Sunday, May 16, 2010


okie say hello to my older sister! yes dier lagi tua dari saya okie.
okie this will be jiwang karat baca bole naek nyampah coz we are not dat lovey dovey sister but hell yeah we are friggin damn close i just want to say I can't imagine my life would be without this girl, my sister my brother my twin my bestie my boyfie haha!

what if u go to other place and leave me alone here in Malaysia? what if nanti u get married and we dont get to wat lawak bodo together lagi? (okie we made a deal she cannot get married till i find the one hehe). who else want to team up with me when gado kutuk mebahan ngan Aman?

everyone has a sister so i think you know how much you love your sister.

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abang laki said...

bangga saya dapat adik laki mcm awak.hahaha