Thursday, May 27, 2010

forgot one paper!

this coming Tuesday is my 5th paper and the last paper of final exam. So I was like "eh only 5 paper this sem?". So, I went checked my final exam slip to check the subjects I have taken for this sem. "eh i take 6 subject laaaa! where is the another subject?"
okie dah cuak cuak mana la tahu if i forgot to attend any fo the exam, terlanjak tidoooo or x sedar keee. so i look thru the slip again, "eh laaaaaaa PCS where got final exam paper maaaaaaaaaaaaa, mamai la ko nie ella pi tido balik"

fuhhhhhhhhhhhh *sigh of relief* lega lega. Oh PCS you made cuak already.
nevertheless, i miss PCS classssssssssss!
serious x tipowwww. It is the class where I am looking foward to go and it is such a stress-reliever by going to this class. Credits to who? of course la Mr Razol!
and the gang of pcs too. sumer sempoi abissssss.

There is this one time I was presenting the slides and I said "This part will be presented later by the aizuddin". Then all people went laughing including Mr Razol yg suke wat muka pelik pelik tu. So I was like in my mind " apsal dieorg gelak gelak nie zip seluar terbukak ke?  eh okie je". So, I proceed with the presentation, ignore whatever they are laughing. In the end of the presentation, I said it again " Now, I would pass it to the next presenter, the aizzudin. Then they all went laughed again, kuat kot. okie ella dah start bengang with selamba nyer said "asal korg gelak gelak nie? x paham la korg nie". hey cik ella u tgh present kot tetiber terkluar bahasa kebangsaan bahasa melayu haha.

then, i went to my seat besida sara, left with my mind wondering. then i asked sara "kenapa dieorg gelak?" sara said" sbb ella ckp the aizzudin. if a person, mana ada pakai word "the". aizzudin tu bukan object la ella".

hahahahahahahahahahaha sumpah maluuuuuu. u know what the best part is? our lecturer, Mr Razol went membahan me the whole semester!!!! whenever he want to call me "Heylo 'the zuhaila'. when u want to submit draft outline 'the zuhaila'?"
gerammmmmmmmmmmmmmm but still it is funny.

so to get him back(in your face! hehe), ella with no any intended (x sengaja and x perasan) actually mispelled his name Mr Razor instead of Mr Razol. hahahhahah the razor thingy to shave? hehe sorry my mistake.

oh i miss PCS!

time we web-camwhoring nie
there is actually other people was presenting in front.
so dlm senyap2 nie snap snap.

see dis picture?

so stop using plastic bag!!
(<----------- okie this is actually my topic for persuasive presentation)
cliche kan? padahal gune je plastic.

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