Thursday, May 27, 2010


yipeeee merdeka well half-merdeka I should said. Our last paper was on Wednesday and the next and the last paper of this semester(after this there is no more final exam for 8 months) is on the next Monday.
5 days of gap. lepas tuuuuu =D =D =D

spas wait for it wait for it tik.

lookkkkkkk at our hand, hitam legam.

tangan cam baru lepas repair kete kan?
blame the bowl center at JJ.

Perut dah buncit after a big lunch at Kenny's Rogers and a whole long of conversation. Good foods with a exciting conversation is always the best la gang! and as usual I lost the bowling game to Jufri and Sara. expected kot! And on the night, roomies, roomies dpn bilik and I watched the Shrek 4. this is the last Shrek movie? alaaa i want more of Shrek. it was worth-watching movie.

and plan fo Todayyyyyy, I woke at 9.30am(bestnyerrr jarang nak bgn lmbt camnie), lunch at KFC with the beloved sayangs, study economics and Prince Of Persia for midnight movie. so atleast we have a movitated will to studyy and the reward is MOVIE! ngehehehe konon like what we learnt in Management Organization Behavior subject time 1st year dulu. oh i miss Dr Allen!

come fast 1st June, and come late 14th June. I can't wait to see the fams( abg eddy is coming back to KL since 6 months kot x jumpe), the brotherhood (fieza n illi fancy dinner?) and also yg laen laen sampingan jugeeeeeee =) .

 oh dang shit I still not decided to go Penang Trip or not. I want to gooooooooo but but still need to think of my mom permission. Friends, bole tak next week baru can decide?

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