Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Support Filem Melayu

Who said Malaysia cant produce a movie like this? Now we all can chin up to the Hollywood by saying Malaysia all the way to the oscar. (eceh nie sudeyh lebih). Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa movie is directed by Yusry.

Whenever I watched epic movie like Lord of the Ring or 300, it always crossed my mind and wondered "eh bler la Malaysia nak wat filem macam nie? 10 tahun? 20 tahun lagi?".
Now, my prayer has been answered. Still we do not know either the movie will turn out to be awesome or not. I do not expect laa the movie to be as the same level as Lord of the ring ke apaaa but atleast there is Malay movie that can be watch at cinema rather than just watching it by downloading, cetak rompak or tunggu hari raya kluar kat Astro. At least, it is rm7 worth tix-buying.
I cant believe it was made by KRU production, but hell yeah it is.
Cant wait then to watch this.
Must watch movie this year 2010!


asna cute said...

WOW! sooo Cool!

Adeera Azman said...

pernah terserempak poster dia heeheehee. bila keluar ella ? jom tengok ! ahaa ;pp

Abir Abhar said...

tapi sebelum Merong Mahawangsa,
Magika akan keluar dulu kan?
both KRU punya..
so mestila best!
jom tgok jom!

ella elma said...

adeera jom tgk samaaa, xpenah tgk wayang sama =(

abir mesti la besttt. aah magika edry kru wat kan?