21st Birthday Mae!
Hooorayyyyy weeee yipeeee Mae lg tua dari ellaaaa.

Mickey Mouse called me last night and he asked to send you the biggest hugs and wishes.
(well f.y.i Mae is the biggest fan of Mickey, yes the mouse in Disney. comel kan)
May years ahead showered with joy, happiness like what Mickey Mouse had!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

takin a break.

Hello guysssss, anyone who actualy reading this or perhaps no one? it's okie talking to myself would once a while option. ngee =p

By the way, I was amazed how people can write a very beautiful writing in their blog. I spend my times hours and hours reading their post, indulge into their wonderful daily life, everything. Hebat laa korangggg. I do not know how to write such an awesome writing like you guys. All i know is talking crap at my blog own blog, syiokkk sendiri hehe.

Some of them are funny, sad, pretty pic, wonderful love story of them, hectic uni life, family, food.
Best laaaah baca blog orang!

Well starting from now i try to spice it up a lil bit in my blog. haha kononnn dah boring tu boring laa missy hehe.
Well i've done  my 2 final paper, so there will 3 papers to go. after day, partayyyyyyy!

After this, there will be no complaining about the hot weather, the friggin hard to find parking at v3, saman pakguard for 8 months.
Definetly, i'll not be seing beruang topless, samarinda slot downstairs where there is this one girl nangis melalak kuat glerr satu block dgr mcm histeria, ipoh day-out, sunrise pagi buta on weekends pastu oltown, drama co-q dulu duluuu gelak sambil sedawa time, laundry gossip session time, "eh korg esok jom dinner sama? tp kat mana eh?". roomate all day long cakap x penah abis topic kt dlm bilik.

I find it UTP interesting with ups and downs, tipu laa sume indah je kan. so next phase, at home for 8 months. woooho.

I love you elmo.

I have the middle one already! =)

And this one, thanks to my bestie ilengg!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


okie say hello to my older sister! yes dier lagi tua dari saya okie.
okie this will be jiwang karat baca bole naek nyampah coz we are not dat lovey dovey sister but hell yeah we are friggin damn close i just want to say I can't imagine my life would be without this girl, my sister my brother my twin my bestie my boyfie haha!

what if u go to other place and leave me alone here in Malaysia? what if nanti u get married and we dont get to wat lawak bodo together lagi? (okie we made a deal she cannot get married till i find the one hehe). who else want to team up with me when gado kutuk mebahan ngan Aman?

everyone has a sister so i think you know how much you love your sister.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Benci itu ini.

I hate penyibuk.suka nanyer lebih lebih nak korek rahsia org.
                                           i dun mind if they really want to know about it, but let me tell.
                                           x suka korek rahsia nanyer org yg rapat ngan ella, nanyer trus depan depan la.

I hate smokers.x respect org ada asthma n sesak nafas mcm saya.
                                       okie this is sensitive because many people I know is smoking, even my dad. haha.
                                       it depends on the situation becoz my dad nvr smoke in front of me.
                                        respect itu penting.

I hate people-who-think-they-know-it-all.budget bagus padahal kecik mcm kuman je.
                                                                                                                          pastu bajet femes la, ensem la, lawa la weyh org
                                                                                                                           x kenal pown ko tu sape. pastu ckp org tumpang
                                                                                                                          populariti dier. 

I hate liars.kutuk org ni mcmnie la mcmtula.
                           padahal dier x sedar kter tau dier tgh tipo straight to my face.

So, if boleh tak nak ada org macam nie dalam hidup saya.
SO, dont get offended plz plz jgn terasa it is just a general view.

nak sangat nak sesangat.

My final exam paper is on this coming Monday and guess what? I am so not in the mood of taking my final. Serious no mood at all! I am more prefer to go straight to my internship period. And the best part is my starting internship period at Pwc is been extended to 14th June instead of 1st June waaaaaa seronok gumbiraaaaaaaaaaa!

Now I have time to prepare for my internship and masa untuk enjoyyyyy. enjoy la sangat kan.
Well since I am no mood for study guess I left my empty mood room for what? Vacation mode.

All of sudden Im thinking of goin somewhere which far away from this already boring KL place ( my sister suggested of new shopping mall to the Datuk Bandar she said haha). Alaaa bukannyer best pown lepak lepak kat shopping mall tu. Baik lepak je ngan favourite person around you at mamak sudeyhhhhh. Yet, hangout and had a good conversation with ur fav people is already good enuff rather than usha-ing poyo people who try to fit in the huhahuha life. (this is dedicated to budak budak skolah yg pegi shopping mall pastu lepak xde halatuju kt tepi2 tu hehehehe soory)

ella nak pegi pantai. I think it's been ages I didnt go to beach. The last beach I went to is Bali.
In fact, it was one of the nice places I've been to. Ella suka laaa watersports and playing with the blue clear ocean, I just love the idea of it. Macam sangat refreshing, fun, adventereous and something that you can let it go all ur stress. Bali mmg terbaikkkk la.

But I want to explore beaches kt Malaysia nie. Pulau Redang, Pulau Perhentian, Pulau Tioman. (Pulau Pangkor xnak haha). I want to do snorkelling, scuba, parasailing, banana boat, bungee jumping, flying fish( the watersports we did in Bali.)
lantak ella tanned pown tanned la.

alaaa bler la lagi nak pegi pantai? =(
nak sangattttttt.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Support Filem Melayu

Who said Malaysia cant produce a movie like this? Now we all can chin up to the Hollywood by saying Malaysia all the way to the oscar. (eceh nie sudeyh lebih). Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa movie is directed by Yusry.

Whenever I watched epic movie like Lord of the Ring or 300, it always crossed my mind and wondered "eh bler la Malaysia nak wat filem macam nie? 10 tahun? 20 tahun lagi?".
Now, my prayer has been answered. Still we do not know either the movie will turn out to be awesome or not. I do not expect laa the movie to be as the same level as Lord of the ring ke apaaa but atleast there is Malay movie that can be watch at cinema rather than just watching it by downloading, cetak rompak or tunggu hari raya kluar kat Astro. At least, it is rm7 worth tix-buying.
I cant believe it was made by KRU production, but hell yeah it is.
Cant wait then to watch this.
Must watch movie this year 2010!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Someone is getting old.

Happy 21st Birthday
Illi Fatin Mohd Roslan
aka Ileng!

*nanti ella intern we celebrate together okie!*

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Techies 0707 and the loving girls.

Techies 0707 Foundation Grand Dinner 2008.
where we all gathered before we enter the life of degree student.

Techies 0707 Grand Dinner 2010.
where we all gathered before we enter the internship phase.

and the next time we are going to gather is the time for graduation.
xmo pikir and imagine time tu sedih sobsob =(
how time flies so fast.

Gosh we all have came all the way, what a journey!
*tgh tunggu pic dr camera org nie, mana? mana? nakkk tau. =)*