Thursday, May 20, 2010

takin a break.

Hello guysssss, anyone who actualy reading this or perhaps no one? it's okie talking to myself would once a while option. ngee =p

By the way, I was amazed how people can write a very beautiful writing in their blog. I spend my times hours and hours reading their post, indulge into their wonderful daily life, everything. Hebat laa korangggg. I do not know how to write such an awesome writing like you guys. All i know is talking crap at my blog own blog, syiokkk sendiri hehe.

Some of them are funny, sad, pretty pic, wonderful love story of them, hectic uni life, family, food.
Best laaaah baca blog orang!

Well starting from now i try to spice it up a lil bit in my blog. haha kononnn dah boring tu boring laa missy hehe.
Well i've done  my 2 final paper, so there will 3 papers to go. after day, partayyyyyyy!

After this, there will be no complaining about the hot weather, the friggin hard to find parking at v3, saman pakguard for 8 months.
Definetly, i'll not be seing beruang topless, samarinda slot downstairs where there is this one girl nangis melalak kuat glerr satu block dgr mcm histeria, ipoh day-out, sunrise pagi buta on weekends pastu oltown, drama co-q dulu duluuu gelak sambil sedawa time, laundry gossip session time, "eh korg esok jom dinner sama? tp kat mana eh?". roomate all day long cakap x penah abis topic kt dlm bilik.

I find it UTP interesting with ups and downs, tipu laa sume indah je kan. so next phase, at home for 8 months. woooho.

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Adeera Azman said...

best keeeeeeeeee ? Heee. (macam ella tahu blog saya :p kekeke)