Sunday, May 23, 2010

Observing people around.

Today, I went to Pizza Hut at Batu Gajah.
I saw two to three young guys brought their old folks to the Pizza Hut for a lunch.
Most of them are staying at kampung around here, so I bet their sons must be working somewhere else or KL (prolly a high paid professional job). Cehhh pandai2 je wat assumption sendiri kan.

I can see by their parents faces that they dont like eating pizzas hehee, they ate the pizza very very slow. It was like in the slow motion pictures with a not-so-pleasant face.
However, just to see their own sons bring them to the fancy place would already made them happy eventhough no matter how much they dont like the foods. (aku makan kt umah makan nasi ngan sambal belacan lg sedap)

Even sometimes I saw young guys bring their grandmothers to KLCC and this one time he cuts the chicken slices by slices to make sure the dining was perfect.
Awwwwwwwwwwwww I always have soft spots for a guy like them as well as at the same time I want to be that kind of children. Yes, I am and I will.

People always run after the joy of life and they forget the most thing that matters. We always said we can't live without her or him. Nevertheless, there is more bigger thing than that. So, please don't run after thing that wont matter and hurt you in the end?

back to the storyline, whenever I see this kind of situation I would rambling to my friends like "awwwww how sweeeeeeeeeeet". padahal, bende biasa je pown kan you can see in every day life.
I like to watch this kind of scenario is like watching 500 days of summer and keep going saying the same phrase over and over again "awwwwwwwwww schweetttttt". 

One young guy accompanied their grandparents or old folks to a fancy dinner/lunch . I definetly melting straighaway.

So, mummy/abah/tok/tokwan sorry for not being that caring enough. =(

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Abir Abhar said...

ok. pegi pizza hut tak ajak! sobs sobs